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Chapter 6

by FrerardForever

After Frank pushes Gerard on the bed..

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Frank pushed me on my bed, and climbed on top of me. At first he kissed me slowly, then getting faster and harder. It felt so, it felt so right, like it was ment to be.
We lay there kissing, not caring if anyone came in, because we didn't care.
Frank slowly got up and kneeled over me, and traced his gental hand up my tshirt, and back down, before holding the bottom and pulling it over my head, I looked up and smiled at him. We both wanted this.

He looked deep into my eyes and i got a jump in my stomachm a good one. He quickly removed his own shirt and bent down and kissed me gently on the lips, trailing butterfly kisses all the way down to my boxer line, and I felt instantly turned on! He trailed the kisses all the way back up to my lips, kissing me deeply again.

Whow, he's amazing, has he had practice?

His hands went for the belt on my jeans, and he looked at me again, for reassurance that I wanted him to continue, and I did. He smirked and slowly un-buckled my belt .. tease..
and he slowly *he obviously likes to make me fustrated..undid the button on my skinny jeans and zipped them down, and took them off, leaving me in just my boxers.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around his waist, kissing his stomach gently and then letting go, and messing with his belt buckle, teasing him untill he reached down and undid it, alot faster than he undid mine. I could see he was already getting hard, so i desided to tease him too.

I slowly undid his jeans, occasionally rubing off his almost fully hard boner, and then i took off his jeans fully, revealing his boner, in his tight Calvin Kliene boxers. He smirked at me again before leaning ontop of me and kissing me hard, and trailing his hand down me, untill he reached my erection. He played with it, and teased it, untill i couldnt stand it, and i pulled off my boxers.

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