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Le Finale!

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Gerard and Frank get their results, and maybe a little something extra? PG for language .. (Final Chapter)

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After a short, coffee and evil stare filled, break, the four band members sat around on the sofas again. Frank and Gerard were both squashed onto the chair in the corner; meanwhile Ray and Mikey were taking up both of the 2-Seaters.

“Right, let’s get this shit started!” Gerard called, doing a totally over the top, and totally sarcastic fist-pump into the air.

“Yay.” Mikey dead panned, although he was secretly over the moon that his future had already been done, and almost forgotten to the rest of the band.

“So uh, Frank’s or Gerard’s first?” Asked Ray, who had Gerard’s paper, whereas Mikey held Frank’s.

“Hmm ... we could do them at the same time, like take it in turns to read out the answers? Since they are the last two …” Mikey suggested.

“Kay! Sounds good, yeah you two?” Ray aimed at the two men, ‘cuddled’ in the corner chair.

“Move your fucking elbow, fucktard!” Frank screamed at the red haired man he was perching on top of.

“I would, if your knee wasn’t currently crushing my, well … you know! Now MOVE IT DICKHEAD!” Gerard shoved him onto the arm of the chair, and immediately let out a long sigh of relief.


“Uhh … guys?” Ray said, scared to interrupt their bitchfight, which had actually started straight after Gerard’s far too enthusiastic fist pump.

“Whatever! I hate you too!!!”


“No way Frank! You … you just insulted me so bad! You think I’d take you back after that?!”

“I’ll make you coffee every single day for the next ten years?!”

“Done. I love you best friend!”

“Love you too, Gerard” I feeling of uneasiness shot through Frank as he said those words. But he shook them off as soon as he got them.

“So as soon as you two lovebirds finish with your love fest, we’d like to continue with the game, please. As long as it isn’t too much trouble for you guys to sit and not touch each other up over there, of course.”

“Oh, fuck off Ray. We’re just best friends, you know that ..!”

“Jesus, alright there Gerard, I was kidding … unless …” Ray trailed off.

“PLEASE, CONTINUE.” Gerard shouted, before pushing himself further into the chair, or more likely, Frank.

“Ouch, Gerard ..”

“Sorry!” Gerard moved off from Frank and sat against the chair, suddenly ‘eager’ to hear his results.

“Alright guys, I’ll go first” Said Ray.

“Kay Ray! Oh hey! That rhymed!! I’m a poet and I didn’t know it!!!”

“…” Came from the rest of the room.

“We continue!!” Mikey says, trying to break the awkwardness he had just created.

“On to ze La Finale Grand Reveal!” Frank called out, jumping off the chair to sit on the floor with Gerard.

“Ok, go on Ray!” Mikey urged Ray.

“Alrighty, so, Gerard, you will marry … drum roll please … Frank!” Ray called out.

Gerard went slightly stiff and sat there opening and closing his mouth like a goldfish, while Frank was almost nervously laughing in his place on the floor next to Gerard.

“Aww, the lovebirds are even gonna get married when they’re older!” Ray cooed.

“Ray, unless you haven’t noticed, I am thirty-fucking-five and hopefully will not get any older than this for a while.” Gerard stated, putting his hands on his hips as well as he could sitting down. Copying his hands on hips motion, Frank nodded solemnly beside him.

Ray and Mikey tried to suppress their laughter at their small friend but eventually it got the better of them and they burst into fits of giggles.

“Uh … guys? Are you OK? You’re like, dying over there …” Gerard asked them, ever so slightly worried for his friend’s sanity.

He turned round to see Frank copying him.

“Oi! Fraaaaaaaank, why must you make fun of me?”

“I wasn’t Gerard, I was merely observing this fine piece of … uh … pottery over there. Yup, the pottery!

“… There isn’t anything even remotely related to pottery over there, Frank …”

“Well, then I meant your ass. Your beautiful, skinny, sexy ass.”

“Why would you say pottery instead of my ass?”

“Because … people like to look at shit like pottery, right? Like I-THE FANS, yeah the fans, like to look at your posterior?”

“I think I may have heard a ‘I Like’ in there, no Frank?” Mikey chipped in.

“No way, no you didn’t. Slip of the tongue, is all. I don’t like Gerard, not one bit. So stop accusing me of it! I don’t fucking think he is sexy as hell, I don’t wanna just fuck him right here and now, regardless of his brother and one of his best friends being here, and I certainly would never marry him! So if you’d just let me get on with my life and carry on reading out the stupid futures, then I would be delighted to answer any questions that DO NOT in any way, shape or form relate to our crimson haired singer. So carry. The fuck. On now. Please.”

“Jeez, Frank, chill out dude. I didn’t accuse you of anything, Gawdd.” Mikey said, slightly stunned. “Anyway, Frank, you shall marry Gerard!!!”

