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Young Cardinals

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A group of nine teenagers are starting their second year at Roundview college, just another normal, boring year, right? Skins crossover you auditioned for.

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Hi! So, this is the prologue. It's just kinda introducing everyone's character a bit, but I'm gonna do it like the show and have a chapter or two specifically on each person. Anyway, I hope you like it and please R&R. Title from Alexisonfire.


Gerard Arthur Way.
The sun is fully up by the time Gerard opens his eyes that Monday morning in September. The watery rays cascade on to his eyes and form a dull ache as he stares out of the tiny basement window and into the burning sun. The sky is a patchy, murky blue and Gerard could never see the beauty in it like everyone else could. The dull thump of Mikey's music can be felt from above him. He sighs and rests his head back on the pillow, staring at the photos pinned above his bed. Ones of him and Mikey and Allie, or him and Frank or Ray. None of him and Kathryn, he still doesn't feel he knows her well enough to add her to the ceiling. The ones of him and his mother were rare and scattered. They'd become dog eared and old, faded over the years and they just brought back bad memories, corroding Gerard's thoughts every time he saw them, or rather her. 
He reached over onto his bedside table with his left hand, haphazardly drawing a cigarette from the packet and placing it between his thin lips, pulling his lighter from under his pillow and lighting it. The toxic chemicals calmed Gerard as he thought of the day ahead. A slightly nauseous feeling exploded in his stomach, overshadowed by the anger streaming through his veins. To him, college was bullshit, a waste of valuable time. But he still has to go, first day and all. Cigarette in mouth, he got up from his bed and walked towards his wardrobe.

Michael 'Mikey' James Way.
Mikey's phone vibrates fiercely against his bedside table and causes the seventeen year old to partially open his eyes and reach out for the device. He switches off the alarm and puts on his glasses, getting out of bed and switching his stereo on. He stands there, staring at the bass lines on the small screen, moving up and down in time with the pounding of the music. His thoughts wonder to the summer passed, what he actually did. He thinks about his trip to London with the gang and a smile creeps onto his face, hope and light happiness bubbling among the liquid fear in his stomach. He walks away and gets dressed, panicking slightly over what to pick to make him look most 'normal'. He'd never liked college, but not like Gerard didn't like college. He didn't like college because no-one, besides those he really trusted, liked him. He wasn't bullied, per say, more teased. But the words hurt Mikey in a way he could never explain.
He chose a plain, navy blue t shirt and black skinny jeans, sliding his favourite Anthrax hoodie over his skinny frame and sitting back down on his bed. Mikey tended to do that a lot, just sit there. It was only when thoughts of the future, or the past crept in, he would plug in his bass or turn up his headphones and just...forget. He'd always been good at forgetting things, ignoring them.
A little while later, he stood up and turned his music of before walking towards his door, hoping that today wouldn't be a day he'd want to forget.

Frank Anthony Iero Jr.
Frank's mum banged on his door informing him he was late for college. The sixteen year old merely rolled over and muttered a 'fuck off' in response. He could hear his mother sigh and walk away from his door, which was when he forced his eyes open and rolled into his back. He stared up at the array of Black Flag posters peeling off his ceiling and smirked slightly. First day of college; the early morning is worth the mayhem that can be caused. He rolled onto his side and grabbed the spiff he'd rolled the night before, watching the flame of his lighter dance slightly as he lit the end, inhaling the sweet fumes. He could feel his body relax and a smile creep onto his face as he continued to smoke, sinking back into the pillow. His mum would smell it but he didn't really give a shit, she always did. 
He slowly climbed out of bed a little while later, putting the spiff out in the ashtray on the floor next to his bed and observing the clothes scattered across his room. He picked up a few items before deciding what to wear, slipping it on and meandering down the stairs and out the door without so much as a goodbye. He placed his headphones in his ears and took his skateboard from the little shed in the front garden, the balmy September air blowing slightly against his exposed arms. He wound his way through the familiar back alley route towards Ray's house, beginning to plan what shit he'd stir within the day to come.

Raymond Manuel Toro.
Ray woke long before his alarm, but still stayed in bed, staring at the Metallica poster on the back of his door. He didn't want to have to confront his parents constant rambling about 'looking good for college' and 'making sure to keep up with his previous grades'. He gets it every year. He's the clever one, the good one, the one that always get A's and A*'s. He's often thought about just purposely failing, but he couldn't do that. He wouldn't want to disappoint his parents and he knows he'd regret it eventually. 
He gets up out of bed when his alarm does go off and gets dressed before packing everything he could possibly need into his bag. A nervous sensation is swirling in his stomach at the thought of facing the people at college again, who just label him as some geek. He was also nervous about Frank turning up at his house, as his parents had always hated him. Frank was...different and he certainly didn't fit in with Ray's parents idea of what a good young boy should be. Ray always complied to what his parents said; he would love to be able to defy them like Frank but he always had too much of a conscience. It was the one thing Frank hated anout him. He was climbing down the stairs, heavy rucksack in hand, when he heard the doorbell ring and recognised the silhouette of his best friend through the blurred glass. Today was going to be a long day, just like every other first day of the year.

