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Last author's note ;)

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I have some great news!

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Hello there!
I'm so excited!!!
I just want you to know I'm investigating some facts of Batery City and other places in California 2019 for this fic :)

In the history appears this places:
Battery City
S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W Metropolitan
Wolfblood Beach
Neon District
Route Guano
Zones 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6

And I investigated Killjoys like Dr. Death Defying and his radio station with his assistant Show Pony.

I readed more things about BL/ind and their transmission....

And a lot more.....

I just wanted to be well preparated for this, to write the right facts about Battery City, the Killjoys and BL/ind.
I wanna do the best I can.

Note: All of this information Is real in the world of The Fabulous Killjoys :)

This is like an exciting and amazing homework :D!

Oh! Let me introduce you to the main character:

-Real name: Kate Juliet Armstrong M.
-Killjoy name: Midnight's Noise
-Clothing: An open long jacket like coat style colour mauve with some details in green, sleeves little up to the elbows, the yellow “Kill joy” patch on the left, 4 colored buttons on the right, a giant "Midnight's Noise" patch on the edge of the jacket, wearing behind a black shirt sleeveless. Gray skinnies and militar boots. A belt full of buttons of diferent colours and drawings. Dark brown fingerless gloves and a striped bandana tied to the neck colour yellow and green.
-Personality: Loyal, hugs giver, prankster, funny, a great friend, responsible but really child and sometimes really mature, loves laugh, adventuress, comprehensive, shy, she doesn't like to act female.
-Appearance (like hair, eyes, piercings, tattoos, skin tone...): Left lipring, short and messy black hair with a long fringe falling near of the left eye, her skin is pale but not too much, has an eye disease called partial heterochromia (when both irises have different color zones, like flecks) she have green eyes with yellow stains, thin, 5'4....
-Likes/Dislikes: Loves the music, concerts, stay with her friends, read, play the guitar, laugh, eat a lot and dislikes dance, spiders, heights, discrimination, ignorance, homophobia..
-History of his/her past life before being a killjoy: Mmhhhh her stepfather gave her the worst childhood, she always was controled by him, was always mistreated, forced to do things that she doesn't wanted (and should not) do, she was hit by him, that sort of thing ... and she has a lot of resentment. When she was a baby, his real father died of cancer. Now, she have a lot of problems, living with her stepfather... then, something happends.
-Another thing if you want to add... She sometimes has a pyromaniac moments and she's bisexual.
-The things I forgot. I don't know :)

I promise you draw the Killjoy costume of Midnight's Noise, I want you to see it 'cause it has some of details..
If you want, send me the pictures or drawing of your killjoys to be more acquainted with the history. It's my pleasure see them :)

Thanks you so much!
And I will update tomorrow I guess...
Today I'm writing ;)

xoxoMidnight's Noise

Never want to be like the others, 'cause you can be better.
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