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chapter eight: going to the elves

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Chapter eight
After a very filling meal Harry challenged Polik to a duel.
The fight between Harry and polik had to have been one of the best that the duelling arena had ever seen, the use of the dark arts and the odd killing curse from Polik, but it was Polik who ended up on his back under a body bind curse.
"very well... you can beat me in a magical fight but what of a physical one?"
"I am willing to bet on the result...are you?"
Polik shook his head
"no tis ill fortune to bet upon your own fights...anyhow there is enough exchange of money going on while we fight, you have made a lot of vampire a lot poorer"
"oops...they wont come after my blood will they?"
"I doubt it, vampire blood is poisonous as is elven blood...let us fight...what weapons are you going to use?"
"sword and daggers"
Polik nodded and turned to get his weapons but could not find them, Harry laughed at the look on polik's face when he turned to see Harry tossing the weapons between his hands
"looking for these?"
"would you mind if I sorted a few faults in the swords?"
"what faults?"
"there is a flaw in the metal of the blade of the sword and all three of these blades need sharpening"
"go ahead..."
Harry handed the blades back to Polik
"can't you do it?"
"I have already finished...shall we?"
Polik nodded, the fight lasted for almost as long as the previous one, the out come was the same,
"another one of your skills?"
"so it would seem wouldn't it? I did have a good teacher though"
"and your modest...I really cant find any parts of the elves in you"
"can you think of any other species that has pointed ears fangs and walks on two legs?"
"I didn't have an easy childhood..."
"now everything makes sense..."
" you think you could teach defense against the dark arts at Hogwarts"
"I have the qualifications but I think that my vampiric status would make me unable to apply for the position..."
"Dumbledore has appointed a werewolf before now..."
"for your sake I will try...the moon has set...what would you like to do for the rest of the night?"
"how about a walk in the forest?"
"only bearers of the amulet of truth may go there, I don't think I want to see you dead again..."
"I have the amulet..." Harry showed Polik the silver amulet
"silver, you must have done something exceptional to have a silver amulet, I only have a bronze one"
"I and two friends healed all of the animals depicted on this amulet..."
"a phoenix? If you healed a phoenix then it would be with you..."
"she is in my room, she normally holds herself invisible..."
"that is fortunate, the sight of a phoenix will kill a vampire, they are servant of the sun..."
"I am sorry I did not know...shall we go to the forest? I think Tyndyrn knew not to reveal herself to you..."
they walked out to the forest in silence, almost as soon as he entered the forest he heard a pained voice, walking towards it he saw a red and black striped snake lying on the forest floor, it seemed that a careless troll had trodden on it
-can I help you?-
-I need some blood then I will be able to heal my self-
-is vampire blood poisonous to you?-
-no only gnome blood is poisonous to me-
-then drink- Harry offered his wrist to the snake, the snake eagerly bit into the offered limb, from behind him Harry heard Polik almost make move to 'rescue' Harry
"it will kill you..."
"I talked to can drink our blood"
"yes but once it has drunk you blood it will be bonded to have now bonded your self to a vampiric snake, it will only be able to drink from you"
"so I now only have to find my demonic familiar"
"well, I'm glad your happy...thinking of what you said earlier, I think I may go to Hogwarts and try for the position"
"take Hedwig with you and send me news"
"I will return you to the castle then take my leave"
Harry found his time with the vampires very fun and was very sad to leave, as Polik was not there the leader escorted Harry to the woods of the elves, although it was Harry who aparated there. They landed in a large clearing in a green forest. After a while Harry heard voices through the trees.
Arye, how did you manage to get we have to come and do this...well at least we could play a trick on them
alright Aryan
Harry turned to the leader
"there are two elves they are called Arye and Aryan"
the leader gulped
"what is the matter?" asked Harry
"these elves are known for their pranks, they took Polik's blood flask once..."
