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Chapter 7

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The hospital.

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I sat in the hospital waiting room, I refused to go back to school or even go home. Gerard had come to see me and I'd cried when he was there, my body so exhausted from all the emotions that I couldn't for long before I fell asleep, head on Gerard's shoulder. He stayed with me for two hours before he decided to go home. 
I didn't realise how badly beaten Frank had been until it hit the seven hour mark of waiting. Then, I figured, something seriously bad had happened and between the stages of hysterical crying, patient waiting and literally being in some kind of trance, just staring at the wall with vacant eyes, one thought crossed my mind; it's all my fault. Frank's in this hospital because of me. No, I wasn't the one to beat him up, but if I hadn't been raped and Frank hadn't tried to get revenge, he wouldn't even be in hospital. If I hadn't of told him, he wouldn't be here either, but I was stupid enough to do that as well. It didn't even make anything better, it just made things worse, but I still did it, eventually.
Frank's mum was here too, but she wouldn't even look at me. She'd gone into some kind of family waiting area which I wasn't aloud in because, obviously, I'm not of blood relation to him. When I told Linda that I was Frank's boyfriend, she slapped me. Slapped me and told me that her son would never have a boyfriend because he's a 'slightly mislead boy, still with a future ahead of him, not some sinner'. The slap, I could deal with, but calling me a sinner for being in love with her own son? That made red hot anger spark inside my stomach and my hand twitch by my side. I wanted to scream at her, tell her she was wrong, but I didn't. I didn't even know she thought homosexuality was wrong, I assumed Frank had told her but I guess she's stricter than I thought. I just walked away from her, not wanting to make a scene, for Frank's sake. 
After just over eight hours, I was told Frank was awake but that I couldn't see him until his mum had left. She specifically said I couldn't visit but Frank had specifically asked for me so they made an exception. My heart fluttered at the thought Frank had asked to see me over his own mother and a small smile crept onto my face. It disappeared though, as I asked my next question.
'How is he?' The doctor sighed.
'Alive. He was beaten very badly but he shouldn't have any lasting damage, though it's probably too early to tell. After a couple of weeks or so we can evaluate the broken bones we've operated on and see...' I stopped listening at that point, all I needed to know that Frank was going to be okay. It made the smile pull at my features again as the doctor noticed I wasn't listening and said goodbye before leaving. 
I had to wait for nearly a whole other hour before Frank's mum was finished visiting him. She walked right past me as she was leaving, giving me a disgusted look.
'I don't even know why your still here, they're not going to let you see him. I told them not to,' she said, looking smug at the end. I just smiled up at her. 
'I'll just have to break in then, won't I?' I said, sweetly. I saw shock and anger flash across her features before she stalked away, huffing loudly. I smiled to myself and began to feel sorry for Frank, having to live with her, when the doctor came round the corner and smiled politely at me. 
'You can see him now,' he said, and my heart began to beat frantically as I nodded and got up, following him. 
He took me down a maze of long, sterile corridors that made a lump form in my throat, I had never liked hospitals. Though I think another reason for it was the fact that I didn't know how Frank would look when I saw him. The doctor said he was beaten very badly and they'd already operated on broken bones. I knew Frank, he could put up a fight, so I never thought he would be that badly hurt. Henry must have gone to fucking town on him. All of a sudden, we stopped and the doctor was telling me this was the room and I could have up to an hour with him. I merely nodded before I approached the door. It had no window so I couldn't see into the room before I pushed it open and stepped in. Frank smiled when he saw me, but my insides began to writhe at what I saw. 
One of Frank eyes couldn't even open from the swelling and had gone a deep purple colour with a deep cut above his other eye and on his lip. His arms were covered in bruises and cuts and his right one had a drip going into it, surely with some kind of pain relief.
'Hey Mikey,' he said. His voice was hoarse and unlike his usual velvety smooth tone. I approached his bed and sat on the chair next to him.
'Hi,' I responded quietly. His smile dropped slightly.
'I've been told you've been waiting for hours, pretty much since I got brought in,' he said quietly, 'thank you.' I smiled slightly at that.
'Couldn't exactly leave you, could I?'
'Oh, and thanks for getting me an interrogation from my mum dude, she was not impressed.' I looked away.
'I didn't know you hadn't told her...that you were gay,' I replied.
'Hey, look at me,' Frank instructed and I did as he said, 'don't worry. It's just, she's Catholic so I err...I still haven't told her.' It was Franks turn to look away this time.
'Frank, it's cool. I understand.' He turned back to look at me and smiled.
'Why did you go after Henry?' I asked after a short pause, 'you told me you wouldn't.' Frank sighed and then winced from pain. My eyes widened but he just waved his hand vaguely. 
'He broke two of my ribs, don't worry,' he replied nonchalantly, 'but I couldn't let him get away with what he did to you, Mikes.' I raised my eyebrow at him and looked him up and down, meaning to highlight his copious injuries. He just smiled at me.
'You should see the other guy,' he said, causing me to smile back. 
'You still shouldn't have done it,' I said quietly. Frank held his hand out for me and I took it in my own.
'I did it for you, the least you could do is be grateful,' he replied. I looked at him seriously.
'Yeah, and I told you not to.'
'Well, I did. No undoing that now, is there?' I ducked my head and shock it.
'I should of known I could never stop the great Frank Iero doing something he wanted to,' I said, looking up at him again.
'You betcha cotton socks,' he replied.
'Cotton socks?' I asked, looking at him quizzically. He merely winked at me in response. 
'How can you be so...upbeat when you're lying in hospital after getting the shit beaten out of you?' I asked.
'Hey!' Frank replied, 'I didn't get the shit beaten out of me, I got in a fight, okay?'
'Yeah, totally Frank,' I replied sarcastically and he shot me a glare. 
'I'll be okay,' he said quietly after a while.
'Yeah,' I sighed. He began rubbing circles on my knuckles and I wished I could stay with him all night, but I yawned on instinct. 
'Shit, I forgot, it's like nearly 2am, you should go home. I shook my head.
'I wanna stay with you,' I said quietly.
'No Mikey, you have to get home. I'm going to sleep anyway and you can't even stay here for that much longer.' My eyes pleased with him but he remained determined.
'Go!' he said. I sighed.
'Fine,' I said, drawing my hand away from his and standing up, 'I'll come and see you tomorrow, yeah?' Frank nodded and I walked towards the door.
'Goodbye, Frank.' Just as I left I heard Frank talk behind me.
'Ahem,' he said. I turned to see him lying with his eyes closed and his lips pouted. I laughed slightly as I walked back over to him and placed a gentle kiss on lips, feeling the cut against my own and noticing for the first time that he didn't have his lip ring in.
'See you tomorrow, Mikey,' he said as I walked out of the room, out of the hospital and home. 
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