Frank blushed and turned his face away. Gerard was still slightly in shock of Frank’s previous outburst and just nodded of his understanding of the words coming out of their mouths still.

“Kay, my turn again. Gerard, you will drive absolutely NO cars!!”

“How does that work? I think I have enough money to buy at least a car …”

“Well, I reckon that one day you are caught driving WAY over the speed limit, and then the cops put you in a prison for the rest of your life. And Frank has to come and visit you and all you hear from the visits are cries of ‘Oh Gerard! No! I love you too much, why did you do this to me?! You just HAD to drive over the speed limit. What about our kids?! WHAT ABOUT THEM GERARD? HOW ARE THEY GONNA FEEL WHEN I HAVE TO TELL THEM THAT-‘”

“Uhh, Mikey? Chill out dude.” Frank waves a hand in front their skinny bassist.

“Oh, right, sorry. I got a little carried away there, ha ha” Mikey said awkwardly, slightly blushing. “Anyway, it’s my turn again now! Frank, you shall drive a … black Ferrari!”

“Yes! Get in there!” Frank did his own version of Gerard’s fist pump, although this time actually hitting Gerard in the face.

“What the fuck, dude?!” Gerard exclaimed, turning round to his short best friend.

“Now THAT was an accident!” Frank protested, holding his hands up.

“Hmmph. That’s what the midget says.” Gerard said moodily.

“I’m not a fucking midget! Anyway, get a load of this Gerard, I get to actually drive a car! You don’t! Hahahahahaha!!! AND it’s a Ferrari, like all the cool movie stars drive!” Frank rubbed into his friends face.

“Are you sure you’ll be able to reach the pedals?” Gerard added sarcastically.

“Oh fuck off. You’re just moody because I’ll be awesome one day and you won’t.”

“Until, of course, I divorce you and make claims on your car.”

“Actually, no you won’t. Because you broke the speed limit and have lost your licence!” Frank poked his tongue out at Gerard.

“That’s not gonna happen. I drive far too safely for anything like that to occur.” Gerard stated, matter-of-factly.

“You mean you drive far to similarly to that of the walking habits of a snail, correct?”

“No, snails don’t walk, duh.”

“Well they have a foot, so yes, they are walking, thank you very much.”

“Screw you.”

“I know you’d like to. Unfortunately, your brother and best friend are ever so casually just listening to our snail conversation, so I’m afraid we can’t right here. But I promise we will later on” Frank winked at the singer, who’s mouth was slightly agape at Frank’s ‘misconception’.

“I actually was being sarcastic, Frank AKA manslut.”

“How the fuck am I a manslut? Have you even MET yourself?”

“That isn’t possible, babes.”

“Pfft. You watch me make it possible then!”

“Go on then.”

“I can’t right now, I have a … sore toe.”

“How the hell did that come on so-”

“GUYS WE STILL LIVE, YA KNOW. And getting slightly bored over here!” Mikey yelled, exasperated from having to listen to their slightly disturbed argument.

“I was enjoying that, actually, Mikey.” Ray said, a little upset Mikey had put an end to the weird conversations.

“I’m sure you’ll live. Anyway, haven’t we got some results to read out? We have to hurry a bit now guys, I was actually planning to go get some coffee at that Starbucks Al mentioned the over day.” Mikey pressed on with the results.

“Ok, Ok Mikey. Gerard will have two kids with Frankie!” Ray chirped happily.

“Whoopee. Great. Yay.” Gerard sarcastically commented.

“Yay!! Gerard, you just KNOW what this means!”

“What, Frank?” Gerard said tiredly.

“FRANKIE JUNIOR IS REBORN!” Frank screamed, jumping back onto the armchair and hopping up and down excitedly.

“Oh God.” The crimson haired singer groaned, face palming.

“It’s our dream come true, Gerard! Everything we’ve ever wanted!”

“Well, not everything. I could do with some aspirin right now, or maybe, if you’ll treat me, some sleeping pills!”

“Oh, don’t be silly. You can’t sleep through this celebration!”

“Believe me; I think I could just about manage it.” Gerard fake yawned and slammed his head down onto the coffee table. “Fuck. Ouch.”

“Silly Billy! Be happpppyyyyyyyy!!!!” Frank finally jumped down and sat next to the exasperated singer. He grabbed at the back of Gerard’s head, and holding a handful of his hair, yanked his head up. “HAPPY.” He said, before letting his head drop back onto the cold, hard glass.

“FUCKKKKK!!” He screamed, cradling his head in his hands. “THAT HURT SO BAD FRANK!”

“Oh, you’ll live. I’ve had worse when you were drunk and threw your beer cans at me!!”

“Oh, Uh, sorry.”

