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Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back

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ONE SHOT! And yes, this is a Titanic and My Chem cross over fanfiction. Why not, eh?

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Saturday 13th April 1912
Gerard’s POV
Chapter 1
“Can I get you anything, sir?” a small voice asked from behind me. I turned around to see one of the waiters standing eagerly behind me. He was small, probably came up to my shoulder, his skin was pale and his hair was dark. His eyes were bright green and shining and he had a polite smile on his face.
“No thank you.” I said politely as I turned back to the railing.
“Not even some champagne, sir?” He insisted again.
“I’ll pass.” I said without looking at him this time. He hurried off without saying another word just as I was joined by my brother, Mikey. “Where have you been?” I asked as he strolled over to my side with a glass of champagne in his hand.
“Just went exploring.” He smirked. “There are some amazing bars up on the top deck; I recommend you visit them before we reach New York.”
“I’m really not in the mood. I feel a little bit sea sick, that’s all.” I said as I took a deep breath of the salty sea air.
“Your loss.” He smiled.
“I’m sure. Anyway, I’m heading back to our cabin. I need a lie down.”
“Something tells me you’re nervous about sailing.” Mikey laughed. I guess he was right, I didn’t really find sailing the sea particularly enjoyable. “Relax Gerard, this ship is unsinkable, remember.”
“I beg to differ.” I snapped as I pushed past him.

I pushed one of the golden doors of the first class deck open and found myself in a velvet carpeted, golden walled hallway with huge golden chandeliers swaying softly above my head. I found the room I was sharing with my brother, room 235, and unlocked the door. I stepped into the posh room. The two four-poster beds stood tall against the wall, lined in golden silk blankets and velvet pillows. Why Mikey insisted we got the first class tickets was clear to me now. Apparently the third or second class rooms didn’t even have their own bathrooms.

There was a knock at the door.
“Come in!” I called. The small waiter from earlier stepped in carrying 4 clean towels.
“Just got some laundry.” He smiled sweetly.
“Just leave them on the bed.” I said gesturing towards Mikey’s bed opposite mine. He put them down quickly and hurried towards the door. “Thank you…what’s your name?” I asked before he exited the room completely. He stopped in surprise and turned to look at me.
“I’m sorry, what?” he asked, astonished that I was trying to make conversation with him.
“What’s your name?” I asked again.
“Iero, Frank Iero.” He smirked.
“I’m Way, Gerard Way. I’m staying on the boat with my brother Mikey and our good friend Ray Toro. We’re heading to New York; you see we are millionaires in New Jersey. We own probably half the town of Belleville” I said, boasting slightly as I extended my arm towards him. He shook my hand nervously and his smile grew bigger.
“Really? I live in Belleville!” he gasped. “But for now I’m a waiter on this ship until we arrive.”
“Well when we arrive in New York I would be happy to take you on in one of our branches!” I offered.
“Really? Thank you, sir…I mean Gerard. It was nice to meet you.”
“You’re welcome, it was nice talking to you too Frank. We will probably see each other around.”
“Well I am also the maid for this room so that is definite.” He grinned. He stepped out the door and shut it quickly behind him.

I sighed and lay down on the huge bed. It was surprisingly comfortable considering how much silk had been used. I drifted off into an uneasy sleep to the gentle rocking of the ship.

Sunday 14th April 1912
Chapter 2
When I woke up it was about 2am, Mikey was fast asleep in his bed but I was no longer tired considering I had just slept for about 15 hours. I slipped out of bed and pulled on my big coat. We had been on the ship a day already and I hadn’t gone to explore yet. I grabbed my shoes from besides my bed and slipped them on my feet. I headed towards the door and shut it quietly behind me so Mikey didn’t wake up.

The hallways were dark but I knew roughly how to get to the east side first class deck, which was where I had spent most of my time so far. I stepped out into the surprisingly bitter cold air and noticed a small figure huddled on one of the benches. I sat down beside me and I noticed exactly who it was from the greenness of his eyes.
“Frank?” I asked. He looked up and then looked straight back down at his feet clutching the skin above his right eyebrow. “What are you doing up here at this time of night? It’s freezing.” I said taking off my coat and wrapping it around his shoulders. I put my arm around him and pulled him closer to me to keep us both warm.
“I… I want to go home.” He stuttered. I tried to steady his body to stop him from shivering but it was no good.
“Why would that be? This ship is fantastic. It’s a floating city like all the posters say.” I smiled.
“The other waiters don’t like me. They hit me.” he sniffed. He moved his hand from his head to reveal a large cut across his eye brow.
“Why would they do that?” I asked.
“They are angry that I got a job, because of my age. I shouldn’t really be here.”
“How old are you?”
“I just turned 17.” He mumbled.
“Well I turned 22 four says ago.” I smiled.
“Happy birthday for four days ago.” He grinned.
“Thank you. Listen, why don’t you come and stay in my cabin for the night? I’m sure there is enough room in my bed for one more person. But you’ll have to be gone before Mikey wakes up, okay?” I offered.
“Yes, really.” I laughed.
“Thank you so much.” He smiled.

