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Gerard plots, but does something stupid.

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: G - Genres: Horror - Characters: Mikey Way - Published: 2012-04-26 - Updated: 2012-04-26 - 464 words

I hold a quivering, crying mess of a girl in my arms and I wonder what truly goes on in her dreams. Is she the murder victim, or the murderer, or the object used? Sienna Elise Jenkins. The most breathtaking sight I have ever come across. I press her against my chest, letting her tears stain my jacket. Her long, curly, tawny locks spill across her ivory skin. Her ice blue eyes look fragile and scared and broken. I can understand. Seeing people brutally murdered wouldn't exactly make one happy. I trace her lips with a finger then realize what I am doing. I mentally slap myself.
"Who told you to stop, maybe I was enjoying that?" She giggles. I smile and resume brushing her lip with my finger. I gently rub one thumb over bottom lip, stopping to play with her lip ring. I was there when she got it... For her eighteenth birthday. She was nineteen now, and I twenty, I shouldn't even have any romantic feellings for the lonely, messed up teenager in my arms but I do. She whimpers a bit. Mikey tuts and I suddenly recognize his presence. He's already expressed distaste in my like of Sienna, he doesn't want me dating her and screwing her over like others guys have. I'm not any other guy, though, and I truly care about her. I want to be the one to wipe away her tears and fight her fears alongside her and more than anything, I want to be able to tell her every night that I love her and that I'll dream about her and tell her every morning that I love her and she is the most beautiful thing to happen in my life.
"Gee." Mikey growls. I remove my thumb from Sienna's lip, and she pouts. Mikey is such a killjoy sometimes, but I think he does it to protect Sienna. She was brutally beaten by her last boyfriend, and I think he thinks I'll do the same. I wouldn't.. I smile at the substantially more cheerful Sienna and smirk at Mikey who is looking at me, glasses balanced precariously on the the tip of his nose. His eyes scream at me, they tell me to stay away from her and sometimes I feel as if he does not love me as much as he did before Sienna caught my eye. I slowly get up, shifting Sienna into Mikey's lap. I go to make coffee. I withdraw a little pill frm my pocket. It's a simple sleeping pill, Mikey might have to nod off for a few hours while I tell Sienna how I really feel about her. I slip the pill into one of the coffees- and I forget which coffee I put the pill into.
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