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Chapter 8

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Harry Potter and the Path of the Mystics
Chapter 8

The days ticked by slowly for Harry as he was instructed in his duties as Thane of a Dwarven clan, he was thankfully spared from having to attend parties by his...Wife. He still wasn't used to the idea...Or having to share a bed with the Dwarven woman.

This didn't stop him from unconsciously cuddling the woman in his sleep but that's neither here nor there, his surrogate brother Golm kept up his lessons on swordplay mercilessly though the human boy was starting to get the hang of it.

One lesson in particular was going to start today, the Runepriest Alfheim will be teaching him runecrafting and forging. Harry was nervous...He wasn't sure if he had the affinity for the runecraft, most people don't after all.

“Runecrafting is different then most magic.” Alfheim yelled over the roar of the Great Forge and the thousands of blacksmiths hard at work creating the jewelry, weapons, armor and various other goods the Dwarven Empire requires.

“You either have the gift to do it well or you don't. Dwarves don't have any special affinity with it really, we just have a close relations to metals it lead to us discovering runecrafting before even the Elves considered the idea.”

The dwarf set down a piece of metal before the human boy who had to remove his regal robes leaving him in just a thin pair of cloth pants and a tank top as the heat of the Great Forge hit him. “This is a codex of known runes to Dwarves, Elves and Humans.”

Harry's eyes bulged out as the massive book was set down before him, dust lifting from the table as it was slid to him. “I want you to practice drawing -each- rune until you can make every rune without fault. I know it sounds difficult but believe me, you can.”

“When you can do that, we will begin empowering the runes. You will practice drawing runes every day before dinner after your sword practice, understand?” At Harry's nod, he smiled. “Come back whenever you need a new set of metal to keep practicing.”

Well, he discovered one thing in the month of practicing Runecrafting...He did indeed have the gift, he was able to notice the -smallest- flaw in every rune and for some reason...It drove him insane and he had to restart the book immediately at the mistake.

This seemed to be what his teacher was looking for as he approved the action, well he had the gift but he barely mastered a quarter of the book. The gift really only kept pushing him to learn, didn't really help in drawing the runes..Like things would be easy for him.

As the end of the summer approached he had reached half-way through the book...And he figured if he studied while in school he could likely be able to finish the book, he noted with amusement his wife was happily announcing that to the other Dwarven Nobles, proud of her husband's gift with Runes.

Harry wasn't especially surprised by that, a skilled runecrafter and smith was coveted amongst the Dwarves to have one in your Clan was a honor...To be one while being a Thane was a grand honor, while he'd never call himself a skilled craft, his wife seemed to announce it like he was the Paragon of Smithing himself.

Unbeknownst to the boy...A elf shadowblade had slipped into the human lands, invisible to the naked eye as he climbed the walls of the great prison of Azkaban, a white flying serpent flying out of his palm as he leaped from the wall, drawing his dagger to quickly kill a sickly looking human Auror who came out slowly to investigate.

To be honest, the kill was a mercy killing...Working in Azkaban is almost as bad as being a prisoner there. You were almost always drained by the ethereal guards, more often then not...The Aurors committed suicide after finishing their term there.

The elf peered around, his black armor hid his face besides his eyes and hid him in the shadows from the natural eye. He rushed forward, running quickly through the halls, unleashing his patronus as he searched from his target.

He slid to a stop outside a cell, he folded his hands...Turning to pure shadow and slipping through the bars to crotch down beside a sleeping man; At the touch of the elf's hand the human jumped up into a weak defensive position. “W-Who are you?”

The elf tilted his head, grabbing the man's wrist. “A friend, Sirius Black.” The two vanished in a flash of blue light.
Harry swallowed nervously as he walked through the halls of the great Academium...He glanced awkwardly at the magical beings that went to the school, however a group of Dwarves that attended the school hardly allow him to wander around nervously.

In fact they purposely dragged him into their group. “We're going to protect you from all the harpies in the school.” One said jokingly, jerking his head toward some of the elf girls that had been following the boy around. The poor human blushed brightly, looking down cursing softly as one of the dwarves pinched his cheek playfully. “Aww, he looks so embarrassed.” In response Harry elbowed the dwarf in the gut making him release his cheek and was reward with the howling laughter of his new stocky friends.

