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Chapter ten : potions

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Chapter ten
Breakfast was solemn affair the next morning for the sixth year gryfindors had just found out that they had potions first lesson, with the slytherins. Harry could see that Neville's teeth were chattering.
Snape swept into the lesson
"today we are to be brewing veriterserum, for some reason the headmaster believes that this potion should be taught in the sixth year as apposed to the seventh, the making of this potion is extremely complex, instructions are to be found on page 14456 of your textbook, you will not be working in your normal partners, Granger, Goyle...weasly, Zabini...Crabbe, Longbottom...Potter malfoy, Start now"
Harry walked straight to the supply cupboard and started to brew the potion completely ignoring Malfoy, he was just about to add the snake's venom when Snape barked from behind him
"Potter! Where is your textbook?"
"in my bag..." Harry added four drops of armadillo bile
"where should it be?"
"in my bag..." Harry knotted three strands of elodea and stirred it in
"stop wasting potion ingredients, start again and use the textbook..." Snape attemped to remove the potion from Harry's cauldron but found that his spell was deflected.
The potions master looked a little put out and stalked off to terrorise Neville. Malfoy sidled up beside Harry and threw a vial of beetle's legs into the potion, Harry caught them with a levitation spell and returned them to their vial
"no, Malfoy those aren't added until after the silver shavings..."
by the end of the potion only Harry's potion was the pure liquid it was supposed to resemble, Goyle had added too many beetles legs to hermione's potion.
"Mr Potter as by some miracle your potion has not exploded administer a dose to Miss Granger" Snape leered
Hermione looked a little worried but took the potion anyway, once it was administered Snape waited for a moment as though expecting Hermione to keel over and die then said
"well as Miss Granger appears to be alive, we shall see if it works, which I very much doubt," he turned to Hermione, "what is your full name"
Harry gulped, Hermione had told Ron and him her name once.
"my name is Hermione, Sophie, Sara, Atremis, athene, Helen mary, Jane, Andrea, Drucila, anne, Daisy, Victoria, Emily, Elizabeth, Natasha, Flora, Henrietta, samantha, Gemma Harriet, Catherine, Isabel, Jenny Granger"
Harry looked up at Snape and could have laughed at the looked on the potions masters face, thee potions master appeared to be torn between disgust that his worst enemy's son had brew the potion correctly without a textbook and shock at the number of name Hermione had.
"and why may I ask do you have so many names?"
"my parents could not decide what to call me"
Snape administered the antiserum
"now Potter administer your own potion to you self"
Harry grimaced but took the potion any way, it had absolutely no effect what so ever, Harry decided to pretend the potion was working, Snape didn't bother with the small questions, he went in for the big cheese straight away
"what did you do this summer?"
Harry cast a secery bubble
"none of you business, do not tell Dumbledore that I can lie through this potion, he is to be trusted less than voldemort, do you know his name?"
"his name is dumbledore Potter, it has always been"
"unfortunately it has not Albus Dumbledore was once known as Octavious Grindlewald"
snape looked disbelieving
"ayre and ayran will support my words as will Polik"
"I will Potter, return to your place"
"what will you tell Dumbledore? I will do you a favour if you do me one"
"what favour could you do me?"
"I could attend a meeting for you..."
"I know deatheaters were hoods but you will be caught Potter"
Harry changed his facial features to those of Snapes
"I know deatheaters were hoods but you will be caught Potter" he imitated
"you are a metamorphmagus?"
"yes is that a problem?"
"no, I will tell Dumbledore that you spent your holidays in America"
" more favour...could you force me to drink neville's potion...I have divanation next"
"it is pure poison Potter"
"I'll manage...just pretend to banish me to the hospital'll also need to pretend to remove the secrecy bubble"
"what secrecy bubble?"