Alexandria Lin.
Alexandria's alarm beeped loudly, rousing her from a particularly interesting dream. She hit the top of the alarm clock and sat up, stretching her arms above her head. The day ahead didn't seem daunting at all to her, first days of the year never did. Most people around her were panicking, but not Alexandria. It was just like returning to somewhere familiar to her, like coming back from holiday. You'd probably be used to first days if you'd been to as many schools and her though.
She ripped the duvet away from her body and walked over to her wardrobe, choosing carefully what to wear. She certainly wasn't trying to dress nice for a particular person, no way. After deciding on some simple black jeans and an off the shoulder turquoise top, she wondered over to her window at looked out at her street. Terraced houses with big front windows stared back at her, lined up in an array of colours. Some of them were seething with life, people bustling about and lights on, others stood lifeless, no movement, no nothing. She'd always longed for just a house on a street. The kind you live in for years and know every nook and cranny of, but she'd always be moved again before she really got to know the house. The funny thing was though, she doesn't think she could stand staying in one place for more than ten years, she just wants to see the world.
She turned away from the window and walked out of her room, ready for whatever today has to offer.

Anna McLeod.
Anna slowly woke from her slumber, craving the sleep she had to be robbed from. Her mum kept poking her head round the door and telling her to hurry up, but it just began to irritate her. It's not like she didn't like college, she just didn't like college. It was better than school, that was for sure, but it still wasn't all that great.
She forced her eyes opened and jumped out of bed, wondering over to the other side of her small room. She lived in a flat with her mum, just the two of them. They didn't need that much space since dad...since dad left. They probably couldn't afford a place much bigger anyway. She yawned as she chose her clothes, not really paying too much attention in her sleep deprived state. One thing she did pay attention to, though, was the discarded photo of her father lying on her dressing table. A lump formed in her throat as her looked at her younger self and her two smiling parents, wondering when it all went wrong. The thoughts were forced out of her mind as she shoved the photo in the back of her draw and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She'd never despised the way she looked, but she didn't think she was beautiful. Only two people had ever told her she was beautiful. One was her mum, but that goes without saying, and the other she couldn't bear thinking about. Sighing, she averted her gaze from the mirror and began to walk towards her door, a slightly uneasy feeling spawning in her stomach at the memories that wouldn't leave her mind.

Aura Davenport.
Aura's emerald eyes shot open and she sat up slightly, her heart beating frantically to match her breathing. The images from the dream were plaguing her mind as she lay back down, heartbeat still radiating through her body. She tried to think of anything but the horror she'd just woken from, to no avail. As her heart rate and breathing began to even, she turned to look at her clock. 5:42am. Great. Just fucking great. There was no way she was getting back to sleep after the dream, but she was too restless to just lie there and it was way too early to be up. She did something she hadn't done in a long time, and reached into her bedside table, pulling out a packet of cigarettes. She pulled one out along with the lighter and lit it with shaking hands, the fumes burning her throat and lungs with every breath. Why did this dream bother her so much? She'd had plenty like it before, for years now, this should be no different; but there was just something about it, something she couldn't quite out her finger on.
She finished the cigarette and put it out on her bedside table before placing the crumpled packet back in there and lying down. Her mind was still playing tricks on her, flashing her images of the dream as if it was a person, taunting her. She tried to think the of the day ahead, first day of the second year of college, the whole gang back together again. It made a smile tug at her features as she reached over for her iPod as a way to kill some time.

Dana Zvarkova.
Dana was woken by her radio blasting metal music into her bedroom. She hit the off button without even opening her eyes and rolled onto her back. She was still lingering in the moment when your not quite sure what day it is, or what's going on, but was reminded sooner than she would have liked. First day of college. Fanfuckingtastic. She flickered her eyes open and stared up at her ceiling, assorted with posters and photographs and concert tickets. She'd always loved to keep all her tickets, from anywhere; she's pretty sure she still has her ticket from when she went to see Cinderella when she was five, somewhere. She rolled into her side and climbed out of bed, head still foggy from sleep. She chose her clothes quickly, not bothering to make too much of an effort, before she sat in front of her mirror and began applying her make-up. She'd originally only started wearing it to piss her mum off, but now it's become part of who she is. She could easily stop wearing it, she could do anything she wanted to, but she didn't want to. She liked it.
Her father was calling up to her, telling her she was going to be late. She didn't reply, she never did. They were never overly nice people in her opinion, so she saw no reason the be overly nice to them. She was civil, but that was about where it ended. She finished applying the dark red lipstick before standing up and heading out the door without glancing back.

Eddi Loraine Hollilore.
Eddi rolled over and opened her eyes, staring at the slowly lighting sky outside her window. Her clock read 6:00am and she was again cursing her natural ability to wake early. It came in handy sometimes, but others it was just plain annoying. This time was one of the latter. 
It's not like she didn't enjoy college, just more that college didn't enjoy her. Her teachers either found her too intellectual for them to bear or too sarcastic, depending on how she acted around them. The students mostly chose to ignore her, but the occasional homophobic comment came her way, which didn't phase her at all. Small minded, ignorant cunts generally didn't have any effect on her. The only things that made college bearable were that the classes weren't too bad and her friends. She was looking forward to seeing everyone again, it'd been a while since she'd seen most of them, maybe even not since London. She climbed out of bed and walked over to her wardrobe, deciding quickly on what to wear. She brushed her hair out of her eye and got dressed, listening for anyone outside her room. After deciding no-one else was up, she walked quietly downstairs into the kitchen, putting a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. No-one but her was ever upmat this time in her house and she often wondered what time her mother and sisters woke once she'd left the house. She could never just stay in the house when she woke early, she was somewhat restless. The toast pinged and she buttered it before fetching her bag and walking out if the back door, closing it with a muffled bang. The house became a smaller block behind her as she began to walk toward the woods, her usual thinking place and right now, Eddi felt she had a lot of thinking to do.
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