“Nah, I was only joking. It was Ray you threw those at. I pretty much just got sexually assaulted on stage. But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy that …”

“Oh … sorry Ray. And … your welcome Frank?”

Frank just giggled, and then tapped Mikey’s paper, urging him to go on.

“Oh, right, sorry guys. Kay, With Gerard, Frankie shall have two children!” Mikey declared.

“Lol! That’s the exact same amount Gerard got!” Frankie said, astonished, and clapping his hands.

“I guess that’s your guy’s lucky number now!” Ray proclaimed.

“Maybe.” Gerard said.

“Anyway, my go again! Gerard, you will live in a LA mansion!” Ray told the singer, who was now realising his unreal fate with the paper of M.A.S.Hiness.

“Well, at least I have a decent house.” Gerard said, thinking of the positive side.

“Correction” Mikey cut in “You guys have a decent house. Frankie is gonna live in a mansion too!”

“Yay! Gerard, this is like, my dream life!” Frank said, in a way which may or may not have been sarcastic.

“It depends Frank, will you have perfect manners every second you are in it?”

“Of course!”

“Then I guess I could probably stick it out…” Gerard smiled over at Frank.

“Yay!!” Frank said, once again becoming hyper. Although, when was the guy NOT hyper?

Whilst Frank and Gerard had been discussing their future, Ray and Mikey had compared papers.

“Hey, guys. Are you sure you haven’t like, cheated on these? Because it’s like, a normal life … mansion, LA mansion more like it, black Ferrari …” Ray trailed off.

“Well, I haven’t touched them” Gerard told their puzzled, afro sporting friend.

“Neither have I, for once.” Frank protested when they all looked at him for an explanation.

“Oh … hmm.” Mikey said, before going back to inspecting the paper.

“Anyway, Mikey, do you wanna read out their jobs?” Ray asked.

“Sure. Gee, you will be a Comic Book Artist, whereas you, Frank, will own your own Record Label. Aww lucky!”

“Like the dream life …” Ray repeated, a bit mystically.

“Oh yes, get in there! I have my own record label!”

“And I am a full time Comic book artist!” Gerard shouted, before joining Frank and dancing around in a circle, holding hands.

Mikey glanced at the small clock above the kitchen door. “Oh fuck, gotta go get coffee now before there’s a huge queue!” He scrambled towards the bunk area. “Is anyone else actually coming?”

“I will!” Ray said “Might be good to have some proper fresh air, on the way there I mean.

“I’ve actually got some stuff to do … wanted to finish off some lyrics to this song I was writing …” Gerard excused himself from their outing.

“I need to catch up with some twitter shizz, and got to … tidy my bunk?” Frank also got out of the trip, by using plain obvious lies.

“Fine, you guys miss out on all the delicious coffee.” Mikey tried to make them want to come. He put his jacket on before asking them one last time if they were absolutely sure they were positive they were certain, before him and Ray set off on the 1 mile trek to the coffee shop.

Gerard stood up and walked towards the door once they were out of sight.

“Oh, are you going too?” Frank asked, standing up and making his way over to Gerard.

“Oh, no. I was going for a smoke. Want one?”


They walked out of the bus and sat down on the curb behind it. Gerard lit up his cigarette, before passing the pack, and the lighter over to Frank.

He took a long drag, and exhaled, before saying “So Frank, what did you think of the game? Pretty entertaining, huh? I’m glad you got us to play it, to be honest.”

“Ha, I told you so. I told you it would be fun. Our results were pretty damn far fetched though, I mean, us? Together? No way. Haha.”

“Hey, you don’t think I’m hot?”

“I never said that!”

“Oh, so you think you’re too good for me then, Mhm?”

“Nope, not that either.”

“But you don’t think we’d be good together, no?” Gerard pushed onwards.

“Well, it’s not that, I just can’t see it …” Frank trailed off.

As he turned his head away from Gerard, he felt it being pulled back. Before he could fully comprehend what was happening, the red headed singer smashed his lips into his own. Their mouths slowly started working together, not quite creating the fierce kiss it started as, but a passionate one all the same. After a while, they pulled back.

“Imagine it now?” Gerard questioned.

“Uh, well, um, yeah?”

“Still unsure?”

“If it’ll make you kiss me again, then sure!”

Gerard once again grabbed hold of the guitarist’s face, before locking their lips in another kiss.

After both had pulled away, Gerard opened his mouth to speak, but Frank cut him off.

“So does this mean, uh, we’re like … together?”

“If you want us to be?”


“Good, not sure what I would’ve said if you’d have said no!” Gerard joked.

“Wouldn’t of said no to that offer in a million years!” Frank beamed at his new boyfriend.

“Oh and Frank?”

“Yes, Gerard?”

“You still owe me coffee for the next ten years.”


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