"then let us stop them before they can prank us..." Arye, Aryan play not your tricks, the news we have is complex
who are you, how did you know us...I am fairly sure we are not well known in the human world
who I am is not important, but my information is...what do you know of the elven vampire child?
he was sent away by a vampire spell into the wizarding world, we know he was named james married someone called Lily and had a son called Harry
then I tell you one thing that will answer many questions, it was the Potter family that adopted james Harry said
the Potter family...the vampiric elf is dead...the son...he could still take throne said one of the identical elves
he would have to be tested... said the other
do you know where he is... enquired the first
yes...what do you know of the boy who lived?
he has a scar upon his brow in the shape of lightening one of the elves replied quickly
you mean like this one? Harry pushed back his fringe
yes, just are him? Can you use the elements?
yes, I can use the elements of fire and earth to an extent but have not trained them as I was going to wait until I could have proper instruction...I didn't want to accidently destroy the world
you are wise beyond you years, your majesty
my name is Harry, Arye will you call me that or I will have to call you iratating house elf
that is a very offensive comment, Harry chided Ayre
I just wanted to make my point, but I would like to point out that I would be unable to sit in the royal palace all year, the wizarding world will miss me...I am almost worshiped there Harry made a face
well, elven royalty are also treated like gods
then I definitely wont be staying here, I'm sure all the official stuff can be sent to me at Hogwarts...
you would have to return for the midwinter ball...will you say goodbye to your vampire friend?
Harry said a brief farewell, then followed Ayre and Aryan into the forest
do you have an amulet of truth?
Harry nodded
may we see it?
I suppose could tell me what it means, whether it is good enough for royalty
royals don't have to have one but it will help you since you have come from the outside world
Harry showed the silver pendant to the twin elves, they both came to a dead stop
only three of those have ever been healed a phoenix?
my mother was abandoned by her true parents for the same reason as my father...I am part angel
what happened to the phoenix?
she is sitting in that tree over there
the elves both jumped as tyndyrn dropped her invisibility
you are full of suprises
well, I don't want to run out of them do I...I'll keep the rest for another day
the elves looked at each other
so Harry do you want to be tested or visit the elders first
what if you die?
it wouldn't be the first time...don't tell any of the other elves, but I am immortal in the true sense of the word, I will never truly die and will never enter the realm of the dead
we can understand you wishing to keep that a secret...
I will also never look any older than I do now...and to make my life more interesting death can send me back in time on my birthday's for a year
the test is smiple all you have to walk though this tunnel and come out alive
very well
Harry walked up to the tunnel and entered it, once his eyes had adjusted to the light he found the tunnel to be apparently empty, he walked down it, still nothing...he walked out the other end
well that was fun, what happens now?
that was quick what happened inside?
the twins looked puzzled
there should have been at least one obstruction said Aryan
I can ask death about it if you like...
please do
Harry opened his eyes in nowhere
"hello death"
"hello your soon to be royal highness"
"do us a favour don't call me that again, by the way what was supposed to happen when I walked down that corridor?"
"there were supposed to be things that would exploit your weaknesses...but in your case the tunnel knew there was no point in killing you as you wouldn't die"
"well bye again"
"bye Harry"
Death says that the tunnel did not bother to even try to kill me because it knew I wouldn't die
let us go to see the elders then said Ayre
wait a moment, I thing that is one of my familiars heading this way
true enough it was Hedwig, the message was from Polik
Dumbledore has give me the job...he is looking for people to teach an optional class in muggle defense...I was thinking that the elven twins Ayre and Aryan could be useful for this class,
Harry showed the note to the twins
would you be able to come to Hogwarts this year? That way you could keep an eye on me for a while
that is a very good idea, you will make a very good leader Harry, you are also very normal, the last king would never have even looked at us, he never came out of the palace
well, I hope to do better
that is the place of the council Ayre pointed to a clearing a little way ahead
"Ayre, Aryan can you pretend I can not speak the elven tounge? Also don't tell them who I am"
"you are cunning also...Balia help the elders"
they walked into the circle of waiting elders as soon as they entered Ayre and Aryan were pelted with questions
what is the vampire's news?
who is this?