The classes were...Interesting to say the least, it was mostly theory with practical only coming in outside the main classes in dueling and combat lessons. The classes were Elemental Magic, Celestial Magic, Potions and Mental Magic.

Harry seemed to dominate the classes, theory he grabbed onto quickly listening intently as the theory of magic was explained...Practical, he had pure raw power and skill was starting to be built with it, made him even beat the elves in higher years then him.

Harry adjusted his robes...They were colored a bright blue with a dark bronze trim, the top was a tight almost battle-dress style with a cloak draped over his right shoulder and held up by a silver clasp with his clan's mark upon it.

He sighed, folding his arms the leather of his gloves creaking as his fingers gripped his arms nervously. The wind blew his lower robes...Styled into raven wings, if the wind hit them properly they almost appeared to be fluttering wings.

Today was to be the Winter Tournament where the top students battled to be the Winter Champion...The Winter Champion would go on to fight the Summer Champion after the Midsummer Tournament next year.

Harry paced nervously as he grabbed his diadem...The princely crown had quickly become his favorite artifact, his wife particularly loved it and practically demanded he wore it whenever he's going to a area with plenty of nobles.

She felt it gave him a regal air...He's learned not to argue with the Dwarven woman, less he'd be forced to sleep in a less warm bed...And with -much- harder pillows then the ones she gives him. The thought made his ears turn red and a smile cross his face as his name was called.

He took a breath, unclasping the cloak and letting it drop to the ground as he walked out to the center of the snow covered arena...Burn marks from the previous duels surround him and his opponent. His oppenent was Aran'thes, an elven noble and heir to a noble house.

The red haired elf always was an arrogant man and spoke of Harry in disgust... “Filthy round ear” being the kindest thing he called him. The taller elf man smirked at Harry as he folded his thin arms, they stood a good thirty feet from each other, the bone chilling wind brushing over the two as they stare at each other.

The elf lifted his head calling to Kihna on the sidelines. “Don't worry wench, I'll deliver your little pet intact.” The man turned his head, ignoring the dwarf's glare as she fingers her axe eager to lop the damn elf's head off for that comment.

The human scowled slightly, his eyes narrowing as he waited for the arena master to called for the duel to begin. “Combatents! Prepare yourselves!” Harry snapped into a defensive stance, the red circles of magic in his palms glowing through his dragonhide gloves. Harry slowly stepped back as the elf took an offensive stance.

“Ready...Begin!” The arenamaster roared over the cheering crowd, the elf flew forward empowered by his magic. Skirting a foot over the ground as a ball of light gathered in his hand and was flung at the him...Followed by another and another.

Harry raised his hands at his forehead. “Shield.” He called, a human shaped medieval shield appeared before the human taking the barrage of pure magic stalwartly. Harry winced as each ball smashed against the shield as the elf got closer harry lowered his hands pushing his hands out.

“Smash!” He called, the shield launching out faster then the eye even an elf's eye could see, shifting into an orb and hitting the elf square in the chest, the elf gasped for air as the wind was knocked from his lungs. Being flung back a good twenty feet before standing shakily.

He ground slashing his hand through the air sending a blade of magic towards him, Harry dodged it just barely the blade taking a nip of his side. He rolled on the ground as the blade hit the dome around them being absorbed.

Harry thrusting out his hands, launching his own balls of magic at the elf. Aran cursed, flying from the ground as the orbs blasted at him. Exploding the ground and against the dome as he avoided them as best he can until one caught him in the leg knocking him off his flightpath.

He slid against the ground, shaking the snow out of his hair as he threw his hand out. “Hammer!” He called out, the orange orb flying out and hitting Harry in the stomach. The human gasped for air as he felt to the ground holding his gut as the elf's foot slammed into Harry's chin.

Harry rolled on the ground, wincing as the elf approached him, smirking confidently as he raised his hand. Harry launched his hand out grabbing the elf's ankle. “Bind this foe!” He called in elvish, his crown glowing as the elf's eyes widened in shock.

