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To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

by Unicorns-are-real 11 Reviews

Information regarding Haru and the Kobra Kid and an... audition for the... sequel? ;)

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  • To those whom read Haru and the Kobra Kid!

    (#) GAClive 2012-08-19 12:21:25 PM

    Name: (real and taken name) Peter Drake aka Flash

    Age: (have to be 13-18 years old for reasons that will become clear) 17

    Gender: (preferably one boy at least) Male

    Backstory: (before you joined the other two killjoys)

    Was the first freshman at Battery City High to make it onto the senior track and field team for sprinting. When he turned 16 he learned that all students would be required to take BL/Ind medication if they wished to participate in any school competition teams (both academic and sports related) in order to ensure that it was purely skill and not emotion that drove the sports. Believing that this broke the whole point of competition he refused and tried to hide it. When discovered, he was at first suspended, and then later transfered to a trade training program that placed him in factory work at the Industries where medication was forced if at first rejected. The first night after he had transfered he escaped from the dormitory and ran to freedom.

    He was found by Show Pony who took him in and taught him to be a messenger and delivery guard for zone runners and killjoys. He doesn't like talking about his family.

    Likes: Night time, cold weather, pizza, neutral colors, old kung fu movies

    Dislikes: loud noises, when people shout, people not moving fast enough, girls on their period.

    Favorite method of combat: (be as imaginative as you want) Krav magra. Or a style similar to what is used in the bourne movies, quick and efficient. Has pretty crappy aim.

    Looks: (any battle scars, what colour hair etc.) Tall and slim, wears a vest over an old long sleeve baseball style shirt that hangs loose on him and has red sleeves and a flash superhero logo on the chest. Wears light weight shoes, running shoes when he can get them but usually converse. Light weight pants with cargo pockets, usually wears a bandana on his head to help keep sweat out of his eyes.

    Anything else: Is slightly religious, believes that he is doing what he was created to do when he runs. He has also been known to occasionally run nearly naked in emergencies because of the heat and weight of clothes, much to the discomfort of his friends and fellow killjoys. He's pretty protective of his friends and is always patient.

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