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Alright here's the deal...


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  • Possible idea and auditions?

    (#) GerardAllTheWay 2012-05-20 09:51:42 AM

    Name- Beetle Da Vinci

    Age- 14

    Looks- Used to be beautiful. When she was mutated, she was ripped apart and sewn back together, so she has Frankenstein-esque stitching across her entire body. Dark mahogany-colored hair, reaching down to her hips. Also, when she was mutated, her skin was dyed a deathly white color.

    Personality- Shy. Is possibly the youngest person to be mutated ever. Doesn't talk much, and when it is, she only talks to members of the band, because no one else will listen. She still lives in her sister's shadow, and is constantly teased by other mutants.

    How she ended up in the facility- She ran into the wrong people and they kidnapped her, making her fake her suicide.

    It sounds fantastic!! xox Claire
  • Possible idea and auditions?

    (#) YouCanRunAwayWithMe 2012-05-20 09:56:42 AM

    Name: Reisalyn Lerone (pronounced raise-ah-lin)

    Age: 19

    Looks (including how they're mutated, the more eccentric the better): okay, here goes-
    HAIR - white blond, chin length, side parting
    EYES- golden-green shot through with hazely brown, cat like shape and pupils. therefore they do that weird glowy thing that cats eyes do in the dark
    CLOTHING - mainly tatty loose clothes but if was let out of the facility, would wear leathers and denims. walks barefoot
    MUTATION - cat characteristics inserted into the genes so she has cat ears what match her hair colour, a normal shaped nose with the bottom (where the nostrils are) a dark, wet nose (like a cat), cat teeth and tongue, a white blond tail and whiskers on face.
    BODY- very pale skin, really skinny (you can see her ribs and shit) and really short

    Personality: cat-like. very feisty but playful. a defensive character who will always wander but return and protect home. curious about new people, dislikes mysterious/big people when she meets them.

    How they ended up in the facility: uh, she was abducted when she was about 3 years old and some people messed with her genes and shit. she escaped by becoming fierce and attacking them all so she was in the woods, climbing the trees until she decided to prowl the streets one night and was found by one of the people at the facility.
  • Possible idea and auditions?

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-05-23 08:05:57 PM

    Name: Sam Ellie Alexx
    Age: 15
    Looks (including how they're mutated, the more eccentric the better):
    Hair- Red (dark red), very long
    Eyes- Gold-ish silver
    Mutation- She has animal genes (squirrel ears, claws,can climb like nobody's buisness, wings, you name it besides a tail and she probably has it).
    She is slim, and medium height, wears whatever she can
    Personality: Sly, angry for what they had done to her, playful when you get to know her
    How they ended up in the facility:
    Her parents sold her to them, because they had wasted their money on booze and lotto tickets; they started playing around with genes and turned her into a universal animal creature
  • Possible idea and auditions?

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-05-24 02:52:59 AM

    Name: Aven Gray

    Age: 15

    Looks (including how they're mutated, the more eccentric the better):

    Has black hair that reaches her lower back with blue gray eyes. She was mutated into a mermaid sorta creature that live on earth or water with no problems but has characteristics of a vampire. Feeds of off blood and when hungry her pupils turn to slits (like a cats when mad) and she will do anything to get the blood. She has gills for when she is in the water but can breath air on earth.

    Has scales on her whole body except her face and hands and bottoms of her feet.

    out spoken

    How they ended up in the facility:

    Was found taking a swim in a lake on "private propery". Was caught by person who owned the land in a fish net. He thought she was greaky looking and called the cops. She was brought the facility.
  • Possible idea and auditions?

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-05-27 11:39:54 AM

    Name: Ben Tom Ryder
    Age: 18
    Looks (including how they're mutated, the more eccentric the better): He is like rubber, really you can bend him and he won't feel a thing; he can still stand but once someone pokes him, he falls.
    Light brown hair, and bright green eyes, at one look you think he is okay and normal, but when you touch him you can feel it
    Personality: Bubbly, protective (over himself and others; although he can't do much), funny, and looks for the bright side in life
    How they ended up in the facility:
    He was always pretty flexible, so he was hanging out with his friends, while doing something (pretzel like) and some scientists saw him, and kidnapped him, preforming tests and making his bones rubber

    (Sorry, but I want to read this; so I will probably make people up, sorry)
  • Possible idea and auditions?

    (#) XEvil_AngelX 2012-05-27 11:44:24 AM

    Name: Tessa Connor
    Looks (including how they're mutated, the more eccentric the better): Has no tounge, sharp as hell teeth, a third arm (under her right), a hole in her foot, she can communicate through either sign language or putting her thoughts into your head; golden brown hair, hazelnut eyes, wears clothes which can hide parts of her
    Personality: Silent, shy, seems to be always sad, insecure and feels like she is a stupid no good freak
    How they ended up in the facility: Her father was a scientist, and wondered if the saying "cat got your tounge" was actually plausible (so he cut out her tounge, realized she would never be allowed to live normally then mutated her more)

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