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Hope you like the title :) x

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Hey guysies! Again sorry for the wait! I am forever apolegtic and hope this is okay! ;)

Gerards POV
"Okay so what appears to be the problem?" Dr Rayne pears over her spectacles, her black hair tumbling across her face softly.
"Nothing." Franks pouts acting like a child again. I can't help but to roll my eyes at this again. He needs to get better goddamnit. Does he not get that i'm a man? I worry and don't wash and forget to take the pizza out of the oven and do dumb shit like that. Oh, and sex? Yeah, i need lots of that to keep me sane in this day and age. Don't even mention my fucking occupation.
"He's tired all the time, he's moody and he pukes up the moment he wakes up." I say monotonously as Frank attempts to silence me. Haha fat chance of that, skinny motherfucker.
" Ah, i see. And you're worried as to why this is occuring." No shit sherlock, we wanted a free day out so i bought him to visit some straight middle class citizen like fucking you. Man i'm pissy today. Maybe Frank is okay. No he's not, his vomit is like alien coloured, all green and containing chunks that look like spaceships.
"Okay Frank, come and lie on this bed for me." Dr Rayne stands up and gestures towards the bed.
"I am not getting on the bed for you, i'm taken!" Frank screams, horrified at the aspect of laying underneath huge bouncy breasts. Not that i was looking or anything but you just notice these things i guess. Plus i'm fucking straight as a roundabout, like it really even matters. I can't help but laugh at this scene unfolding before me though. "No, Frankie, Honey she needs to examine you to see what the problem is." I tell him softly.
"Oh, okay then." He says struggling to get up on the bed. I laugh again and know i'll be having double payback later. Ooh, i hope it involves foreplay. It's all about the foreplay.

"I'll lower the bed. Stop jumping please Mr Iero." And she pulls on the lever allowing Frank to carefully make it on the bed. "Okay Frank so first i'm going to tap you gently with this here." She lifts a hand showing a stick with a circle on the lower end. It looks kinda like a penis if i'm honest, a reallly small one though. Man, i have seen a few of those in my time. Cough, drunken best friend Ray Toro skinny dipping in Mikeys Girlfriends swimming pool. Poor Alicia was scarred for life, in fact i bet she still has recurring nightmares about her eighteenth birthday to this day, eighteen months later.

"Ouch!" Frank hisses as the doctor taps his lower abdomen.
"Does that hurt?" Dr Rayne asks. Wow she's a motherfucking genius! I should have stayed home. Why don't i listen to my tiny, little boyfriend.
"I'm going to do a scan sir, you may have a kidney infection." She finally says something helpful. There is a god, there is a fucking miraculous higher power eyeing my every move and there is a fucking scanner moving across his body. And fuck me, there is a fucking baby! Wait, a baby!

"I'm not so sure how this occured right now, but Frank you are going to be a mother." Dr Rayne exclaims, slightly shocked herself. And then everything goes blurry until i fall on my head and my view turns black.
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