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Okay this is the next chapter :)

The next chapter will not be posted until the auditiond have been chosen as no ideas for characters are coming to mind so.

This is going to have to do.


Gerard :

"Gerard, phone call" Mikey's voice echoed the small house that we were in.

"Phone call?" I asked confusingly with one eye brow raised. We never got phone calls unless it was an emergency or when we were being threatened to stop marching. We are the Black Parade you just can't stop us marching. We are actually going to march in literally a half an hour.

"Yeah, emergency" Mikey rolled his eyes and left the room. I stood up and scratched my arm and walked over to the telephone picking it up and placing it over my ear.

"Hello" I said into the phone.

"Gerard" I reconized Party Poison's voice.

"Party Poison, what's the problem?" I asked getting straight to the point.

"All the killjoys have been killed off, there is literally only 4 of us still alive, i am with the other 3 survivors" He simply explained. The killjoy's was a large population.

"How is every single one of the killjoys dead?" I asked leaning on the table.

"We had a plan that every zone of killjoys go out to fight Korse and well it ended badly basically it backfired, i think somehow Korse knew we were going to do that and then pre planned and wiped us out, i'm shocked i'm still alive, each one of us are" He said.

"That was stupid" I muttered taking a glass of water and getting a glimpse of my blonde hair in the mirror.

"Yeah so we need a favour" His voice got all high

"What is this favour?" I asked

"Could you, the Black parde and the MCRmy help us defeat Korse? the reason i am asking you is basically because your the General of the MCRmy and we have noone else to ask for help" He said. I thought for a minute. Do i put my Parade in danger or help them. Party Poison was a good friend of mine but could i risk the lives of the others?

"I will have to ask them if they want to, i'm not going to make the decision for them you know what Mother War is like" I said. She was the most stubborn person you could meet, she was very picky and sometimes she would say that people isn't strong enough to fight or they are not capable she even told someone within the Black parade that they are actually too weak to be part of the Black Parade but she is very over protective of her daughter.

"True, but we need all the help we can get and we are on our way over because we have no where else to go and Fun Ghoul is dying to see you and the others" Party Poison said.

"Yes you can come over and plus we could talk about the plans and i may know others who we could ask to help you if the MCRmy and Black parade does not want to help you, if a handful wants to help i will allow them to go and i will make sure that Mother War does not get involved" I smile.

"Great, we will be there as soon as" Party Poison said happily.

"Good, now goodbye" I said

"Bye" He smiled. I placed the phone down.

"So who was it?" Frank asked appearing at the doorway.

"Party Poison, him and the others are visiting" I smiled. I didn't plan on telling them just yet. I will wait and have a meeting so that i can tell the rest of the Black Parade. I did not want to repeat myself.

"Oh! Visitors" Frank smiled.

"We are having visitors?" Ray asked

"Yeah" I smile

"It has been a long time since we have had visitors" Frank said

"A very long time" I said.
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