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Chapter 6

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The Chamber awaits.

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Harry Potter and the Path of the Mystics

Chapter 6

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Alright...So maybe investigating the chamber of secrets wasn't the best idea...Especially when he tentatively mentioned the idea to Hermione and Arielle...

Who didn't even get the chance to yell 'no' at him before Bella tugged on his ear hard making him yelp as she yelled at him about how stupid he was.

So he was on his own...As the spineless Satyr boy didn't dare to go against the word of the three females, damn Satyrs. Harry grumbled, stuffing his hands into his pockets as he left the library once more finding absolutely nothing on the Chamber.

He tried contacting his Grandfather to see what he knew but letters to Albion take time...Have to get through the barrier of magic after all, the human boy was worried...The attacks haven't started yet but the school was on edge.

Until the boy called Collin...Something or other, Harry never bothered to remember, got paralyzed by some creature and a few other students followed him...All muggleborn children which made people even more nervous with what was happening.

Shaking the cobwebs from his mind he entered to the Defense of the Dark Arts class, today was Lockhart attempting to start a dueling club. Of course, the only teacher he could rope into teaching it with him was Severus Snape much to Harry's annoyance.

Two of the people he hates the most...Maybe they'll kill eachother, that's just being hopeful. He stopped in between Hermione and Arielle ignoring their concerned looks at his tired appearance, Bella landing on his shoulder to watch.

“Stunners only!” Lockhart said confidently. “As a showing of proper dueling etiquette, Severus and I will duel in order to provide an example of proper dueling.”

He smiled cockily at Snape who only gave him an evil sneer, turning away from him to the other side of the arena.

“Don't worry, I'll make sure you have your potions professor back mostly unharmed.” He laughed heartily, making Harry's eyebrow twitch in annoyance as the duel started...And was done in seconds with Lockhart slammed against the wall with a spell.

He smirked at the blast, chuckling softly as he got up stumbling forward as partners started to be selected...He being paired with the blonde hair ponce Draco Malfoy. He sighed inwardly as he went up onto the stage with the Slytherin boy.

“Hello Potter.” He sneered at him. “How's your knife-ear friend?” He chose to ignore the stab at his grandfather merely bowing and walking to the end of the stage. “How's your filth of a father?” Harold decided to shoot back as he lifted his wand with a smirk.

The blonde haired heir's lips tightened into a thin line, he lifted his wand at two and conjured a serpent...

That moved to bite Arielle. Harry reacted immediately, unknowingly hissing like a snake. “Stop!” The snake...And the rest of the room froze in place, watching in horror as the boy sent the snake away making it disappear.

Silence filled the room and Harry just realized what had happened, his eyes glanced to the crowd of students and his heart froze at the betrayed look that Hermione's eyes had.

Tears gathered in his emerald eyes as he jumped from the stage and became a black blur as he ran from the room.

Faeron set the letter he received from Harry on the side table, sighing softly as he looked at his guests...The old mage was resting on his bed, his death was close he'd likely be dead before the end of the day.

An elven man approached him worriedly as Faeron gestured for him to come closer. “Kelrin...The time is coming closer then I'd like.” He said in a raspy voice, gripping the man's forearm.

“Swear to me...Swear you'll protect and teach Harry, he will need your instruction soon...So soon.” He coughed roughly, grasping his chest. The other man in the room immediately rushed to get a healer only to be stopped by the old elf.

“Don't bother...I'm too far gone for assistance.” His eyes focused intently on the elf named Kelrin who swallowed thickly and nodded. “I swear on my life and magic, I will protect and teach Harold James Potter.”

A string of magic combined their hands for a moment burning a mark on Kelrin's hand before they separated. “...Keep padfoot here.” The old elf said lowly, resting his head back. “...He will be safe.” The other man nodded, turning and leaving to speak to the elves that will be sent off to collect Sirius Black.

Faeron coughed softly, resting his head back and closing his eyes...A content smile crossing his face as his last breath left him and he passed beyond the veil. Kelrin folded his hands together in a prayer fashion as the High Sorcerer finally passed away.

“Gods guide you, Faeron.”

Harry was a wreck...The students were avoiding him calling him “Murderer” and “Slytherin's heir” which only encouraged his studies into the Chamber of Secrets.

Hermione wouldn't stay in the same room as him and he had caught her calling him filthy things under her breath.

It only served to wound him further, Arielle and Arty tried to keep with him but Hermione kept dragging them away despite all their protests and attempts to avoid her.

