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Chapter Four

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Thrown into the dark room where a secret is to be let out for release

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Chapter Four

It was dark and the sound of the door slamming shut shot through me with an almost painful vibration. I covered my ears with the palms of my hands and tried to shake off the ache the orderlies had caused by throwing me onto the ground. I wanted to look around, see where the hell I was but I couldn't see a damned thing. If a man was going to be blind couldn't he at least get a watch dog?

The cold shivered up my spine and my head was at a loss for thoughts. Where dark, scary, and often forbidden places were always talked about in movies, the terrifying legends blown out of proportion. The place where I was had never even been spoken of. No word of this place floated around from ear to ear with earnest warnings. That only meant that either no one had ever done what I had to be put in here or no one ever made it out to tell anyone about it.

I felt around me but only got a cold floor and a hard wall that my back was pressed against. It was like my eyes had been sealed shut leaving only my mind to wonder what was going to happen next. I guessed they were watching but what could they be watching? It was black as hell in here. I felt like those idiot hamsters spinning their wheels, never knowing that the rest of the world is laughing at them.

I sank my teeth into my lip and reached out in another attempt to try and find something. Cold floor, cold floor, cold damned floor. That was it. Nothing came out to bring me light, nothing was around to explain what this place was. I just wanted something, needed it. I was a kid in a candy store- that had no candy in it.

Lowering myself to my stomach was easy, the floor touching to the skin of my stomach. I gasped at the nearly painful and sudden sting. I crawled a little and found myself pressed up against another wall. Again I crawled towards the other way and found an identical wall. It was a square of a room and I was lost in the center of it.

I let out a heavy sigh and wondered what the hell this was going to do to help me cooperate. Did they want me to go more insane? A blabbering fool who said things that no one really understood and who was only calm with a syringe in his arm? Suppose to them that would seem like a good idea, they would have the crazy guy they wanted and I would be speaking the words that they made my memories. But hell I wasn't about to give into that.

I felt something touch at my leg causing me to shoot up and listen alertly. I made an instinctive look about the room as if I could see and touched quickly to the spot on my leg. It was wet, warm. I lifted my hand to my lips and immediately tasted the coppery taste of blood, it coated my tongue like metal. A fear crept into me as my mind went back to what I had seen in the halls. I could have told myself it had been a hallucination, a mere figment of a tired and worn down mind, even a crazy mind but none of it was enough to convince me.

I heard my name echo from wall to wall. Whether it was in my mind or an actual voice I couldn't tell. I swallowed harshly, my fear crippling the normal rhythm of my heart. I felt something touch at me again, this time at my arm. The grip was hard, painful before it threw me onto the ground. I let out a gasp of both surprise and fear at the impact.

"Why won't you kill me?!" It screamed out loudly, shaking perhaps even the foundations of the room I was in.

I didn't have an answer for it, all I could do was remain unmoved there on the ground. I felt it crawl onto me, its ragged breath piercing my ears, its bloody body pinning me down. I felt its bony hands go to my neck and press firmly on my throat constricting my very ability to breathe. I tried to fight but its power was overwhelming. My vision - what was left in the darkness- began to get spotty and my head felt dizzy. Just then however it let me go. I heard movement and then the striking of a match before my face.

I was looking into its eyes. Those hollow and shapeless eyes were all I saw. Blood dripped onto me, its breath was warm and rank. And then the match went out and I was alone. Nothing was on top of me. I was alone.

I scrambled to my feet and pounded loudly on the door I had found. "Get me out of here!" I yelled out my plea desperately. Someone had to hear.

My shouting continued for awhile until finally the door did open. I fell backwards in a stumble and looked up at the doctor who had the same two orderlies with him.

"Now are we ready to talk?" He asked, a smile making its way around the corners of his lips.

I nodded. Not too sure what was supposed to be said but something had to be made up if I was going to get over and out of this situation.
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