So I took Frank back to my cabin and he slept at the end of my bed. Sure enough he was gone by the time either me or Mikey woke up. I got dressed and headed to the dining room for breakfast. I sat down in between Ray and Mikey. We were served a full English breakfast and I looked around the room for Frank but I couldn’t see him anywhere. I ate my breakfast quickly ignoring the conversation Ray and Mikey were trying to include me in and continued to look around for him.

That was when, out the corner of my eye, I spotted a small boy being beaten by the head chef just outside the dining room. I watched in horror as the boy was hit repeatedly in the face. Didn’t anyone else see it? Didn’t anyone want to stop it? The chef stopped and the boy stood up, brushing himself down. He headed towards the door of the dining room and the boy’s full face came into view. Frank Iero. I got up from the table abruptly and rushed over towards him.
“Frank!” I gasped in horror. He ignored me and rushed out of the room. I followed him into a less attractive looking part of the ship. The walls were painted a boring cream colour and the floor was just concrete. He pushed open a heavy metal door and collapsed on the floor of the room. The room was small and there was only one bed which looked as if it would collapse if anyone heavier than Frank sat on it.
“Please go.” he coughed. “I don’t want you to see me like this.” he said stumbling to his feet and falling onto the bed.
“I’m not going anywhere.” I stated. I took my sleeve and rubbed the blood from his burst lip.
“Thank you.” he coughed.
“Where are we? This looks like a prison.” I said standing up and turning up my nose. It stank of cooking oil.
“This is my room.” He said angrily.
“Really? This is a bit shit…excuse my language.”
“Don’t worry, I’ve heard worse.”

The door opened and in stepped the big chef I witnessed beat Frank.
“First class passengers are not permitted in this part of the ship.” He said smirking evilly.
“And I don’t think you’re permitted to beat the waiters either.” I said raising my eyebrows.
“You told him?” he spat. I glanced over at Frank who was cowering in the corner of the room with his knees pulled right up to his chin.
“No, I saw the whole thing. Listen, I could easily get you fired for that. If you do it again I will get you off this boat.” I warned. The chef looked me up and down once more before retreating without saying another word.

I sat back down on his bed and I stroked his head.
“It will be okay now. Listen, Frank I was going to ask something.” I smiled. He looked up at me eagerly. “When we get to New York, would you like to work at my house? We need a new head waiter and you’re going a pretty good job here.”
His smile grew and he opened his mouth and closed it again. I guess it had to be weird being offered two highly paid jobs by the same person on the same day.
“I… I… I would love to!” He grinned.
“You can leave the ship with me and you can travel in our car all the way to Belleville, okay.” I smiled.
“Thank you so much, sir.” He beamed.
“It’s Gerard.” I corrected him. “I’ve got to go now; I assume you’ll be serving dinner later, yes?”
He nodded and I headed out of the room and back to the less smelly part of the ship.

Frank and served me and my friends’ dinner and he had even come to our room to change the sheets of our bed although they weren’t due to be cleaned for another day or two. I settled into bed and fell fast asleep; maybe I fell asleep easily because I knew that Frank was happy.

Monday 15th April 1912, 1am
Chapter 3
I was awoken that night by a violent thud. I sat bold upright and I heard screams from below me.
“Gerard, what was that?” Mikey asked. I switched on the bedside lamp with a shaky hand. My brothers face was pure fear.
“Get dressed. Whatever that was, was definitely not good.” I put my clothes on as fast as I possibly could considering how much I was shaking. Not to mention the shouting coming from various places of the boat which made me feel uneasy. My heart thudded at about a million miles an hour every time the boat lurched. The door swung open and Frank stumbled inside. He threw a life jacket at us both and rushed out again. I picked it up and hurried after him.

“What’s going on?” I yelled.
“The boat, its hit an ice burg.” He cried. I saw the tear stains glisten in the moon light. He turned around and headed onto the next room.
“Where are you going? We have to get to a life boat!” I shouted. A couple and their two children rushed past us both almost knocking Frank to the floor.
“I’m not permitted to leave the boat until all passengers are in life boats. But they haven’t told anyone that there aren’t enough life boats yet. I’m going to die.” He cried. I grabbed him in my arms and held him close to my chest.
“You’re not going to die, you’re with me.” I whispered. I kissed his cheek and grabbed his hand. I met my Ray and Mikey who were both fear-stricken and shaking.
“You can’t bring the fucking maid with you!” Mikey hissed as we pushed past families and their children as they rushing onto the deck.
“He’s not the maid! He’s my boyfriend!” I lied. I don’t think Mikey would appreciate the fact I had made friends with the waiter in two days and was now intent of taking him home with us. I held his hand tighter and pulled him into my room. I threw some of my clothes at him and made him change. If they saw he was wearing the waiter’s uniform they would never let him leave. The clothes I had given him were slightly too big but it didn’t matter as it was a matter of life or death. I crushed his fingers in my hand as Mikey and Ray lead us towards the upper deck.

