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Chapter 3

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Andrew calls on Amelia, but what does he want and Where did Darren get to?

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Hello again. Same story as the last chapter about why this took so long. I just want to say to MyPurpleZombie that i am not gonna change the names. (and haha!) Enjoy!
I woke up the next morning at six and I was expecting to find Darren next to me. But like every other time I try and wake up with him still being here, he was gone. I have always wondered what time he must get up and leave at. He does this every time we come to the island. Gets up at god knows what time. Goes for a wander until like half 12 the next night, spends the night and repeats the same routine until he leaves. Except on the last day he stays until I get up, we spend the remainder of the time he has got before he has to leave talking, making out and if he’s lucky, one stage further.
I got up and had a shower. After I got dressed into my white flower sun dress, I went and had breakfast. I was half way through my bowl of honey cheerio’s, I’m still a child inside, there was a loud knock on my door. It was probably Andrew, but it couldn’t be, he was meant to be busy all day. Maybe it was Darren, I don’t normally think about Darren as I'm always being watched on what I’m thinking. Once I'm on the island and settled, they won’t watch me as much, and they don’t watch at night as they can hear too much and technically, it is perving. I went and answered the door and no matter how much I wanted it to be Darren, it was not meant to be. It was some agents I knew from training. According to Christian, he was a 5”9’ body builder who was dating my mission partner Beth, I had been requested on “official” business in none other than Andrew’s room.
I went with Christian and it was Jake he was with, I didn’t know Jake that well so there’s not much to say about him except that he was one of the quietest men I have ever met. On the way we bumped into Beth. She took one look at Christian and her face lit up, then she saw he was with me and it died down a little. She walked up to us and said,
“What the hell do you think you’re doing Chris?”she just called him Chris for short, her name was actually Elizabeth, but she preferred to be called Beth, Christian must have told her just to call him Chris now. How sweet.
“She was requested at Andrew’s apartment for official business. I don’t want to be taking her, but I can’t disobey orders can I.” He looked at her with pure love and I'm pretty sure I saw I twinkle of lust in his eye, like he would do anything to just kiss her. It was so romantic it started to get me thinking about Darren and where he was. I have never thought about what Darren did during his stay here and where he went at like three in the morning, but standing there looking at these two people who just about matched mine and Darren’s love for each other really got her thinking about it.
“Yeah, “official business” my ass. All he wants is to get into her pants.” The idea of that made me sick in my mouth. It will take a lot of Darren to get that picture out of my head. I really do hate mental images.
“I’m really sorry. If there was anything I could do, I would, you know that. But I really can’t do anything, and if it helps I will be in the room the entire time so if he tries anything, I can get in the middle before he does anything that Amelia doesn’t want.” Wow, who would have thought Chris could talk like that. It’s impressive, and it had obviously reassured Beth. She looked into Chris’ eyes then at me. I saw fear in her eyes. She kissed Chris and let us walk pass.
That little scene really got me thinking about the real reason Andrew called on me. If it’s official business and Chris will be in the room at all times, what did he really want to talk to me about. Was it about Darren? Oh god it is isn’t it. They had found him, lurking about. I was nearly about to cry, he was either going to be sent to jail, sent to jail and killed or get tortured sent to jail then killed. And all three didn’t make me at all happy. We got to Andrew’s door and Chris knocked. It’s time to find out what’s really going on here.
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