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When Demolition Lovers Meet the Not Okay Killjoys At The Black Parade

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*All Eras combined* The remaining Killjoys seek help from The Black parade and possibly some outcasts with croquet mallets can they help the Killjoys take down Korse?

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Now this stroy will get confusing so to make sure you dont get confused remeber this

Killjoys - Party Posion, Jet Star, Korbra Kid, Fun Ghoul
Black parade - Gerard, Ray, Mikey, Frank
Revenge - Gee, Raymond, Moikey, Frankie

Should make this stroy easier for you to follow :)

This chapter is a little short because i dont want to build so much into a single chapter when i can just easily spread it out a little, but after this i promise they will becoome more detailed :)


Party Poison :

"Every killjoy is being sent out?" Fun Ghoul questioned Dr. Death Defying. Apparently it would be easier to take down Korse if we got all the killjoys to go to BLI to take him down. Why didn't we think of this idea sooner?

"Yes, because with more back up and killjoys ready to fight we could easily blindside the drac's and take down Korse for good" Dr. Death Defying smiled pointing on the map where BLI headquarters was located.

"Why didn't we think of it sooner, Dr. Death Defying, your amazing" I smiled hugging Dr. Death Defying.

"May be old, but Posion i do come up with a few good plots" Dr. Death Defying laughed

"So when will this operation begin?" Kobra Kid asked drinking a cup of coffee.

"Tomorrow, so make sure you guys get enough sleep" Dr. Death Defying said looking at all four of us.

"No late night snooping Ghoul" Jet Star playfully punched Fun Ghoul's arm.

"I won't because i want to kick some Draculoid ass" Fun Ghoul cheered.

"We all do" I smiled.

"Now let's get some rest" Kobra Kid suggested. We all then walked to our rooms and plumped down on our beds. My phone buzzed with a message from Fun Ghoul.

Im not tired D: i have a rush of adrenaline!

I laughed and lit a cigarette before replying.

Think of sheep lol

Thats not gonna work D: can i come to your room :3 your the only one replying to me xD

fine -.-


And with that Fun Ghoul appeared at my door and plopped down at the bottom of the bed.

"Tomorrow is going to be good" He smiled

"Obviously because with all the killjoys, this time tomorrow BLI will only be a mere failed corporation"

"Thanks to us" Fun Ghoul laughed stealing my cigarette and taking a draw.

"No thanks to Dr. Death Defying, he is the one that came up with the idea" I smiled

"Yeah" Fun Ghoul said.

"Now, can i please go to sleep?" I asked pulling the blankets over myself.

"No, im not tired!" He complained

"If you don't go to sleep, i will force you to stay here" I threatened.

"Fine" Fun Ghoul said stubbornly leaving my room and i went out like a light.
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