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Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

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  • Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

    (#) foreveryours 2012-04-19 08:36:44 AM

    -Real name:Luna May

    -Killjoy name:Ice Venom

    -Clothing: Wears blakc dress, and band tops ( p!atd, Muse, paramore, the pretty reckless, chameleon circuit) Black skinny jeans and converse mostly red or dark blue

    -Personality:Kind, nice, fun, can be intimidating if you get on her wrong side and Doesn't trust people easily and can get paranoid easily. Very insecure but doesn't like to to talk about it and nerdy.

    Hair:White blond hair to the waist
    Skin tone: pale skin
    eyes: blue eyes, wears a lot of eye liner.
    Piercings:Common eye lobe piercings
    Tattoos: Swallow on her hand that has a star trail behind it which goes down to her inner wrist

    -Likes:Nerdy stuff, reading, star wars, big bang theory, doctor who. Vampire stuff. Everything to do with space.
    Dislikes:Pop culture, reality t.v. shows, hypocrites and shallow people

    -History of his/her past life before being a killjoy: Ran away from home when she was a teenager. Then meant her boyfriend Charlie but he became a Drac and led the BLI to her whereabouts (why she doesn't trust people well)

    -The things I forgot: Loves to look at the sky whenever possible. Day dreams a lot has a sarcastic and dry sense of humour. Doesn't like people to worry about her but doesn't like to offend people either.
  • Auditions, Auditions everywhere...

    (#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-04-19 10:38:26 AM

    Sounds awesome!

    -Real name: Zia Baker
    -Killjoy name: Radio Paranoia (Paranoia for short)
    -Clothing: Black skinny jeans that have a rip through one knee. A dark green top, with an old worn black leather jacket (sleeves rolled up). Doc Martens that were one day shiny black, but now look dull with the amount of dirt and dust covering them. Wears one bandanna around her neck, and one in her hair.
    -Personality: a bit eccentric, quite loud, confident, outrageous, has a wicked and dirty sense of humour, smart, slightly insane at times, can get depressed easily, curious, quite flirty.
    -Appearance (like hair, eyes, piercings, tattoos, skin tone...): Extremely pale skin. short, white blonde hair. Cropped short, with long, side-swept fringe.(Cut short for ease). Dark green eyes, almost black. Quite tall and slim. slim black lip piercing, one ear pierced once, the other pierced twice. Body covered in tattoos(just a few here)"rock" "roll" across knuckles, "deal with me" side of neck, "you can never hurt me" inside of wrist, dark green+black serpent across back of neck/top of back, "stand tall, don't let them see you down" on small of back, "crazy badass mofo" on ankle.
    -Likes/Dislikes: Likes: playing guitar, singing, drawing, batman related things, the colour green, shooting.
    Dislikes: homophobes,spiders, enclosed spaces, heights, being alone, the dark.
    -History of his/her past life before being a killjoy: grew up in britain, but her parents died when she was 11 in a car crash. She got sent to live with her only known relative, her uncle in California. But he worked for Korse, and would abuse her physically and sexually. She finally gathered the courage to run away, but he found her and tried to stop her, and she was forced to slit his throat. She then wandered through the Zones for a few days, before being found by the Killjoys.
    -Another thing if you want to add: she's an insomniac..... Um that's all really :D
    -The things I forgot: nope, not that I can think of.

    That's all, and good luck with the story, it sounds awesome! :D
    Minnie xo

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