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Kate and Frank go back to the accident.

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3: Accident

Gerard froze, his mouth hung open. His face turned pale, whiter than it already was. Beside him, Kate swept her hair out of her eyes uncomfortably. They were both states of pure horror. I coughed to try and rouse them but nothing.

“Hello? Kate? Gerard?” I said. “What’s the problem?”

“You can’t know, Frank.” Gerard whispered. He was still frozen, his eyes fixed on the wall behind me. I was surprised his lips had moved at all, even if it had been in the slight fashion that they moved in.

“Why not?” I shot back. There was no reason why I couldn’t know about my own accident and why he was visiting me here in the first place.

“It’s too soon, it’ll just cause more trauma, don’t you think Frankie? We definitely don’t want that, do we? You’re starting to get better!” Gerard had obviously not expected me to argue back as urgency appeared in his voice and his eyes turned pleading, boring into mine.

“I have the right to know! What do you expect me to do, just sit here with my injuries believing that everything is okay and we can all forget about what happened? Well, I’m not doing that! This is my life, I want to know what happened!” My voice was raised and I gestured to my two broken arms, broken leg, broken ribs and the countless number of tubes hooked up to machines which were basically fighting to keep me alive. Anger bubbled within me, causing tears to prick in my eyes.

“Stop being so stubborn Frank! You’re only thinking of yourself! This affects us all, you know!” Gerard growled at me, he then turned to Kate who was in shock of the argument. “Kate, please.” His voice broke and I genuinely thought he would drop onto his knees and break down in front of tears. I was close to that point too.

Kate shook her head in despair. “I’m sorry, Gerard. If Frank wants to know, he’s entitled to that decision. Maybe sooner, the better. If you take away the memory loss, his mind seems pretty stable. He’s a fighter.” Her voice was confident by the end of her speech to Gerard, she knew what she was doing.

Gerard sprung up from his seat, his face now stained with tears. He looked at me for one long moment then turned back to Kate. “Alright.” He said grimly. “Just don’t expect me to tell him!” The chair he had been sitting on fell back as Gerard marched out of the room. My heart broke for him, he hadn’t asked to be included in my torture.

I watched after him for a long time, expecting him to walk back in with a smile but this had obviously hit him hard and he really didn’t want me to know. Kate’s hand had filled the space where Gerard’s had been in mine and she squeezed it, comforting me. At least I wasn’t alone, although I didn’t think that would make much difference to my feelings.

“He’ll come round.” Kate whispered but the confidence had never left her voice. I nodded, numb from the guilt which had set in my stomach. I severely hoped he would come round or else I’d be alone, with no one else but Kate.

“Are you ready?” Kate asked. My eyes met hers and obviously gave her a questioning look so she explained. “To go back to the accident?” She added with a small reassuring smile.

I nodded and sucked in a deep breath, nervous. Although it hadn’t filled up my brain too much, I had kind of waited for this moment; it had always lingered in the back of my mind. Kate squeezed my hand again then proceeded with her story - or my story if we were being honest. I put on my bravest but very fake smile, she returned it although hers wasn’t that wide but at least we didn’t have to pretend that he it was real and we knew that we didn’t have any secrets with each other.

“It was March the 22nd - a cool Saturday afternoon. You were driving home from the local store, after picking up a few groceries. Actually, you were on the phone to Gerard. You stopped at a red light then when it went to green, you drove like a normal driver. But as you drove across the intersection, a car came speeding along thinking he could beat the red light. He did but you stopped him because this car ploughed straight into the left side of your car. The driver’s side. Are you okay, Frank?” Kate paused for my answer. I nodded. “Anyway, he hit you real bad, like 60mph. We weren’t sure you'd survive when you were wheeled in. Of course, the line you had with Gerard was thrown off completely. You got rushed into hospital and we had no choice but to put you into an induced coma, in which you’ve been in for two months now.”

“Did the other driver make it?” I gulped as nothing else had processed in my head yet.

“Yeah, he got a broken arm. He’s doing great now - behind bars, that is. He was arrested for grievous bodily harm and driving whilst under the influence of alcohol and drugs. It would’ve been manslaughter or murder if you had died but you didn’t so he got 20 years in that place.” Kate explained, quite happy that the other driver got what he deserved. I felt that too but another thought dominated my mind.

“But I got the worse sentence.” I whispered. It wasn’t a question, but a true fact.

“Why?” Kate asked, confused. “You’re alive, aren’t you? You have people to help and you have Gerard too.”

“I run the risk of never getting my memory back and that hurts a lot, Kate. Also, as far as you know, I could take a turn for the worst in say, the next second. I’m scared and I'm pretty sure Gerard is losing hope with me, he’s getting bored. I’m a lost soul, no one can help me now.”

“If you think like think like that then no one will even want to help you! Do you know the reason Gerard walked out like that? No, not because he’s getting bored, Frank. You see, he feels guilty. When your line was destroyed he thought he’d put you off driving somehow. Obviously, we know that isn’t the case since we have CCTV footage of the lights changing and what not.”

“He blames himself for my accident.” It hit me. Tears began to flow down my cheeks. Anger changed to guilt and then to longing. I had to find Gerard, to tell him I was sorry, that I understood, that it wasnt his fault. He had no right to suffer just for one measly call which I probably made. Now I wanted revenge on the driver that had absent-mindedly and stupidly crashed into me. I didn’t care about myself.

I sat up and started to swing my legs round off the bed to reach the floor. Realising that I couldn’t get up due to the multiple tubes attached to me, I frantically began to rip them out. One by one, I clumsily pulled them out of my skin. The pain was unbearable but knowing that Gerard was blaming himself for no reason somehow hurt even more. Kate’s eyes grew wide, she shoved my body backwards onto the bed. She held my shoulders down as I struggled against her. With how weak I was feeling, it wasn’t a big surprise that she was more powerful at that moment. She stared straight into my eyes with worry but I wasn’t phased and I carried on fighting against the hold.

“I’m so sorry, Frank.” Kate screamed. She grabbed a needle, tested the liquid then in the same second, she plunged it into my arm. I gasped with shock and pain and I immediately stopped struggling. My eyelids grew heavier and I relaxed back onto the bed, suddenly exhausted. The last thing I saw was Kate’s face hanging above me, distraught and apologetic.

Then it all went black.
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