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Chapter Fifteen

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Jared gets a bit of hope and a threat

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Chapter Fifteen

I was being let out. The orderlies told me that Dr. Lawrence had allowed me to stay outside for a few minutes just to let me get out. It was healthy, or so they said. I walked aimlessly outside, the sun on me like a heated punch to my jaw. I shielded my eyes for a long time and still I had to squint. There were other people there but they were more out of it than a fish out of water. I was surrounded by crazies and I felt like I had to be on guard. But just like that my one moment of freedom was taken away.

"Time to go!" They shouted to me, taking my arm and leading me back inside.

Once again I was within the sedated walls of the hospital and my head was a mess with it. I wasn't being led back down into the unseen cells though I was being led to Dr. Lawrence's office and that for a moment worried me deeply.

"The doctor wants to see you." The orderly said as he opened the office door.

I nodded a little and walked inside, being made to sit down on the chair across from the desk. Dr. Lawrence wasn't inside which meant I had to wait, the orderly standing behind me. My eyes scanned his desk as they had before, the computer, the framed picture, everything was familiar but there was also his sons file laying on the desks surface.

"What happened to him?" I turned my head back to look at the orderly.

"Still asking questions?" He asked, a smile sneaking its way onto his lips.

I shrugged a little. "You told me to figure out what's happening."

"At your own risk."

"And here I am, still going on about Dr. Lawrence's son...What happened to him?"

"What happened to you?"

My brows knitted with a bit of agitation. "Seriously, give me something."

He looked about to reply but the door opened and he looked at me almost regretfully. My heart sank as he left the room and I was left alone with the good doctor. I turned to face him in his desk chair once he sat down.

"Still inquiring about things that don't concern you?" He asked, folding his hands over the file on his desk.

"Still lying?" I retorted, restraining the smirk appearing on my lips.

He laughed. It was a simple laugh, one that lacked all humor.

"Why'd you wanna see me?"

"You're being transferred, Jared."

"Get out of jail free card?"

He shook his head as if he couldn't believe my attitude even now. "The woman from last week, she desperately wishes to study you, get to know what's going on in your head. I told her you just need a good breaking but she thinks she can cure you."

I smiled. "So I'm the damsel now, huh?"

"Something like that." He answered, nodding a little. "You're getting a break. You're lucky I'm not on the hospitals board, if I were you would never have been released."

"Of course not."

"You leave in two days...try to be good."

Again I smiled. "I promise."

Dr. Lawrence pressed a button and almost immediately the door opened, the orderly walking back in.

I stood up letting the orderly take my arm to lead me away.

"Oh and Jared?" I turned around to face him. "Try not to get yourself killed, this might be what you need."

I noted the underlying words behind what he said and I tried to not let it get to me. But it was the smile that came after and the threat that seemed to accent it. I swallowed harshly, hoping he couldn't tell my worry and I nodded. I was led away then, back down into the hidden cells, only allowing myself the thought that in two days I was going to be let free.
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