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Chapter Four: The Proposal

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Kevon proposes, Devin leaves

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Devin didn't know what to do. She wanted to leave, but she had no where to go. She had told her friends she didn't want help. She decided that she had to leave Kevon, she absolutely had to. Devin packed some clothes into a small suitcase and left it by the door, ready to leave. She's tell Kevon when he came home, and get out as fast as possible. She'd get the guys to help her get the rest of her stuff out later. She felt a guilty twinge when she thought of asking them for help after refusing it.

Kevon came home from work holding a bouquet of roses.
"Here, Honey." He smiled as he handed Devin the flowers.
Devin took them and set them on the kitchen counter, not knowing what to say.
"We have to talk." They both announced at the same time.
"You first." Devin sighed, and they sat down on the living room couch.
"Devin, I love you. I want to be with you...forever." He reached into his pocket and extracted a small, black velvet box. Devin held her breath as he slowly opened the lid to reveal a glittering diamond ring.
"Will you marry me?"
Devin was in a trance. She didn't know what to say.
Kevon placed the ring onto her finger and they shared a kiss that Devin felt no love what so ever in. Kevon made her a fancy dinner, with wine. They snuggled on the couch for the rest of the night, watching movies. When the end credits rolled on "Titanic", Kevon whispered something in Devin's ear, gesturing towards the bedroom. Devin sighed and looked down at her hand. The ring glittered up at her. She shook her head 'no'. Kevon looked annoyed. Devin took a deep breath and decided it was now or never.
"Kevon, I...I'm leaving. I can't marry you."
She shrugged his arm away and got off the couch, heading towards the door.
"What do you mean, you can't marry me?" snarled Kevon, getting up himself.
Devin turned around to face him.
"You don't love me, Kevon."
"Yes, I do!"
"Then why do you hurt me?" she asked tearfully.
"Because when you're being a bitch, I need to straighten you out."
Devin looked frantically for her purse...he was going to hit her, she knew it. She had to get out. She spotted it on the kitchen table and turned to leave, but Kevon grabbed her.
"NO!" He threw her to the ground, kicking her hard in the side. Devin gasped in pain, but struggled to her feet, clinging to her purse. Kevon slapped her. She ran to the door, trying to get away. Kevon came up behind her and spun her around. He slapped her hard, and Devin tasted blood. He shoved her into the mail table, hitting her over and over. She finally managed to roll out of his way. She wrenched open the door, and sprinted away, escaping with only her purse.
She headed for the stairs and ran down flight after flight. When she reached the lobby, the clock read 12:41 a.m. She threw open the glass doors and ran out into the cold Chicago night, rain mingling with her tears.
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