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Chapter 13

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It all comes together... dun dun DUN!

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hi guys! I am so so so sorry about how long this took! I just haven't had all that much time to write recently, there's been so much going on! and yeah, I know this chapter is short, but yeah, it is what it is :) anyways, please enjoy (that is if there is anyone reading this anymore)

Frank’s POV

“I’m a vampire,” said Gerard, looking deep into my eyes as if he were awaiting my reaction.
“Y-you’re j-joking right?” I stuttered, a million different thoughts whirling around inside my head. He had to be joking, didn’t he? Vampires don’t exist! Well, at least I think they don’t… They couldn’t! Could they? But it would explain a few things… He didn’t eat, his skin was far too pale to be human, physically he looked the same age as me, but his eyes… they looked so old, like they had seen things mere mortals couldn’t even imagine. I wasn’t entirely convinced he was a Vampire, but he defiantly wasn’t human…

“Frankie, I’m sorry, but I’m not joking,” he said as he took a small step towards me, his arm outstretched, attempting to comfort me. I jumped away from his touch.
“That’s impossible! Vampires don’t exist!” I said quite loudly, my rational mind trying to tell me all of the reasons why it couldn’t be true. Vampires were the monsters of children’s stories, and horror movies, there was no way they could be real!
“Frank, just look, I’ll prove it,” he said as he opened his mouth wide to reveal two long, sharp, glistening white fangs protruding from where his canines should have been, or maybe they were his canines? But no, that was impossible! I was sure I had seen his teeth looking normal!
“Your teeth weren’t like that before! This has to be some joke!” I shouted.
“I can retract them a little further into my mouth,” he explained as his fangs moved back further into his mouth so that I could still only just see them.
“See,” he said, he talked in a way that he never showed his teeth.
“B-but… It’s impossible! Isn’t it? No no no! This can’t be real, I must be dreaming!” I rushed, my heart slamming away in my chest.
“I’m not going to hurt you! I never wanted to hurt you! I tried to stop people from hurting you! I stopped Jace, and I stopped your Father, please Frankie! You have to believe me!” he begged, his eyes starting to swell with tears.
“You. Y-you’re the one who killed my Father, and Jace… you’re the one who’s been leaving me those messages… aren’t you?” I asked, everything finally coming together in my mind.
“Yes,” he said as he looked down at his shoes, “but Frankie, I promise, it was all for your own good!” I didn’t know what to think, in a way, he had saved me, but he was a murderer… an immortal one at that, I stayed silent for many long, tense moments.
“Frankie, baby? Are you okay?” he asked as he reached out for me, looking concerned, tears still lingering in his eyes…
“Get away from me!” I screamed as I jumped away from his touch yet again.

I let my fear overtake me as I turned on my heel and ran away as fast as I could.
“Frankie! Please! Come back!” I heard him yell out to me, I didn’t listen, I ran as fast as I could, to the only place I felt completely safe, that place that I considered home, Mikey’s house.

So, what did you think? I know pretty much where this story is going, but I've got two ideas on how to end it, and I cant choose which one :( but that's still not for a while yet :)
please tell me what you thought? I would really like some feedback on this one, I'm not sure if it was any good :s
-Sarah xx
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