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Twists and Turns

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Hello, lovelies. Sorry it's taken me a while to update. I'm super sorry, I've been. Busy... >.> I'm hoping to update more.

“I lost him..” The bitter rays of the cold sun matching the desolation in the household. “I lost my boy yesterday,” a soft southern twang replies to the winds insensitive questions. 

The owner of the voice was a middle-aged woman, Vivian, sitting on an old sofa, covered in safety plastic. In fact, the entire trailer house was covered in safety plastic. The kind that zipped up along the edges, and loudly crinkled when you did so much as move. The kind that made Raven feel like she was trapped inside a barbies mind; hollow and cold, still grasping for sense of reality - but finding none.

“I know, mom.” She kissed her mothers head, covered in deflating blonde curls, “I know.” 

The little clusters of alcohol bottles were nestled around the edges of the room. They reminded Raven of when she was a kid, at Easter. She would always be able to find the Easter eggs at once. However, she knew her mom was watching her from the kitchen window; the tears in her eyes, the glass of red wine in her hand, and the eager look on her face. Eager, yes. But the more prominent features being...

Broken dreams, with the cracks clearly running across her face. 

Memories that painted her face a shade paler than women her age should be looking like.

The ever constant guilt and longing that came along with losing ones child.

All of this and more were painted across her mother. You see, Ravens mother had been many things at one point. She was an actress. But then her two greatest loves - her audience, and her husband - both forgot her as time passed. Now, her mother was the silver screen, instead of being in it. Her emotions, and memories ran so tenderly across her pale face. She was a wife too, but time (as you've already been informed) had taken that away from her as well. Not by death, as one would originally think, though. But by the treasures and pleasures that women hold.

Well. Any woman other than her - Vivian.

It may well be mentioned too, that Vivian had at one point been a proper mother. Then Matt died. Then her mom started drinking. Then... Then it was Ravens turn to play ’House’, as she had so often played with her younger brother.

Ever since then, it was Ravens choice. Ravens life. Ravens home. Ravens 36 year old child, Vivian.

Raven was waked from her lucid thoughts as the withered woman on the plastic coated couch began her chanting again. 

“My boy... My boy... Yesterday...” She swung her delicate mother up into her arms, and gently placed her on the swiveling salon chair. Raven often dreamed of being able to cut and style hair. You see, to Raven, the clothes you wore, and the cut of your hair gave a certain confidence. The same confidence that was constantly lacking in their trailer-park lives. She gave another quick kiss on her mothers head, a common habit of hers, and began to slice away at her mothers hair. 

The vacant expression in Vivian's eyes was far from comforting, as she looked down at her handiwork. Still, Raven knew she looked flawless (or as flawless as anyone could look in her state), as she continued to work on her mothers hair. 

Soon done with the scissors, she retrieved her mothers favorite set of pink curlers. Softly muttering the old Celtic prayers she had learned from her father before he left (she had grown up in Ireland, after all), she softly stroked her mothers hair. 

The muted Doctor Who theme played from inside Ravens pocket. 

“Raven,” Alice's husky voice came from the other line. (yeah, sorry. Making you a smoker, darlin.) “I need to talk to you, Hun.” 

Raven dropped the phone a couple times, before finally managing to slip it between her shoulder and ear. “Er, yes?”

“I can't talk about it now, meet me tonight?” Raven laughed softly to herself.

One thing she loved about Alice, was that they lived on the same schedule. Or what they liked to call, the vampire vendetta. Nearly refusing to go out in the sunlight, unless they absolutely had to, the two of them bonded over their love of the night. 

She looked over at the beautiful has-been in the chair; she was already asleep. 

“Yeah, I'll be there.” Raven sighed as she snapped the phone shut. “What am I going to do with you, huh?” She frowned at Vivian. Finishing her hair, she slipped her into bed, and heartlessly wrenched the bottle of sherry from her mothers grasp. Sick; even in her sleep, she had a tight grip on her bottles. 

Happily stepping out in the warm summer air, Raven hiked her guitar up over her shoulder, scraped her skateboard off of the cement, running to latch on to a car. 

Finally steering away from the car, she received a charming middle finger from the driver. It was his own fucking fault, really, for not realizing a no good miscreant had tagged on to his car. 

It was no matter to Raven, though. She was off to see Alice; she couldn't care less about an ignorant asshole. Feeling quite cool, she stepped off of her neon green skateboard. 

That is, until she saw HER.

Bubble-gum colored hair, pained gray eyes; all perfectly tucked away under a baggy sweatshirt. The beauty took her breath straight out of Ravens chest. Well, actually. Looking back on it, the beauty's beauty caused her to trip over her skateboard, which in turn - caused her to lose said breath. 

Mere technicalities. 

She quickly ran to meet Alice, where she hid on the benches next to the forests entrance, hood quietly slipping off. 

’It's no use thinking about it,’ Raven scolded herself. ’She's bound to be straight. They all are.’ Although, let the truth be known. This girl was much more than an girl she had ever seen in the past, let alone dated. 

Her older friend offered a cig as she drew closer, chuckling at the ’small’ display of hers. 

“Think you've got yourself a keeper there, little one,” she said, nodding in the direction of the path. Looking back, she saw Bubble-Gum-Girl jogging after her. 

“Hey...” She said, mysterious as before. 

“Um. Yeah, hell- hi. Hi. Um. Hey.” She grinned shyly at Ravens own blushing face. Alice waved her head at the forest, motioning that she would meet Raven within. As she walked off, she muttered something about ’lesbians’. 

However, as I looked up at the newest turn of events face, I momentarily forgot about the sudden urge to throttle her for leaving me alone. 

“I'm Ember.”
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