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Demonic Angel Wings

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Hisoka and Tsuzuki battle a demon that has gotten loose in Meifu. However, it does end so easily.

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Chapter Five: Demonic Angel Wings:

Lately, something had been stalking Hisoka. Or rather someone.

Day After Valentine’s Day.

Hisoka stayed late working that night. Tsuzuki didn’t stay long. He wanted to.

“You look so alone,” he reasoned. “I’ll stay until you finish up.” Hisoka shook his head.

“I’m good,” he said. Tsuzuki leaned in on the desk.

“Anna-chan won’t mind,” he said. Hisoka sneered.

“Go home,” he said. His partner did no such thing. Hisoka rolled his eyes.

“Look,” he said. “Go home. I’m fine.” Tsuzuki didn’t budge. He had learned by now not to listen to Hisoka at times. The boy felt alone. They hadn’t seen each other outside of work lately. Maybe tonight could help. Hisoka frowned.

“Why are you still here?” he asked. “Go home.”

“Can’t Tsuzuki said. His partner frowned again.

“Fine,” he mumbled. “You can stay.” Tsuzuki smiled.

“Thanks,” he said.

“Whatever,” the boy mumbled. He went to his paperwork. Tsuzuki sat back in his chair. Hisoka started on the third form when a soft scream filled his ears. He paused with his pen.

“Do you hear that?” the boy asked.

“Hear what?” Tsuzuki asked. Hisoka listened for a bit and shook his head.

“Nothing,” he said. The boy went back to work. The scream danced in his ear again. His eyes glanced around the office.

“You sure you didn’t hear anything?” Hisoka asked. He looked around a bit more. Tsuzuki blinked at him.

“No…” he said. “Are feeling okay?” The screaming grew high-pitched. Hisoka winced in pain.

“Hisoka-kun?” Tsuzuki asked. The younger Shinigami rose to his feet.

“I’ll be back,” he said. Hisoka darted out the door.

“Hisoka?” Tsuzuki asked. The older Shinigami raced after his partner. The Shinigami came all the way outside. Hisoka looked around. Cherry blossoms in the clear night.

/But where is it?/, he thought.

“Hisoka!” Tsuzuki cried. “Slow down! What’s going on? Why are…”

“Shhh!” Hisoka whispered. Both men went quiet. They looked around the night for anything. What? They didn’t know yet. But then, Hisoka froze.

“Above!” he yelled as he looked up at the sky.

“Huh?” Tsuzuki asked as he looked up. BOOM! The Shinigami dodged the falling fireball just in time.

“Shit!” Tsuzuki yelled. “What the hell?”

“There!” Hisoka yelled. BOOM! Another fireball crashed to the ground. Tsuzuki drew out his fuda. Hisoka heard the screaming building up in his brain.

“Tsuzuki, look out!” he yelled. “It’s above you!” The older Shinigami looked up and aimed his fuda at the target.

“I call out to the twelve gods. I beseech thee! Grant me your power,” he chanted. The characters lit up in a heated glow. He flung the light at a dropping demon. Got it right in the left wing. The demon fell faster to the ground. It let out a wounded cry. This was a savage. Black horns of a bull, blackened fangs, red face like a dragon mask, the body looked made of muscle, the hands and feet were webbed with grey matter, yellow claws for nails. The beast panted as blood flowed out of its damaged black left wing. It staggered to its feet as it breathed in pain.

“Hisoka!” Tsuzuki yelled. The boy looked around for a weapon. Come on/, he thought. /There has to be something. Come on… Come on… He spotted a rock near one of the cherry trees. He raced over to the object in question. When the beast took off towards him, Tsuzuki used his fuda again on it. Got the right wing, back, and left muscled calf. The demon screamed again and propelled towards Hisoka with trailing dust behind its fleshy raw heels. The younger Shinigami turned and smashed the demon in the forehead with the rock. As an extra measure, Tsuzuki used his fuda once more. This time, got the back again. The demon fell back and sank into the ground. The boys stood around blinking.

“What was that all about?” Tsuzuki asked. Hisoka shook his head.

“No idea,” he said. Should be the end, right?

Ten days later, Hisoka got a text on his way home /Hm?/, he thought. He pulled out his phone and opened the inbox. He blinked at the message.

Meet me at the park.

“Huh?” Hisoka asked. Curious, he walked all the way to the park in question. When he reached the entry, his jaw just dropped. The demon stood before him scarred up from the last encounter. Hisoka backed up slowly.

“You…” he gasped. The demon stood in place. A cold blast of air burst up around its feet and swallowed it whole. Hisoka watched on with big eyes the whole time. He stepped back again when everything died down.
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