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Let the words pour out, so I don't have to cry.

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    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-04-26 04:55:43 AM

    This was absolutely perfect. It was just amazing. And keep posting your poems! I love them! Into Favourites this goes/

    Oh! and I have a question! Can I use this in my project? You will receive credit. If you dont know about my project, you can go to my profile and find it. Its the one with the really reallly really long name...its like, oh wait i remember. Its:


    yup. :) thats what it is. So anyways, can I use your poem?

    I really really love this, by the way.


    Author's response

    Thank you so much, I'm glad you liked it :'D Also, thank you for being so continuously supportive of my work, it really means a lot!

    Yeah, you're very welcome to use it, as long as I receive credit like you said :) I'm flattered you want to use it, thank you!

    I'll check out the project now, and thanks again for taking the time to review :D
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    (#) LanaKrueger 2012-04-26 06:35:38 AM

    It was so beautiful, like a little glimpse into your soul :]
    I love your poems, please keep posting them! You are the artist, you can post whatever you want, you don't have to conform to anything. That's the most amazing thing about art, that you can do anything you want to, art is freedom. :]

    Author's response

    Thank you :'D Yeah, it was kinda personal...thanks so much for being so incredibly supportive of my work- it means a hell of a lot. Yeah, I guess you're right about art- Thank you!
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    (#) DisenchatedDestroya 2012-04-26 10:30:00 AM

    This was hard-hitting and well-written, the use of boldness working perfectly with the rhythm and point of the poem. It was an absolutely stunning read and it sounds like how I feel a lot of the time, which is largely why this poem appeals to me so much.

    My favorite part was;
    "Let the words bleed out,
    So I don’t have
    To cut."
    Again, I think that this was my best part because I identify with it and it really spoke to me. Something that you seem to be extremely good at. It takes a lot of talent to make a poem talk to the reader, so a huge well-done there.

    Great job!

    P.S. The Black Parade is awesome for inspiring poetry, isn't it?! :D

    Author's response

    Ahhhh, thank you so much, honey! It's how I feel a lot of the time too...hence why I wrote it :L I'm glad you identified with it, but I hope you don't feel as bad as I do sometimes, 'cause no one deserves that, plus you seem lovely and very talented.

    Anyway THANK YOU again, seriously. Your support means a hell of a lot to me :'D

    P.S. Ikr?! :D
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    (#) ValentineRevenge 2012-04-26 10:36:21 AM

    This is amazing and I would ike to see more like this. Art is its own thing, and youdont have to conform to anyones standards. You are on e of those people who writes from the heart, and shouldnt stop that.

    Author's response

    Wow, thank you so much- that's a really big compliment. Thank you for taking the time to review, it really means a lot :'D
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    (#) c-o-c-a-i-n-e 2012-04-26 11:03:05 AM

    You're poems are amazing. I wish I was as talented in writing poetry and songs like you! I'd hate it if you stopped posting them because you think that they are pissing people off, because I feel it's quite the opposite, really.

    -Hana xo

    P.S: When you mentioned posting ToB "later" did you mean later in the day, or later as in some other day? o_O

    Author's response

    Aww, thank you so much! That really means a lot, especially right now. Thank you for taking the time to review, I'm so glad you like my poems :'D

    P.S. It's posted now :D
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    (#) lorddepresser 2012-05-18 12:13:22 PM

    it was realy good! i can amagen it being a song so i just sang it XD
    please keep posting poetry it helps me a lot aswell as you because it les me know im not the only one feling like this
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    (#) SyraStrange 2012-05-20 02:51:44 AM

    You poems are beautiful. I wish. I guess I wish I could have that. In your poem. The words. I wish. I had the words. But I don't. So, I'm happy someone does. Someone has words to cope with this. This shit. In our lives.
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    (#) CrimsonFlowers 2012-05-20 02:01:11 PM

    I thought it was good. It was simple, but had a deep message, you should definatly continue with your writing, and ignore the bitch who doesn't know how to say anything nice.

    Author's response

    Thank you, that's really nice to hear :) Thanks for reviewing :)
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    (#) RyukStoleMahApplesDx 2012-05-22 02:28:41 PM

    Beautiful. I loved it alot. Write some more!

    Author's response

    Thank you :) I'm pretty sure I will! Thanks for reviewing :)
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    (#) ThanksChemVenom 2012-08-27 12:11:09 PM

    You are so amazing, I wish I could write like you. Your poems/ stories/ everything never fail to amaze me, never stop writing.



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