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Small Note and Auditions

by Cookie_monster 16 Reviews

Small note about Something Borowed and auditions for a new story!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Drama,Horror,Humor - Characters: Bob Bryar,Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/04/11 - Updated: 2012/04/11 - 315 words


  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-04-11 01:24:13 PM


    Name: Aven gray

    Part: gerard adopted daughter

    Age: 10

    black hair
    pale skin
    blue gray eyes

    out going but devilish.



    can sing and play piano

    Anything else
  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) MissAbbieHudson 2012-04-11 01:29:52 PM

    Name:Abbie Hudson
    Part: Gerard's Teenage Daughter
    Age: 14
    Looks: Long black hair with a side fringe, Hazely-Orange eyes with thick black eyeliner no matter what ;D full lips that are always coated in red lipstick. 5'6" and curvy.
    Personality: Funny, bubbly, random and quite childish, but can be serious when need be. Always gives advice, and is quite smart when it comes to solving problems. Aslo is an A grade student. Can be like one of the guys when she wants to be, kind of a ladette xD
    Likes: Dancing, reading, History, cooking, drama and chilling.
    Dislikes: ANY bugs, inclosed spaces and heights.
    Talents: Okayish at dancing, loves coming up with choreography. can cook very well.
    Anything else: Her birthday is October 13th, she's a bit of a hopeless romantic and she tends to go for quite older guys (although she ends it when they want to go further), but she doesn't tell her dad about them.
  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-04-11 01:33:08 PM

    Name: Aven Gray

    Part: Lesbian that sleeps with Gerard

    out going
    smart mouthed

    blue gray eys
    pale skin

    hot topic
    sleeping in
    smoking after sex


  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) aMoronGoneViral 2012-04-11 01:38:10 PM

    Name: Kathryn(Kat)Lynn Way? Lol, I don't know.

    Part: Gee's teenage daughter.

    Age: 13

    Looks: Dark red, shoulder length hair that barely curls at the ends with bangs that part over her left eye and reach to her nose. Bright turquoise eyes, very skinny, long legs, 5'4. Weighs 80 pounds.

    Personality: Random, bubbly, hyper, creative, very mature, very shy, quiet.

    Likes: Duct-tape, drawing, painting, writing, singing, music, playing Guitar, anything shiny, climbing on things and/or people.

    Dislikes: In-proper grammar, sluts, whores and hoes, mornings, cats.

    Talents: Drawing, writing, public speaking, acting, singing, playing electric Guiatr.

    Anything else: She's a vegetarian.

    Good luck!

  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-04-11 01:38:41 PM

    Name: Aura Davenport

    Part: Gee or franks wife =)

    Age: let's say 31?

    Looks:, Big Emerald green eyes, pale skin, slim, 5'1.


    Personality: Bright, happy, bubbly, confidant, bold, a smile that lights up any room

    Likes: the colour purple, cookies, Rock music, playing guitar and piano =)

    Dislikes: R&B crap, spiders, lifts, cheese.

    Talents: can play Guitar and piano, quite good at art, she makes people laugh.

    Anything else: err no dont think your writing btw! good luck writing =)
  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) xxFamousLastWordsxx 2012-04-11 01:39:03 PM

    Name: Nicola Jayne Falls

    Part: Gerard's Wife pwease :3

    Age: Whatever fits xD

    Long hair with short layers that is black and has a chunky side fringe that covers right eye at all times. Icy blue eyes, hour glass figure. Pale and full lips


    Sweet, kind, trustworthy, loves her music especially when pissed off, Speaks her mind wheather its bad or good she literally does not give a fuck, would do anything for her friendss and family and random, childlike, sticks up for her friends and family and if her family is threatened there would be murder.


    STARBUCKS FRAPPUCHINOS xD, Nightmare Before Christmas, Guns n' Roses, Metallica, iron Maiden and basically any good rock band, she loves it when people be completly honest with her and when They enjoy her presence.

    Ignored, Black Veil Brides (hates them with a passion), Spiders and Heights


    Has this obsession with Guitar Hero and can play it on expert no problem and on certain songs she wouldnt have to look at the screen.

    Anything else:

    She is from Northern Ireland so has a Northern Irish accent. Her birthday is 7th February and was once abused as a child and it still haunts her but very rarely.

