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It's Monday, Fawn is in class when her sister calls her over.

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“I’ve noticed you.” he was being so honest it almost hurt. Someone had actually noticed me. And not just someone, it was him who noticed me.
I just smiled slightly and looked back at the road and he did the same.

We arrived at my house a few minutes later, he insisted that he had to wait in his car until he was sure I was inside. The front door was locked so I had to climb up to my window. Thank god there was a roof over my front porch or else I would have had to ask Gerard to let me crash at his place and that would have been awkward. I pushed up the window and climbed into my room. I turned back and waved at Gerard so he knew I was safe in my house. I watched as his car drove away.
I plopped down on my almost too big bed and soon realized that it was Monday the next day. Well, today. I also realized how tired I was going to be at school.

I woke up at 6:45 only giving myself 15 minutes to get dressed and drive to school. See, that's the only tine I get to use my car. On my way to school and back home.

And walked out my front door, avoiding my parents at all cost which isn't even difficult considering all they would ever do is fight or rave about how wonderful my sister is, ALL THE TIME.
I walked into the art room right as the school bell rang which is normal but this time Gerard waved at me when he saw me but my sister who beside him looked extremely pissed.
Suddenly I felt paranoid. Brittany Zachary, my sister, Gerard's girlfriend, has hated since I came out of my mothers womb right after her. I never knew why, but she has and she's been Gerard's girlfriend since last year in sophomore year. I swear, she is my sister but she's out to get me.
I was almost at my seat when I heard her call out my name.
"Fawn!" I ignored her.
"Fawn, come here!"
I was annoyed so I turned towards her and walked over to her cautiously, knowing that somehow this was a trick.
When I got there I just looked at her rather than asking her what she wanted. She was a few inches above me considering she was wearing stripper heels.
Let me tell you something about my sister. For one thing, hardly anyone knew we were sisters. We may be twins but we look nothing alike. She has big boobs, blonde hair and blue eyes. My boobs are non-existent and like I said my hazel eyes and brown hair aren't anything special. The main difference was that she looked just like my father so she needed more makeup than me. I look more like my mother. I wouldn't wear makeup anyway. Why should I wear makeup if no one would care or notice anyway.
At this point I was imagining all the ways I could kill everyone in the room. I would start with the kids who were nice, making their death easy and painless by shooting them in their temples. Then the kids who ignored people like me, I would slowly pull their brains out of their ears, mouth, nose, and eyes. It would kill them pretty fast, they'd have more time to feel it happening though. Then it was my sisters posse, I would feed them to wild dogs and watch them struggle as blood would splatter everywhere and on to my face. Then my sister. Oh the things I would do. I'd get her into a corner and watch her beg and plead, and listen to her as she would scream about how much she loves me. I would get annoyed, naturally, and I would get rid of her. It would be long and painful. I'd take my time, breaking every bone in her fake body. Then I'd take her senses from her. I'd cut her finger tips off taking away of her feeling. I'd hear her scream. I'd laugh. I'd rip her tongue out, never tasting again. I'd stuff her nose with crayons like she would when she was younger, taking her sense of smell. I'd slowly pull her eyes out, making it seem like she was getting closer to me. There goes her sight. Then last but not least, I would let her live with her hearing. She wouldn't even ever get to tell the authorities about me doing this. I took her tongue. I would let Gerard live. And Marcey. I have soft spots for them for some reason.
Eventually I made it over to Brittany.
"Took you long enough to get here." she hissed.
"What do you want Brittany?"
"Well, I just wanted to tell you how much trouble you're going to be in when I tell mom and dad where you were last night."
Once again, I felt betrayed. I shot a look at Gerard. He looked guilty when we made eye contact telling me that he was the one who told my sister where I was last night.
I looked back up at Brittany, "I don't care." I almost whispered. I couldn't think of anything clever to say.
Brittany laughed, "Of course you don't." She laughed some more, "It's not like anyone actually misses you when you're locked up in your room for months. No one cares about you. You be grounded is no different from you not being grounded. You're just a worthless piece of shit." and she continued to laugh as if it were the funniest thing she had ever heard. Her little posse of whores were laughing too. Everyone else was just staring.
I looked her straight in the face and decided that I wanted to slit her throat with the pencil that was in my hands, but I didn't, I just sighed a little and asked her, "Is that all you wanted?" But before she could answer, I was out of the school. I didn't care if I'd get a Saturday detention, I was gonna get in trouble anyway.
I was half way to my car when I heard, "Fawn!"
I started walking faster, I didn't want to deal with anyone.
"Fawn, wait!"
That's when I started running. Why can't people just leave me alone?
"Fawn!" I stopped.
The only way I was going to get rid of this person would be by answering them.
"WHAT?!" I yelled while turning around. It was Gerard.
"Damn, you run fast for a smoker." Gerard was right. I run extremely fast whether I was a smoker or not.
"Actually, my fastest mile was 7 minutes!" I yelled back to him.
"Well, shit." he huffed.
As he got closer, he looked a bit confused. Probably because I wasn't crying. I never cry over my sister. I just have to leave before I hurt her.
Didn't I tell you? They diagnosed me with Antisocial Personality Disorder when I was young. Ya know, the one that most serial killers have? Yeah. That's when my parents started to hate me. They thought that I purposely got this disorder just to make their life shitty.
"I'm sorry Fawn." He muttered, still trying to gain his breath back.
"You shouldn't say that." I spoke in a dark voice even though I was smiling at him. That confused him even more. Poor kid.
"Yeah, I have to." he paused, "Brit wouldn't have bothered you if I would have kept my mouth shut."
I just looked at him for a while, trying to make him feel uncomfortable in an effort to make him leave.
It wasn't working. It actually made me feel more uncomfortable than him.
I broke the silence, "Why aren't you in class?"
He stayed quiet.
"You know, the class, with my sister, your GIRLFRIEND."
He laughed slightly, "Your sister's a bitch."
I smirked a little.
"Now the real question is, where are we going?" His voice sounded smooth, finally back to normal from our running.
"I have an idea."
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