Only Bella stayed with him, trying to keep her friend somewhat happy, though it failed everytime. Harry dragged his feet, once more skipping his classes as a letter finally arrived from his grandfather.

...This served to smash his heart further as he spoke of nearing death and will likely be dead by the time the letter arrived. However it did tell him a secret...The Chamber was where Salazar stayed with his pet when the world seemed to crash around him.

Harry fell to the ground in the owlery staring at the ceiling as tears ran freely down his face. He coughed roughly as Bella landed gently on his chest walking up to gently clean his face before hugging his face tightly. When all else fails...The Fairy is with him.

The attacks continued...Uncontrolled to the point the school will be closed down but that didn't matter to Harry...Only one attack mattered.

And it's the one that paralyzed Hermione Granger, no matter what she though of him now he never wanted her to be in pain or nearly killed.

Her being this creature's victim just spurred him on, he explored every corner of the school speaking Parseltongue in an attempt to find what Slytherin had hidden.

He was about to give up when a ghost approached him in the abandoned girl's bathroom on the third floor. “Hello.” The ghost sniffled out, floating down to him.

Harry blinked. “Oh sorry, I didn't know there was a ghost in here..” This...Didn't seem to be the right thing to say as the ghost started sobbing covering her face with her hands as she wailed. “Oh of course, no one cares about little Moaning Myrtle.” She spat out, sobbing.

The boy's eyes widened as he lifted up his hands. “O-Oh no, no! Don't cry, I didn't mean to insult you.” He cursed himself silently, smiling hesitantly. “I-I'm Harry Potter.”

The ghost girl stopped her sobbing abruptly, looking at the boy curiously. Floating down to face him directly. “Harry Potter? ...You are cute like those seventh years said.”

Harry just stared, his cheeks pinking in embarrassment. “Ahem...Well, that's quite nice but I'm looking for something, something hidden.”

The ghost tilted her head. “The monster is back...You want to find?” At the boy's nod she sighed softly floating away. “...When it killed me fifty years ago, I thought I saw it come there.” She pointed a ghostly hand at the sinks.

“...And I've seen a little ginger girl go into it often, I tried to talk to her but she just screeches at me and banishes me into my toilet.”

Harry turned to the sinks, his brow furrowing as he approached it brushing his hand against the faucet. Stopping as he felt the imprint of a snake on the side. He stepped back hissing out. “Open.” There was nothing for a long moment before the sink creaked, slowly raising up to reveal a long drop and slide.

Harry leaned forward peering down it as he removed his wand. “If you die, you can share my toilet.” Myrtle said with a happy smile.

The boy stopped, glancing at her. “...Noted.” He smiled a bit sheepishly as he jumped forward and fell into the depths.

“Aaaaaaaaah!” Came the boy's yell as he slid down the pipe and flew out the exit to smash into the bones. He groaned, grabbing his head as he pushed himself up looking around with blurry eyes until he picked up his glasses.

Grunting he hopped up, rubbing his sore bum as he flicked his wand causing him to come face to face with the head of the Basilisk's skin.

His eyes shot open in pure terror as he scanned his eyes along it, he swallowed thickly. “...I just have to be a bloody hero.” He said to no one, his voice echoing in the room.

Taking a deep breath, he started for the door at the end of the hall. “Open.” He said causing the snakes one the door to start slither around the crevices of the door slowly.

His grip on his wand tightened with each 'click' of the door, he swallowed thickly his hand turning white from the tight grip on his wand.

As the door finally opened he slowly walked in, his eyes scanning the room before falling onto the face of Salazar Slytherin at his time of death and an unconscious Ginerva Weasley.

He cursed rushing towards the redhead, sliding on his knees as he came to a stop beside her. Setting a hand on her forehead and paling at how cold and clammy she was. “No, no, no.” He muttered, checking for a pulse.

He gave a soft sigh as he felt one...Barely. “Oh, she's alive.” A voice sounded making him jump and turn to a tall boy, appearing just a few years older then Harry. He was a little handsome with neat brown hair and an aristocrat stance.

“For now at least...Until I feed her to the beast.” Harry lifted his wand, glaring at him. “Who are you?”

The man merely smiled lifting his wand and wrote with firey letters. “Tom Marvolo Riddle”...It shifted, forming. “I am Lord Voldemort”.

Harry's eyes widened and his wand focused on him. “Push!” He called in Elvish, a orange orb shooting from his wand...To go right through the man and hit the wall, leaving a crater.