    Thank Chu!
  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-04-11 01:49:51 PM

    For the Easy A audition :3

    Name: Zia Iris Ross

    Part: Gerard's best friend please? :)

    Personality: loud, confident, outrageous, has a wicked and dirty sense of humour, smart, slightly insane at times, can get depressed easily.

    Looks: long hair, just below shoulders. Full fringe. Dyed white blonde, either poker straight or loosely curled. Dip-dyed bright red. Pale skin. Dark green eyes, almost black. Always wears smudged red or black eyeliner. Quite slim.

    Likes: playing guitar, singing, drawing, batman related things, the colour green, skittles.

    Dislikes: homophobes, spiders, enclosed spaces, heights, being alone, the dark, liars.

    That's all, hope you like it :)
    Good luck with the story :3
    Minnie xo
  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-04-11 01:52:56 PM

    You can use my audition for the "Easy A" story as well. OH- I see that no one is really going for the wives, so you can make me Mikey's Wife if you need someone. Just change my age, Of course :3

    Name: Anna Carlisle 
    Part: teenage daughter. (Hope that's okay) :3
    Age: Daughter 15

    Looks: -SPLIT-
    Hair: Dark Brown, Wavy, almost to armpits. :P Usually kept down, and likes to put in different colored extensions. 
    Eyes: Grey/Light Blue
    Body: Pretty skinny, and not to athletic. Pale, also. 
    Tattoos and or piercings: Twice in each ear, but is afraid of needles. Likes to draw on herself, though. :3

    Personality: Bit of a nerd, loves reading and adores Harry Potter. Sarcastic, and can sometimes come off rude to those she doesn't know. She's hella lazy when it comes to work (school work and stuff). Loves to make people laugh, and has a bit of a perverted sense of humor. Likes to film stuff on her IPod, and is always making videos. Loves to draw, too. 

    Likes: Harry Potter, COFFEE, animals, YouTube, Her stereo, jokes and comebacks, drawing, makeup, My Little Pony, Hot Topic, Messing with people in public, trolling, jumping in ball pits, Hacking into school filters to listen to music, Filming and making videos

    Dislikes: Bugs, Math, cabbage, ghetto people, and people that repeat themselves. 

    Talents: Is really flexible, and likes to scare people by doing bends, flips, and whatnot. 
  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-04-11 01:58:49 PM

    Name: Izzy

    Part: Gerard's Older Daughter :D

    Age: 15

    Looks: Pale skin, big green eyes. Black hair with blue in it, goes to about shoulders. Choppy layers with side fringe. 5'3. wears jeans and any Tshirt she can find that isnt horrible.

    Personality: really bubbly and funny around people she knows, quiet and weird around people she doesn't. Acts like a slightly more mature than average 5 year old. Is really random and fun.

    Likes: COFFEE, the Nightmare Before Christmas, most band (music range is all over the place), doing dangerous shit for fun (often gets yelled at). Playing guitar, singing. Writing, reading, drawing. cookies. The internet. Rock band!

    Dislikes: Homophobes, jerks, people who take her coffee/cookies. When people touch her guitar (named Crow)

    Talents: Singing, playing guitar, drawing (she really takes after gee). Hiding. Being short.

    Anything else: Birfday is Nov. 25 :) Gets bullied a lot, but just beats the bullies up if they get too bad. If she can't do that, she always has someone she can run to..

    and uh this is gonna be awesome I'm so reading le story if i get in or not :D

    and I loved your orphan thing :D

    thanks for reading this xD

  • Small Note and Auditions

    (#) foreveryours 2012-04-11 02:13:07 PM

    Name:Luna May
    Part:Mikey wife (pretty pointless auditioning because someone already has auditioned for it D: but I though try your luck eh?)
    Age:Whatever fits erm late 20's maybe?
    Looks:White blonde hair to the waist, blue eyes pale skin
    Personality:Kind, sweet doesn't like to offend people and does want people to worry about her, has sarcastic humour and can easily be paranoid and insecure
    Likes: Reading, music (rockish), painting, acting, guitar playing,singing.The big bang theory, doctor who, star wars, nerdish type of girl
    Dislikes: Reality T.V. x factor, pop kind of things
    Talents: She doesn't think she that talented, not as much as her (if I get the part) husband. but she can sing alright, nothing special and she can draw quite well and act well.
    Anything else: Used to get bullied, when people pay her compliments she doesn't believe them. Very insecure, used to cut.

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