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Nothing ever really changes in Shawn's life.

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“Text”= Japanese talking
“/Text/”= English talking
“+Text+”= American talking
“#Text#”= Australian talking
It’s always the same for Shawn. Nothing in his life really changes. It did last year, but now it’s 2012. He sat in the kitchen with his chin on the table. Amaria played with the crumbles before her. Her father puffed up his cheeks. This cute little ball of energy slowed him and her mother down. Used to be so easy. The parents only had themselves to look out for. But now…
Amaria giggled out loud. Shawn shook his head.
“/You know something,/” he said. “/You are too much work./” The baby only giggled. Shawn’s eyes rolled up to the ceiling. Figures, he thought. You don’t understand yet, do you?
“/Ga!/” the baby cooed. Shawn sat back in his chair. Nicole would be out until Sunday too? He breathed out again.
Shite!, the Goth artist thought. Shite! Shite! Shite! He lit up a blunt and took another puff. Yep, nothing ever changes for Shawn. Nothing ever changes. Nothing.
Subject: Shawn
A groan from the hallway drew the artist to sitting up straight. His mother stood in the doorway rubbing her head. She had just gotten out of bed. Her roots seriously needed to be touched up today. A cigarette hung out of her mouth. She still had on her pajamas as well. Shawn rolled his eyes.
“/Oh good morning, Sunshine,/” he said. “/Decided to join the world?/” His mother groaned again.
“/Shut up,/” she mumbled. The tired woman blew out smoke from her cigarette. Shawn put up his hands.
“/Hey there,/” he said. “/We have a baby in the room!/” Grandmother eyed her granddaughter. Amaria had fat, rosy little cheeks. She looked happy with the crumbs on the table. Shawn’s mom, Heather, snorted.
“/Funny coming from you!/” she said.
“/And what’s that supposed to mean?/” her son asked.
“/You aren’t exactly parent of the year!/”
Shawn leaned in close on the table. “/Oh really?/”
Father’s eyes turned down to his daughter. “/You hear that, Monkey? She says I’m not parent of the year!/” He sat up and looked at his mother.
“/Now why would you say that?/” the artist asked.
His mother snorted. “/Because!/”
“/Because why?/”
His mother smirked. “/What do you plan to do after you graduate?/”
Her son’s face dropped. “/Huh?/”
“/You heard me./”
“/What’s that have to do with anything?/”
His mother smirked. “/You don’t know, do you?/”
Heather smirked as she blew out more smoke. “/Just admit already, you little tosser. No have nothing going on for you./”
Shawn sat back frowning. “/I do, actually!/”
The grandmother tried to choke back a laugh as she snubbed out her fag. “/Don’t make me laugh!/”
“/Oh, but it is true!/” Shawn declared.
“/And what are you talking about with this plan with yours?/” Heather asked. Shawn sat back with his arms folded across his chest.
“/I applied to an art school in Rome!/” he announced. He waited for a response. Heather put her hand over her mouth. Her son noticed her reaction.
“/You don’t believe me, do you?/” he asked. Heather lowered her mouth.
“/I’ll believe it when I see it!/” she said. Her son frowned. He expected her to say that, but still…
He stood up and picked up his daughter. “/Come on, Monkey,/” the artist said. “/It’s clear we’re not wanted here today./” He stood up, picked up his bag, and headed out the door.
But, what could he say? Heather did have a point. So far, Shawn hadn’t really done much to further himself in the future. Maybe that’s why life bored him in Tokyo.
If only there was some way to…
Shawn paused in his driveway.
I’ve got it! He turned back around to drop off the baby with Heather.
Now for the plan.
In moments, Shawn walked away grinning. This is perfect! His plan? Slum off while he still could. That’s right. But first…
Shawn drew out his cell phone. In a quick dial, a connect was made.
“/Hello?/” Nicole asked on the other line.
“/Hey yeah, babes!/” Shawn replied.
“/Hey! How are you? Where’s Amaria?/”
“/With mum./”
“/Shhh. It’s okay./”
“/Then, what do you want?/”
Shawn grinned at that question. “/To slum off./”
“/Slum off?/”
“/Yeah, want to come?/”
“/Cause, it’s not fun without you. So, what do you say?/”
“/Sure, whatever. Come get me at home./”
Her boyfriend grinned. “/Cheers!/” He hung up and looked at his phone. Now to let the rest of the day take control.
Around two, Shawn made it to his bird’s house. Nicole sat on the porch waiting with a cigarette hanging out her mouth. Shawn stepped forward with a little smile on his face.
“/Ready to go?/” he asked.
“/Where?/” Nicole asked.
“/Does it have to be anywhere in particular?/”
Shawn pouted at her. “/You’re no fun./”
“/So, where to?/”
Her boyfriend only shrugged at her. “/Just anywhere, really./”
Nicole snubbed out her cigarette against the steps. “/Fine, fine. Just take me away! There’s nothing to do here, anyway!/”
The Goth artist smirked at her. “/As you wish, my lady!/” And so, they headed out for Tokyo just like they always did.
Only this time, Shawn brought a video camera along with him.
Shawn’s Video:
Shawn laid back on his bed smoking a blunt.
“/Well, I had a nice night out. Convinced Nicole to come out with me too. Where to begin on this little report?/”
He smirked at the lenses.
“/Oh yes. We decided to do a little ‘shopping’ first. And when I say ‘shopping’ I mean shoplifting. Usually, we go for the shops that not many people will care about. But this afternoon, we decided to be a little bit fancy today. I let Nicole decide. We ended going to a nice retail store in Toshima. She took me to Vamp Bomb, this new Goth store that opened three weeks ago. To be honest, I just wanted to check it out. So I figured, why not?
“/Nicole and I stuffed our with some of the good stuff. Would’ve made a clean get-away if the clerk’s annoying daughter hadn’t tried to rat us out. Needless to say, my lady and I fled./
“/Next, we had a little dinner at McDonalds. Not much went on there. Except for a couple idiots decided to pick a fight with me and happily accepted their challenge. Too bad the fight didn’t last long, though. The damn employees called the cops on us. That led Nicole and I to flee again./”
Shawn took another puff of his blunt.
“/The rest is the same. Nicole and I shagged in the restroom of a gas station once we got away from the cops. Went out to party and I went to her house to shag her again. Now, I’m here./”
Shawn frowned to himself afterwards. His idea didn’t change much as he hoped it would. What if there was nothing for him in Tokyo anymore? Maybe Heather was right. Time to move on, maybe? Shawn smirked to himself. Hell no! Not yet anything. He still had one more semester to raise hell before he went Italy. But until then…
Shawn cut off his camera.
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