"this person has information for us" Ayre said in English to signal that Harry could only speak that tounge
"then we would hear the information"
Harry stepped forward
"I understand that all you know about the vampiric elf is that he was called james by those who adopted him his wife was lily and his child was called Harry"
"the child was born on the thirty first of july, sixteen years ago" said an elf from the left
"well I can give you another piece of information, it will connect everything for you...the family who adopted james was the Potter family"
"Potter? As in Harry Potter the boy the vampiric elf is not an option what of the son? He could be brought here and crowned, when does the school term start again...he would have to be tutored in the elements and laws of the long until the start of term?"
"the Hogwarts term starts at eleven o'clock on the first of September...but I have arranged to meet my friends on the twenty fifth of august, so that gives you two weeks"
it took the elders a few minutes to notice the change in person Harry had introduced into the conversation.
"you are Harry Potter?" asked an elderly looking elf
"are you willing to be tested for suitability for the throne"
"if it is that stupid tunnel again, I just walked through it, quite boring really"
"very well, now I will have to tutor you on the element under your control, I think we can afford to allow you study the law when you return to school"
After three days Harry had discovered a lot of things about the elements like the fact that correct to his prediction he had control over all four elements, elemental control was a lot harder than normal magic, the next eleven days were going to be spent in the coronation ceremonies.
The first thing that happened was that Harry was washed then left in isolation for five days, he used this time to practise his fighting techniques and find more animagus forms. Then he was asked if he had an amulet of truth, when he nodded in conformation of the fact he was led to a large tree at the base of which there was a spring of water, after drinking this he was knocked out cold for four days, then on the day of his coronation he was dressed in elf clothes and after a ceremony the crown was place on his head and his oath said. He spent the rest of this day preparing for his departure, he trained some doves to carry messages to him at Hogwarts that night he collapsed exhausted onto his bed. Ayre and Aryan had left to apply for the physical defense posts. The next morning an elder approached Harry
sire, we would suggest that you tell as few people as possible about your position in the elven kingdom, or the elven kingdom for that matter, the concil would strongly suggest that you tell only you friends and then only when they are able to keep other people out of their minds
very well, I will abide by the concil's wish...what of the headmaster?
you would be very ill advised to tell him of this...he is cursed in the eyes of the elves
he has drunk the blood of a unicorn...he did not defeat the dark wizard grindlewald...he is the dark wizard grindlewald, now we wonder why there were no witnesses...
Harry was shocked but did not allow it to show
I will tell the headmaster nothing...I am leaving in a few minutes
good morrow then sire, you are returning for the mid winter ball?
of course...I will bring Ron and Hermione if I have told the way how does Dumbledore have a phoenix?
fawkes stays with him to ensure that he dosent return to his old murderous ways
good morrow Harry said to the elf elder and disapparated.
Harry landed in the back yard of the leaky cauldron, quickly he remembered to return his appearance to human normal but kept the long hair. In the corner of the yard he could see Ron and Hermione, smiling to himself he walked over to them.
"are you looking for someone?" he asked in a jovial voice
Hermione whipped around to face him then blushed and said "yes we are looking for our friend he is called Harry, have you seen him?... I don't believe we havemet, I am Hermione Granger this is Ron Weasly..."
"Hermione shut up he could be...dangerous..." muttered Ron
"stop being rude," replied Hermione, "so who are you?"
"oh...allow me to introduce name is Harry Potter..."
Ron turned around sharply "what colour was my fathers car? When did we last see it?"
"you fathers car is blue, we were in the forbidden forest, following the spiders, thanks to Hagrid's suggestion, it was in the second year, what did dobby give me for Christmas in the fourth year?"
"a red sock and a green sock with gold snitches on them...whoa Harry what happened to you?"
"a growth spurt.."
Hermione broke into the conversation,
"Harry, it was very immature of you to run away from the dursleys like that...where did you go?"
"I have very good answers to all those questions but...I cant tell you them until you have both learned occulmency or I could put a spell on you that acts like an occulmency shield on these things"
"why is it so important that people do not know where you went?" asked Ron
"I don't want any dark lords to find out...lets get our shopping done then I can tell you at grimwauld place, if you don't mind the spell..."
Ron and Hermione both nodded that they wanted to know, then they started off down the street to gringotts
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