Tom Riddle chuckled, smiling in an amused way. “Elven magic? Interesting, but do not bother you cannot kill a spirit boy.” He waved his hand dismissively, turning to the statue.

Harry stepped back figuring what he was going to do. “Speak to me Slytherin, greatest of the Hogwarts four.” Harry could only stare in fascination as the mouth of the statue slowly slid open...And the massive serpent of Slytherin slithered out.

Harry stepped back, his eyes closing as the beast raised itself up hissing as it waited for it's master's commands.

“Kill him.” It ordered plainly, Harry cursed starting to run but the beast would ram him with it's head making him grunt and slide across the floor. His head throbbing in pain as it approached him for the kill.

“No!” Harry vaguely heard a yell as a green orb of light zoomed forward, hitting the King of the Serpent's head with a spell. It slithered back, shaking it's head as it floated in front of him letting out an incredibly bright flash of Light.

Harry covered his face to prevent going blind but judging from the pained hiss from the Basilisk...It wasn't so lucky. It shook it's head side to side, it's eyes whited from the blinding flash.

“Harry!” Bella zoomed down, hugging his chest and looking at him worriedly. Harry grunted, standing up shakily jerking out his wand. “Push!” The orange ball launched out hitting the basilisk in the head making it hiss in pain as it slithered back.

“Kill him!” He heard riddle hiss, his voice shaking with anger as the snake lifted it's head. It's tongue slithering out to smell the air, Harry cursed rushing away as the snake launched it's head down to bite where he was.

He ran to the statue, climbing himself up. Bella pulled at his robes trying to drag him up...Panting Harry pulled himself up, looking up as the snake had problems finding him.

He removed his robe tossing to the side and freezing when he heard a metallic 'thunk' in his robes. Turning he searched in it desperately, grabbing...A diadem.

He stared at the crown in confusion, it was made of gold shaped into the form of a raven, it's wings meant to wrap around the wearer's head. Of the gems in it, only one stood out a bright sapphire below the raven's head.

He swallowed...As he shifted it in his hands, he felt pure magic inside the object...A powerful artifact, he glanced at the approaching Basilisk lifting it up and placing it on his head. As he did, it shifted from it's feminine shape to take on a more masculine one. Now taking the form of a princely crown.

Harry gasped, feeling pure magic fill him and empower him. He glanced at his hands, a glowing red circle of magic on both his palms.

He squeezed his hands, speaking softly to himself. “Sword of Light.” He didn't know why...but it felt natural, his right hand glew brightly Ravenclaw's sword slowly forming in his hand, taking the form of a curved Satyr sword.

He swung it, feeling it's weightlessness. He stood up looking up at the beast as it's head came leveled with him, as it burst forward he swung the sword cutting through it's skin and turning it's head away from him with a pained hiss.

They continued to dance for only a few seconds, but it felt like minutes, days, years to Harry as he dodged and slashed before going for the killing blow. He charged forward, shooting his hand up to slam it through the top of the snake's mouth.

He yelled in pain as one of the fangs embedded itself in his arm. He gripped the fang breaking it off from the Basilisk's mouth and stumbling away as his sword disappeared. The snake hissed one last time before falling dead.

Harry stumbled forward, sliding down Salazar's face, gripping weakly at his nose before falling down onto the body of the Basilisk, he groaned rolling off the body and crawling to Ginny.

He coughed looking at the triumphant Tom Riddle, he growled grabbing the book from the girl's hands...A black aura glew around the book, he didn't know why...But he felt he had to destroy it.

He ripped the fang from his arm, hissing in pain before he slammed it down into the cover of the book. He heard the man roar in pain, lights flashing out of the corner of his eye. He coughed, feeling the poison starting to take effect as he threw away the destroyed and inky diary.

He slid forward, almost laying on top of Ginerva Weasley. “I-I'm...Sorry.” He croaked out, coughing as his vision began to blacken. “S-So...sorry.” Bella pulled at his robes, trying to talk to him as his hand moved of it's own intuition.

“No.” Came the voice of a woman inside his head as his own hand grabbed the bleeding wound. “Not today, Harry Potter. Heal this blessed child and cure his curse.” The woman's voice continued in Evlish, his hand glowing gold as he felt the wound seal...And the poison begin to vanish..

Harry shook his head weakly, looking up... “Thank you.” He said before he lost consciousness...Unknowingly teleporting himself, Ginny and Bella into the hospital wing causing Madam Pomfrey to let out a terrified shriek.
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