Mothers will small children cried and fathers tried to calm them as they rushed towards the nearest deck. We stumbled up stairs and we got to the very top deck. All the life boats had already been set off. People were being sent in all directions, and were running and crying. Everyone was scared. The captains and boat staff were all yelling different orders to different people which nobody was actually listening to.
“There are some boats on the lowest first class deck behind the kitchen.” Frank shouted over the shouts of orders from the staff trying to calm everyone down. We ran as fast as we could down the stairs until finally we reached a free boat. The sky outside was cloudless and littered with bright stars. For some reason it didn’t feel like the sort of night for something like this to happen.
“Three more people for this boat!” One of the captains yelled. We were pretty much the only people on this deck; I guess not many first class people would want to venture behind the kitchens.
“But there are four of us!” Frank yelled at the man.
“I’m sorry, only 3 spaces. The boat is already almost over the maximum capacity. It will collapse if too many people try to get in.” The captain argued back. I pushed Ray, Mikey and Frank towards the life boat but Frank refused to get in. Mikey and Ray quickly sat down and fastened their life jackets securely to their chests.

“What are you doing?!” I yelled at Frank whose tears were almost unstoppable.
“Hurry up, decide which of you will be getting in!” the captain hurried.
“I’m not leaving you behind.” Frank muttered. I pulled him into a tight him and I kissed his cheek the way you’d expect a mother who was leaving her child for a short holiday.
“You have to. It doesn’t matter just save yourself, I’ll help hold everyone else back.” I smiled, letting a single tear roll down my face. I was scared. I was so scared that I couldn’t even describe it but I wanted to Frank to be safe. That was my only priority.
“I have a plan, just get into the boat.” I whispered into his ear.
“I don’t want to leave you. I shouldn’t even be leaving the boat. I’m just a stupid waiter and I don’t understand why you are so intent on saving me.” he cried in desperation.
“One of you needs to hurry up and get in or I’ll have to give the space up to someone else.” The captain said impatiently. The boat lurched again and Frank grabbed onto my arm. I could feel the boat tipping under my feet.
“If I can find a way, I will get back to you.” I said gritting my teeth. I had one idea of how I could escape but it was stupid and reckless. “Listen, you’re my best friend and I’ve only known you two days. I wouldn’t be trying to save you if I didn’t love you.” I whispered. I felt my eyes collect more and more tears but I didn’t want to cry in front of Frank
“Really?” he whispered back. I nodded and I pushed him towards the boat. Before he stepped in, he jumped up and kissed my lips which startled me for a second. I guess we had to make the ‘boyfriend’ lie a bit more believable to Mikey and Ray. The captain got inside and began to lower the boat into the sea. I felt the boat tip to the left and the floor shuddered. Mikey and Ray were both huddling together and Mikey was in tears as he believed he was actually leaving me behind. As the boat got lower and lower I felt like I couldn’t do it. Every step towards the edge of the ship got harder and harder as the fear consumed my body.

I guess it was now or never.

The lifeboat had just about disappeared out of view and I heard Frank calling from me. I climbed over the railing so the lifeboat was directly below and I let myself drop. I landed on top of Frank and the boat shuddered under the extra weight.
“WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING?” I captain yelled. I shrugged and sat between Mikey and Frank who were both crying their eyes out with Ray trying to calm them
“It’s okay, I’m here.” I said putting my arm around them both. I pulled Frank’s shivering body closer to me and he rested his head on my shoulder. I looked around at the boat which was full of mothers clutching babies and children, their husbands trying to calm them. We were all extremely lucky to be alive.

As the boat lowered past second and third class it looked as if a riot had broken out.
“Women and children only!” the captains yelled. Every now and again the boat would tip at even more of an angle and the air would be filled with people’s screams of terror. The captain of our boat cut the ropes lowering us into the water and we fell about 10 feet before landing in the icy sea with a splash. Ray and Frank helped the captain of our life boat row (I ended up doing pretty much all the work for Frank as he almost passed out from the cold) and we rowed away from the sinking Titanic.

We could see bodies falling from the boat as the angle at which I was sinking at got steeper and steeper. Half the ship in front of us had already been consumed by the icy Atlantic Ocean. There was an eerie quietness about the whole thing though. Nobody on our boat or any of the life boats around us said a word. I guess we all knew how lucky we were to have survived. We knew that so many people had died tonight; I guess the shock was setting in. People had lost parents, children, friends, partners and we were lucky we had all managed to escape. All four of us. My hands had gone completely numb as we were finally picked up by a passing ship called the Carpathia which had sent the captain of our ship various ice burg warning which had been ignored. We were all given blankets and made to sleep in the big hall.

“I thought you had lied to me.” Frank sniffed as he lay across my lap in the warmth of the Carpathia. “I thought you weren’t going to come back.” He said as a tear escaped his eye.
“What would you’ve done if I didn’t come back.” I said stroking his hair again.
“I don’t want to think about It.” he said closing his eyes. He rolled over and fell asleep in my lap. I had definitely made a best friend of life. Mikey was a bit shell shocked. He wouldn’t eat, sleep or even say a word. He just sat there staring into space without saying a word to anybody at all.

We were lucky to be alive. All around us were people crying from the losses of their loved ones. Turns out 1,514 people hadn’t made it.

The End.
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