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Chapter Eleven

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Chapter Eleven

"Open your eyes, Jared...Jared open your eyes."

My eyes strained open, my mind a blurring mess, and body painfully limp. I could smell blood, could feel a warmth drying on my skin as I laid there. I could hear them calling me, whoever it was. I could feel a hand lightly shaking me.

"Jared, what the hell happened?!" It was Dr. Lawrence who asked. His voice was nicely tinged with concern and near hysterical demand.

I made a noise of response and tried to lift myself but the effects of the drugs weakened my strength. I fell back down with a loud gasp and just laid there, unwilling to try again.

"Jared, look at me. You have to tell me what's going on."

I turned my eyes slowly to him and gave something of a knowing smile. "You might want to ask yourself that, doctor." I forced out my words, managing to speak despite the dryness of my throat.

He sighed angrily and got down on his knees in front of me. With much exertion he managed to sit me up against the wall as if I was some rag doll. "Janelle is dead."

"So you did know who she was..." I remembered those screams, the questions they pounded her with. Something ached inside of me, something heavy and unrelenting.

"How did she get down here?"

I let out a laugh, a callous one that pierced my own ears. "Do you really believe the crap you say?"

He stared at me like I had just done whatever horrible thing he was accusing me of. I wanted to poke those eyes out of his, make him as blind to the situation as I was.

"I was working to get you out of here." Anyone knew the tactic. Get on someone's good side to get something from them. That was psychology anymore, that was elementary.

"Just like you're working to get your son out too...right?" I smiled and met his eyes. I must have seemed somewhat delusional to anyone else who was in the room but I could see what I had said flicker in his eyes.

He stood up away from me and turned his back on me. "We found you with her in your arms, we know you did something to her, there's no point in hiding it anymore."

"Why can't you look at me? Can't stand the conviction? Do you not want anyone to know that whatever the hell is happening to me might be happening to your son?!"

He didn't move for a moment. The silence buzzed about in the air aimlessly like a bee unable to find his comb. I just stared at him, the daze from the drugs wearing off with each second.

He shook his head and then walked away. Only then did I realize I was sitting in a cell.

The orderly came in, the same one. Guess he was working my case too. He handed me a white towel that was damp.

"What the hell are you going on about?" He questioned, there was some sort of belief in his eyes usually whenever he heard me talk about everything but then it was only confusion.

"Dr. Lawrence's son..."

He shook his head, cutting me off. "Dr. Lawrence's son died 3 years ago..."
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