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Chapter 4

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Some good news from someone they've never even met, maybe the start of their new lives?

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Gerard slurped his coffee, awestruck and completely unsure of what to say.
"W-well," He choked, "that honestly is really awesome news!"
Ray smiled at them, seemingly content that his words had made an impact, and with an excited gleam to his eyes.
Mikey fidgeted, feeling awkward as always. This man-Ray-whom they had never before, had just told them that he'd been playing guitar since a small child, and was at an advanced level. He'd be perfect for a lead guitarist, but Mikey wasn't saying anything, he didn't feel it was his job to "hire" people into the band, that was all Gerard's doing.
"So...what do you guys think? I mean obviously i'll have to swing by yours and give you a demo sometime so you can see what you think, but i mean obviously you need more than just you two, especially since Mikey plays bass and not lead guitar and you sing...oh god i don't mean to sound so pushy it's just-"
Gerard snorted,
"No honestly it's cool, come by mine tomorrow and we'll check out your work? I've got a song written but i mean you could interpret something for the basic vibe me and Mikey have got figured out right?"
"Oh yeah man that's fine with me."
Gerard stood up, followed shortly by Mikey who still hadn't said a word to Ray. It was getting serious now he thought, there was possibly another member...another person to outshine him...
"Cheers," said Ray, making Mikey's head snap back round to see Ray shoving a napkin in his pocket with the obvious handwriting of Gerard's just noticeable. "I'll be there about 1pm?"
Some words were exchanged and Gerard was off out the door, Mikey trailing behind.
Not much was said on the way home, both the brothers had some serious thinking going on. Gerard was excited and was planning out the next day to the second, what he wanted to happen, how much he hoped Ray would join, he was a really nice guy, had good ideas and new how to put them into action, it would all be so great, just want he needed to lift his spirits...thanks to Mikey and Donna of course, he wasn't going to forget to thank them for it, his little brother meant everything to him and even when he acted like a dickhead, Mikey was always there to help pick up the pieces. No more, Gerard thought, kicking a stone harshly into a tree, Mikey wasn't going to have to do that anymore, as the older brother it was time he took responsibility and stopped drowning his sorrows, he needed to get back on the straight and narrow, it wouldn't be easy, but as a repayment to Mikey and his Mom, he'd do it!
Mikey's thoughts on the other hand, were not so inspirational. He just couldn't stop thinking about how Ray would be top guitarist, how his skills would be so much better than his own, how he'd be pushed back into the dark. Maybe he liked it there? Maybe that was where he deserved to be. No one took any notice of him anyway right? Yeah, probably for the best, the band would suck with just Mikey doing guitar, not just in the actual music sense, but he was just pale and skinny and awkward, not exactly good looking at all in Mikey's own eyes, but Ray was interesting and funny, strong build and tall and just able to capture you with his words, able to attract the right attention needed. Ray was a good man, and people liked him...completely the opposite of Mikey.
"Oi Mikey! we may have just signed another guy to get this band up and running, don't look so grumpy!" Gerard ruffled his brothers long-ish hair smiling. Mikey smiled back, the grin feeling more out of place than ever before.
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