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Chapter 11.

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Gerard speaks to Mikey.

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Hey guys, chapter 11. So, basically, this fic doesn't really have that many chapters left. I know exactly what's going to happen and the next couple of chapters should be up soon, if I get a couple of reviews on this chapter because I feel like I'm losing readers. Anyway, enjoy.

Gerard was hit by the cold when he exited the coffee shop. He sighed and walked in the vague direction of Mikey's flat before taking his phone out and dialling his brothers number. Each ring seemed to last an eternity but, finally, Mikey picked up.
'Gerard, hey,' he said. Gerard let out a long breath.
'Mikey, hi. Do you mind if I come over to yours? I just really need to talk to you.' 
'Yeah, of course, that's fine. How long will you be?'
'About ten minutes I guess,' Gerard replied.
'Okay, see you soon bro.' 
'Yeah, bye Mikes.' Mikey hung up and Gerard was left wandering to his flat, thinking about everything Frank had said. He was now certain he loved Frank and that Frank loved him back but, he did hurt Mikey, both physically and mentally, for a long time. He couldn't hurt his little brother, not ever.
His stomach was uneasy on the short walk, he couldn't stop thinking about Frank, his lips, the look in his eyes, the sadness, his laugh, the years he spent tormenting Mikey. Part of Gerard still couldn't believe Frank had ever done that. Shy, innocent, kind, funny Frank; but then there was the drugs, the life ruiners. They ruined Franks life and, in turn, ruined Mikey's. The two people Gerard cares about the most right now. Frank is the best thing to ever happen to him, Mikey is his little brother. He doesn't know how he'll cope if he can just have one of them. At first, he thinks he'll always choose Mikey, the boy he used to build pillow forts and have invisible lightsaber fights with, cleaning his cuts when he scraped his knee and letting him have an extra lick of his ice cream, but then he remembers Frank, his heart fluttering. Amazing Frank, with his big brown eyes and his scorpion tattoo, blushing and making Gerard laugh by just being him. He suddenly panics, thinking he can't do this, he can't talk to Mikey knowing he might have to lose Frank, but he can't go back to Frank because he might lose Mikey. He wants to run, far away, and pretend none of this ever happened, but he can't. He has to walk up to the looming building that Mikey's apartment is in, and get in the restricting lift which makes him feel like he can't breath. He has to walk up to Mikey's door and knock, waiting for his brother to come and answer it. 
'Hey Gerard,' he says when he does open the door, smiling at him, 'come in.' He steps to the side to let Gerard enter.
When they're both stood in Mikey's kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil, is when Gerard decides to talk about what he'd come here to discuss all along; Frank.
'Mikey, I need to talk to you about Frank,' he said just as Mikey turned around to make their coffee.
'What about him?' the younger Way asked, an edge to his voice. Gerard sighed. 
'You know what about him, Mikey,' he replied.
'What? The fact that he used to beat me to a pulp everyday back in high school? Or the fact he and his so called friends used to yell abuse at me and call me names, names that have still stuck with me Gerard, after all these years. It still hurts.' Gerard could see the pain in Mikey's eyes and immediately wanted it to disappear. He has no idea quite how bad an affect the bullying had had on Mikey and he wished he'd been there for him at the time, he wished he'd been a better brother. 
'Mikes,' he began softly, 'I understand he hurt you, I can't even begin to imagine how much, but I-I love him, I want to be with him. How would you feel if I was?' Mikey turned to face him and handed him a mug of coffee.
'Betrayed,' Mikey replied. Gerard groaned.
'Mikes!' he tried to reason.
'By my own brother,' Mikey finished, looking into to Gerard's eyes, causing the older mans stomach to drop. Mikey was serious, deadly serious by the looks of things, and Gerard could never betray his own brother. 
'So, even in a years time, your opinion won't have changed?' Gerard asked, hopefully. Mikey sighed.
'It may well have done, but not much. That man still made my life hell for years, Gerard, that's never gonna change.' Gerard's stomach turned itself inside out as he took a sip of his scalding coffee. Mikey was right, they could never change what had happened, no matter how hard they tried, but then he thought of what Frank said earlier. Maybe they could make up for them.
'What if he was really sorry though Mikes, really fucking sorry, and he would do anything to try and make up for what he did?' Mikey gave Gerard a sceptical look. 
'I don't see how he could make up for it, unless he possesses a time machine. Shall I give The Doctor a ring?' Gerard gave Mikey an exasperated look.
'Please Mikey, he's really willing to try and make things better. He really is sorry.' Gerard could see something spark in Mikey's eyes at his words.
'You're taking his side,' Mikey stated.
'Mikes! You know I'm not!' Gerard responded.
'But you are, you're asking me, practically begging me to forgive him.' 
'Michael, no one is taking sides in this,' Gerard said sternly. Mikey dropped his gaze.
'No, I know, I'm sorry. I just, I don't wanna get hurt, and I don't want you to get hurt. I don't trust him Gerard.' Gerard sighed and approached Mikey, wrapping his arms tightly around him.
'But I do, Mikes. I do.' Mikey nodded his head.
'Okay,' he said quietly, 'we can both talk to him, but in the morning.' Gerard pulled away and smiled slightly down at Mikey.
'Thank you. And yeah, we still have to have that Star Wars marathon,' he replied. Mikey smiled weakly up at him and all of sudden, Gerard thought that maybe, just maybe, he could have both of them. Maybe, just this once, everything would be okay.
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