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Episode Nine

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By KelseyChem

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I believe you now...
Every single word,
Spoken not with pity,
Nor false,
Nor generic, no,
But verily and knowing.

Oh how the haunts of the past,
Had left me with
Lingering chills of empty embraces,
Shattered thoughts trapped,
Whirring round a cluttered skull
Vacant eyes that shine with lies
Whispered promises echoing through abused ears

I've been handed hope before.
Expected to simply forget the memories nailed down to my brain,
And hope for a better beginning.

But you...
Give me something never considered by others,
See in me, everything kept buried, packed down.
Sift through my thoughts and help let my talent shine through,
What little I have,
You make me believe is worth more than the stars.

I believe.
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