"the onw I conjured"
Snape nodded and Harry waved his hand
"Potter, I am not an evil smelling git, Longbottom, bring your potion here immediately"
the timid boy brought his cauldron to the front of the classroom and placed it in front of Snape
"taste it Potter"
"please sir..." Harry feigned reluctance, snape's expression grew even angrier, Harry took the potion and collapsed dead with a soft oops
a few hours later Harry came back to life and immediately looked at his watch...not only had he managed to miss divination but he had also missed history of magic, since it was the lunch hour Harry decided to try andd find an old friend, peeves. After searching many of the poltergeist's favourite haunts Harry found him at the top of the astromony tower
"Hello, Sal."
"Sal? Who is there who lives in this castle still that is allowed to call me Sal?"
"Harry Potter, old friend of yours funded the building of this school"
"Harry? Long time no see..."
"Sal, I need a favour..."
"what can I do for you?"
"well, the ministry of magic has started to interfier with the school again...some of the things they have done are good but they have cancelled the duelling contest, that was about three hundred years ago and this year the quidditch cup has been cancelled...will you help a friend in need?"
"of course I will, now what would you like me to do"
"well, I'm afraid you will have to reveal yourself to Grindlewald"
"lead the way good sir...why exactly has quidditch been cancelled?"
"because of a ministry law that we are not allowed outside unless at a lesson"
"then how can I be of use?"
"well only a Hogwarts founder may revoke these laws and I really do not wish to reveal myself in the near future"
"so what will I be required to do?"
"oh only have an audience with the village idiot we the general wizarding public employ as minister for magic"
"very well so long as it is short"
as they walked to the headmaster's office they reminisced on old times, the gargoyle opened to the password and Harry was just about to knock on the oaken door when snape opened it himself
"Professor Snape..."
"Potter, you are"
"I'll tell you during detention tomorrow, Sal. Here wants a work with the village idiot"
"what about?"
"the small matter that he feels that it is cruel to keep the children inside the castle so much"
"who exactly is Sal?"
"Salazar Slytherin, the founder"
"Slytherin here? Since when?"
"he's been here since he died you might know him as Peeves"
"ever wonder why he couldn't be exorcised?"
"you know it is very rude to talk about someone in front of them" Slytherin interrupted their dualogue
"sorry Sal. See you later Professor" Harry turned and walked into the office closing the door behind him
"close the door in my face..."
"Sorry Sal...Grindlewald...a word?"
"Mr Potter, I hope you had a good time in America"
"that is not your concern...Salazar wished to revoke the quidditch bans and hopefully ministry dealings in the school"
"if slytherin wishes to he may revoke all ministry dealings in this school...have you found a poterait?"
"no...I found his ghost"
"none of the founders have remained as ghost least of all slytherin's"
"headmaster you may not be aware but in my day it was considered very rude to talk about someone infront of them"
"you are Salazar Slytherin?" the old man looked shocked, "how did Harry find out about you?"
"oh, he caught me plotting a prank in parseltounge" Peeves replied
"I see, well then we had better give the minister for magic a call, Slytherin I would make yourself look mean"
Slytherin transformed himself into a good immatation of Godric.
"do come a along for a bit to eat, Fudge" Dumbledore was saying, a few moments later fudge came spinning out of the fireplace
"Dumbledore... I can't see how you can have any need of me..."
"Cornelius it is not me who wishes to speak to you, allow me to present Salazar Slytherin"
Salazar blew himself out "greetings minister Fudge, I have returned from my wayward wanderings of a thousand years to find that the ministry has been interfiering with the school again, we cut ourselves away from the ministry when they tried to make us build this school with a galleon to complete this entire school, we returned it to them when we received a more generous sponsor. I hearby decree that all changes made to this school by the ministry of magic are to be rebuked...headmaster the school laws are to be found in the chamber beneath the divanation books pull the left foot of the chaffinch on the right end of the book case"
Harry could feel the magic of the castle respond to these words as the notices appeared of the house notice boards
"goodbye Fudge," said Salazar happily, helpfully apparating Fudge back to his office, once he had returned he advised Harry to return to the house common room
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