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Ino smelled like flowers. Sakura/Ino

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Ino smelled like flowers. Which would make sense, she was around flowers so much.

But Ino also smelled like sweat and soil, steel and paper and ink, weapons and scrolls.
She also smelled fierce and confident and determined, which aren't scents at all, but that's what Ino smelled like to Sakura. Don't ask her, Sakura doesn't know either.

Sakura hadn't realized she knew exactly what Ino smelled like.

Sakura hadn't guess that she was unconsciously remembering Ino's scent for later review.

Sakura would also had never guessed 'later review' would have meant at eleven at night with her parents sleeping down the hall and her hand down her pants.

When she finally realized that maybe her eyes didn't stay on Ino's hips and breasts and hair because she was comparing but because she just liked how they looked, Sakura had fled the flower shop with a lame excuse and a red face.

When she added it up in her head, all the looking and visiting and Thinking, Sakura spent three days trying to act normal while freaking out over what to do about her Crush on Ino.

She failed to act normal.

She failed to keep Ino from finding out.

She also failed to think when Ino heaved a huge sigh, leaned over the flower shop counter and kissed her.

'But then,' Sakura thought, as she leaned into it, 'thinking is overrated.'

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