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a tale of two sisters

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* what if kara had a sister what if king einon fancied her sister and soon had a deep feeling how would kara feel the betrail of her sister and how would her sister feel in the hands of einon ...

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i started to unearth the soil that was infront of me as i remembered what Kara had told me this morning before she left with Bowen and the dragon

"aurora don't leave this path and if you see guards run for you life and don't stop meet me at the falls"

i heard as i closed my eyes and kneeled down removing what was left of the soil that i had dinged up standing i saw my work as i moved over to the seed spreading them slowly i heard in the distance the sound of horse hoof beats standing i walked slowly away as i heard the sound come closer and closer towards my house.

entering it i dashed quickly over at a table as i took out a cloth and placed inside bread and a few carrots to eat, slowly hearing the beats of the horses stop i heard the clashing of armor as i looked over at the window to see that they were heading towards the door.

dashing quickly i closed it as i started to barge it as i saw a sword start to cut through the wooden door stepping back i left the bread as i headed to the closet as i locked my self inside.

breathing hastily and quickly i heard the door break open as the soft steps of armor surrounded the house panicking i felt my breath choke me as i saw a man look at the closet door.

"find her!"

i heard a man say his soft decent voice resounding as i heard the rest start to pace around the house.

seeing my light green dress close to my body i walked over to the window as i heard a man turn from the door as i noticed that my shoes made a lot of noise.

"my lord she in here"

i heard someone say as i saw the door slowly being moved as it was being kicked at running to the wall i got up infront of it as i saw it was open and slowly moved back as i heard a loud crash quickening my pace i dashed out of the window as i was holded by my leg.

kicking and screaming i slowly was let go as i ran away into the field as i saw three knights run after me. running to the horses i slowly got up as i was pulled down by one of the men.

moving i was holded as i saw a man come in to view as i was pulled up my two arms being holded by the knights "your the same image of your sister" he said as he touched me with his white hand my dark orange hair as he moved to my pale skin and up to my mouth outlining my lips.

seing slowly his golden short hair as his dark eyes looked at her light golden ones as she slowly recognized who he was


i whispered as i saw the man smirk as i produced his name right infront of his face.

"you raped my sister"

i said as i leaned in to him as he smiled at my force as he leaned in to my face as i smiled at him as well.

"ah your sister told you that and i wonder how did she escape"

i looked away for a minute and then looked at him as i spitted in his face as i slowly felt a hard blow as he slapped me infront of everyone

composing my face i looked at him as i was let go by the guards as i slowly lunged at him as i was thrown to the floor as i was holded down by him as i started to feel his weight down on me as he smiled at me.

i grunted in displeasure as i pushed him away as he did so willingly getting up i was taken again by the arms as my feet were tied together
as well as my hands smiling a saw him come forward as his hand touched roughly my face.

"take her to the castle and make her ready"

he said as i was slowly taken as i saw him slowly point to a man as i was mounted onto a horse as i saw him hold a torch as he threw it inside the house as it slowly caught fire.

screaming my lungs out i was slowly gagged as i saw Einon come over as he slowly got on a horse and started riding away.

feeling rage inside me i was accompanied slowly by one of the knights as he clicked away as we rode down into the field, seeing slowly my home on fire i was pushed on the horse grunting i felt a sharp pain in my hands as i stroke them hard together as it had no use.

realizing that i was captured i slumped down as the ride came harder and harder seeing night descend on the sky i realized that i was captured and that in some way i felt a deep warmth feeling inside of me.

The distance was long and yet it felt short for me, slowly passing down the street i saw a monk and quickly recognized him smiling i broke off a pice of my cloth of dress as it fell to the ground smiling i saw the castle at the end as we slowly arrived.

Seeing the gate open i went inside as i saw Einon un mount his horse as he came close to me as he took my arm breaking off i fell to the ground as i was picked up my ropes were cut by Einon as i slowly felt freedom i dashed out of the way as i felt my wrist being taken.

Feeling his arms play around my waist i made no harsh move as i fancied his touch as i saw him let me go as he walked away.
Standing there i did not move as i walked over towards him as i saw and old lady come forth bowing down i saw her take my hand and leaded me to a corridor.

"my son wishes to be married with you"

she said in a whisper as i felt slowly tears come down my eyes

"he will never have me, i will not let him!"

i said as i saw the old woman stroke me lightly on the cheek as she guided me slowly into a room.
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