His thin body tensed, his arms and legs smashing together holding his body in a unbreakable grip as he fell to the ground stiff as a board. Harry stood up a bit shakily, rubbing his stomach as he waved his hand lifting the elf up.

He smirked slightly raising his hand. “Hammer.” He growled, the orange orb launching out and catching the elf in the head. The head jerked back in his bind two teeth falling out as he fell unconscious blood rolling down his chin.

Harry tossed the elf to the side, releasing his body. Cheers hit his distracted mind, shaking him out of his stupor, smiling he waved at the crowd walking to the sidelines where his wife pulled him into a chair and started to check his wounds worriedly.

Harry just chuckled, kissing his wife's plump lips calming the dwarf a bit giving him a slight nod and smiling gently at him as an elder elf walked out to the center of the arena raising a golden scroll.

“It's my grand honor...To name Harry Potter as the Winter Champion of the Acadenium!” His friends roared their approval, Archemus cheered clapping his hands and stamping his hooves in approval along with his family.

Harry gave a tired wave as the healers of his clan started easing his pain.

That night Harry curled with his wife in their soft bed, his hand nuzzling her chest as he enjoyed his...Pillows with a happy smile. The dwarf woman stroked his back gently humming softly as she rad a book idly.

Harry lifted his head mischievously from under the covers, smirking evilly as his lips kissed her cleavage lightly making the dwarf gasp softly, her honey eyes looking down at her younger husband. The boy smiled and kept kissing her exposed skin undoing the tie to her sleeping robe.

Harry's dexterous hands pulled the robe apart exposing her body to his wandering eyes and hands. Kihna nibbled on her lower lip tossing the book onto the side table beside their bed as she felt her husband's lips press to her large breasts.
She gave a gasping moan as she felt his hot mouth lock around one nipple, suckling gently on the dusty nub as his hands wandered down her stocky body. She groaned running her fingers through his wild hair, purring softly as he hurriedly started to remove his own sleeping robe tossing it to the side off the bed to join his wife's.

His hands brushed over her curvy body, now familiar with his wife's form fully. One hand slid down rubbing her inner thigh teasingly as his large body moved over her stocky form his mouth breaking off from her full breast to lift his head to kiss her lips, silencing her moans as his hand slipped down sliding a finger into her hot core.

The Dwarf moaned muffledly, her strong arms squeezing the boy's thin form against her hot body. His fingers kept playing with her warm core. His manhood hard and rubbing against her plush thigh as she ran her fingers through his hair.

Kihna suddenly moved, surprising Harry as they get tangled in the sheets the stronger woman getting herself on top of her husband. Smirking with pride as his blazing emerald eyes hungrily take in her tanned body in the dim candle light.

She ran a hand down his strong chest...His thin frame taut with muscles from training, she ran her tongue over her plush lips hungrily as she ran her hips back rubbing her warm lips against the shaft of his manhood.

She coo'd gently as her groaned in pleasure, she raised her hips pressing down allowing the head to pop inside. She smiled at his moans...She loved teasing her husband like this, she chuckled setting her hands on his shoulders as she thrusted down moaning with him as he grabbed her wide hips guiding her as she started to bounce against him.

She squeezed his shoulder, grunting softly as she rolled his hips into him. Her eyes rolling back in her head as she bit her lower lip, her toned body shaking in pleasure in the dim light. She felt her lover's light hands, the burns from pure magic giving his hands a rough feel as they pressed to her back pressing her down against him.

Her large breasts pressed against his thin chest, shivering as her bounces got more sporadic. “K-Kihna.” Harry moaned in her ear, making her shiver in pleasure at the sound of pure lust in his voice. She coo'd gently, pressing their lips together in a smoldering kiss.

The two squeezed together as Harry turned them over again knocking the candle down and covering them in darkness as they continued their lustful rutting. Harry getting dominance as he thrusted down into the moaning dwarf.

Kihna was the first to finish, her back arching as a shrieking moan escaped her plush lips; Her strong hands squeezing his head making him wince a bit before the tightness of her core caused him to finish as well, moaning her name as his hips bucked into her.

He shivered looking at her in lust as she rolled him over and started the next round.

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