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Until my heart explodes

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Agnes is different from other people Gerard knows. She has no fear, regrets or any serious flaws. In his eyes she's a super hero, but is she?

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"hey," Agnes recognized the voice, among million other voices she was sure to recognize this voice anywhere, "Agie, wait up," she made sure to keep her pace even, not to give away the fact that she's actually trying to ignore it. She kept her head down and her steps even.

"crap," a panting and wheezing Gerard Way finally caught up to her, gripping her her by the elbow, to support his tired, sweating body more so than to stop her.

"Smoking will kill you," she gave him a disapproving smirk.

He clutched his chest, "if chasing you won't kill me first".

"Thats because I don't smoke," she kept her head down, trying to ignore the whispers and the looks, "I can run faster."

"Why would you want to run away from me," Gerard looked baffled as though it's the most ridiculous thing he has ever heard, "Are you ok?," he took a deep breathe and gave her an analyzing look as though to make sure she didn't lose a limb or something.

"I've got a B, but I think I'm gonna survive," she sighed, shaking her head, "I studied so hard."

Gerard seemed to be caught off guard and his head gave a little shake, "You've got a B?"

She nodded, disappointment rediating from every crease on her forehead, "I know right."

"I thought Bs are for people with potential who refuse to put in the effort," his voice sounded strangely like her high pitch one and his expression looked strangely like hers when she told one of the boys off for not doing their homework, her little nose got wrinkled and her eyebrows shot way up her forehead. Lord knows Gerard has seen that expression and tone one too many times.

"I said that?," she couldn't help but smile at him, "I meant it's for people who work really hard but their friends stop by in the middle of the night to show them their latest drawing right before the test and they don't get enough sleep. At least, it is in my case. In yours, it's sheer laziness," she jabbed a finger hard in his shoulder. Hard for Agnes anyways, the smallest, tiniest person Gerard knew and that's including Frank. If you wanted to make her mad all you had to do is make reference to her small frame or call her a shrimp ( Gerard secretly called her smurfette behind her back) or ask to copy her work and she'll have steam coming out her tiny ears. Agnes seemed to gain an extra few inches when she lost her temper, only put her at 5'2 but every inch counts when you're height challenged.

"You wanted to see it," Gerard shrugged. No sympathy for her condition.
Agnes was the only person he showed his art to, she was the only person who called it art. No one called it art until 12 years old smart ass Agnes waltzed into his school. No one even gave him the time of day till that point, he only had his younger brother, Mikey, for a friend and even though neither of them will admit it but Mikey wasn't much of a friend during school. But she floppedher bag next to him one November morning in the the back of the class, after the art teacher introduced her as Agnes Holden- the new student.
She fixed him with a stare, as though to evaluate his longer than usual hair and round face and finally announced she hated art after deciding he was good enough to talk to. Gerard nodded and went back tohis notebook, feeling her gaze on his face. They've been friends ever since...well, not ever since per say, it took him a while to register that someone was actually talking to him, in a friendly kinda way. And it took him even longer to digest that it was a female creature that was talking to him in a friendly type of way, a creature he started noticing but were oblivious to him. Besides, it was kinda hard to ignore her when she started following him around, ignoring his shy manner and making conversation.

"Yeah, but are you ok?," Gerard looked her over with concern. Agnes didn't usually get B's.

Agnes rolled her eyes, "I'm fine."

"Ray said you passed out..."

"I'm fine," Agnes caught him off, irritated, "just tired"


"I'm fine," she said in that final tone of her that meant business. She huffed and puffed her way up the staircase, fighting a mob of students on her way to history class, her height made any crowd situation awkward, "I fell asleep, I didnt pass out so stop looking at me like I'm going to drop dead on the spot."

Gerard didn't say anything, she did seem more tired then usual. Agnes always looked tired but that's because you'd find her nose in a book until the smallest hours of the night, writing, researching or in the library until they had to kick her out. She wasn't interested in gossip or cliques or being popular or boys, and Gerard was grateful for that. Once you got her to stop talking about lessons or homework, she was good fun.
Nevertheless, Agnes wasn't the type to fall asleep at class. She came to school with fever.
She even snuck out of the house with the chicken pox because they had an 'important' test that day and had to be escorted back home. She was the laughing stock of the school for months.
Frank who loved teasing Agnes more than anything in the whole entire universe had a field day with that one, drawing little spots all over his face with a sharpie and following her around the school, shrieking: 'it's an important test' and 'I don't need rest, if you need it you go home' or 'Im an intellectual individual and would like to make my own decisions'.
Bottom line was Agnes didn't get sick or tired. Agnes was a super hero.

Now that Gerard took a good look at her, she was paler than usual and had large bags under her eyes, her lips were chapped and faded and her eyes weren't as vibrant as usual. Agnes caught him looking at her and rolled her eyes.

The bell rang, signaling lunch. She slowly got up and gathered her things, stuffing them into her back pack. Another thing that wasn't part of Agnes's Thorpe thing to do is to do anything slowly, Gerard noted. Something was going on with her and he wanted to know what it was.

They made their way through the crowded cafeteria tone of the tables in the back to join Ray and Frank who seemed to be in great moods. As soon as Frank spotted her, he dropped his bag of chips and pretended to faint, with one hand clutching at his chest and the other one on his forehead. He kept doing it until Gerard and Agnes reached the table and she smacked him upside the head, glancing sideways to make sure no one noticed him.

He giggled, rubbing his head, "I didn't notice you there, I was busy fainting."

"I didn't faint," she said through gritted teeth.

Frank gave a little moan and slid off his chair with his eyes closed.

"fuck you, Frankestein," Agnes stood up sharply, throwing her back pack over her shoulder and stormed off, bumping into one of the football players in the process.

"The stick up her ass is giving her the itch today or what?," the smile lingered on Franks face for a moment longer.

Gerard shrugged, turning back to his tray.

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