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Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

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Thanks to ChocoBunniesOfDoom for the review. My only review. Ah well, Not going to beg and plead for reviews. I'm just posting this out of boredom. Plus as I stated this is an OLD fanfic.

Chapter 2

I swallowed the lump that formed in my throat as I watched Frank walk in; then Ray, Mikey, and Bob walk in after him. His face looked angry but at the same time I could see concern in his eyes and...Fear. I could bet right then and there he was going to tell me he was calling home to tell our mom he was sending me home since I wasn’t responsible enough to be on tour with him and the band. I didn’t want that. I loved being on the road, getting to see Frank and the guys perform every night and whoever they had on tour or whoever had taken them on tour which currently was The Used. I began to wonder where those guys were until I heard Frank clear his throat and began to speak.
“I’m so angry with you right now. You scared the living shit out of everyone and me. You know how damn important it is to take the stupid ass little pill! You almost died before and you made the promise that you would take it and yet you haven’t! Does you heart or something have to stop beating and the paramedics or doctors have to bring you back before you actually understand how serious this is?” Said Frank raising his voice some which began to scare the hell out of me. He never raised his voice in an angry manner. He did when we were goofing off in a playful way or during a show but never when he was upset. No, he was just plain pissed off! I could feel the tears sting my eyes and my vision blurred as my eyes watered up. Then the tears began to fall. He was making me feel even worse then guilty. I felt horrible, sad, scared, depressed. I just wanted to be alone now but that wasn’t something I was going to get. Frank starred at me waiting for me to answer, which was stupid of me to do but I did anyway.
“Frank, I’m sorry. I truly am sorry! You know it’s hard having to run the merchandise tables and the meet and greets and running around doing the little things everyone needs when you’re either getting ready to go on or you’re just coming off. Then after that I’m so tired that the first thing I do is when I get to the tour buses is sleep. I don’t even change clothes. I just drop into my bunk and sleep.” I said tears still running down my face but I was also becoming a little bit angry also. I’d hope someone would step in soon or it would become some what of a yelling match between Frank and me since we usually end up arguing. Frank glared at me as he let out a sigh.
“I can solve that problem quickly. I’ll just give mom a call and let her know you’ll be coming home.” Said Frank as he began to walk to the door.
“Frank, no! Please. I don’t wanna go back home! I rather say here with you and the guys...” I cried more tears flowing. Yes, it wore the hell out of me but I loved being on the road touring with the guys. I’d always had so much fun. I get to see places I had only dreamed of. Whenever we got time, we’d go around and see the attractions, then on days off go out and party, go to all sorts of fun places and just had a good time. I couldn’t go back home. I just couldn’t! I was too used to this life. I was used to being around my truest, closets friends I’d had ever known. Frank looked at me with a sympathetic look like he was feeling the same thing or he was starting to feel guilty. I couldn’t tell.
“I’m going to have to think about it for a while. I’ll call you tonight and let you know but as of right now, sending you home would be better. Just hope someone of something can change my mind.” Said Frank as he opened the door to my room and walked out. I let out a sigh, trying to calm myself down. I was still crying when I felt Mikey kiss me on the forehead then wipe some of the tears away.
“Hey, don’t be upset. We’ll convince him to let you stay and besides, he’d be a total wreck without you here as would we all. He knows that and I’m sure you do.” He said smiling a little bit. I tried to bring myself to smile but I couldn’t. I was into one of my “moods” as I called it and to some possibly depression but I never went to find out. He kissed my forehead again then stood up and moved over so Ray could talk to me next.
“Hey there girlie, Mikey’s right. I’m positive that we can convince him to not make you go back. Have some faith in us!” Ray said as he winked.
“Positive as a pregnancy test says they’re positive you’re pregnant after you pee on it?” I said. Ray blinked at me like I was saying I was pregnant. Mikey, Bob and Gerard looked at me with that same look.
“Dude, Gerard. Frank knows you both are dating but he might not like the idea of her being pregnant so...soon.” Said Mikey getting over the shock.
“What? She can’t be! We were careful.” Said Gerard a little freaked out.
“Did you use protection?” Asked Bob finally coming out of his quietness and shock.
“No, but Kyra always made sure we didn’t after her ‘time of the month’.” Said Gerard.
“Well, there you go but besides she still can even after! Anytime, really. Oh man, Frank’s already pissed over Kyra being in the hospital. What’s he going to say when he finds out about this?” Said Mikey.
‘Damn, them!’ I thought as Gerard looked at me waiting to tell the truth and get him out the whole that was being dug.
“Damn it, you guys! Stop picking on poor Gerard! He’s not the only one that has to use their DNA to make a baby! Besides, I’m not pregnant. We...haven’t had the time for that stuff. I mean come on; we’re on tour with eight other people! It’s kind of hard to do that when you have that many people in hearing distance, ya know?” I said.
It was quite annoying they were accusing Gerard of getting me pregnant when it took two people to make a baby and I was far to busy with doing all the things I had to do while on tour and then both Gerard and I were far too tired half the time to do that stuff but maybe some day we possibly would, wasn’t like there was a rule we couldn’t.
“Oh, shit Gee. We’re sorry.” Said Bob with a frown. I could tell he felt bad for accusing Gerard. I couldn’t help but crack a small smile. Gerard smiled a little and nodded his head.
“No, we’re just going to wait until there aren’t so many ears around to hear!” He said with his famous smirk. God, I loved that damned smirk of his!
Mikey and Ray shook their heads and smiled a little then noticed I started to yawn little.
“Looks like someone is tired. Well, since you’re getting tired we’re going to leave you to sleep and go convince Frank.” Said Ray as he leaned over and kiss me on the cheek then followed by Mikey, and Bob. All three of them walked over to the door opening it then walking out. Gerard walked over to me and smiled. He absently let out a yawn. He looked horrible. I could tell he hadn’t gotten much sleep while I was here and from the looks of it he had his comfortable, casual clothes consisting of a regular black t-shirt and some sort of cotton pants. He’d had to have had them on for the whole time he was here waiting for me to wake up.
“Gerard, why don’t you go back to the hotel and get a hot shower and get some sleep. I’ll be fine. Isn’t like nothings going to happen to me and you could use the sleep.” I said as I moved my hand up to the side of his face then up into his hair playing with it. He smiled but it quickly changed to a frown.
“Are you sure, you’ll be okay?” He asked a little worried to leave me.
“Of course, I’ll be fine. I might get some sleep also before the nurses and doctors come in wanting to do something or talk to me.” I said, running my finger down his nose then to his lips. He kissed my finger gently.
“Okay but you need anything; you call me on my cell. Alright?” He said.
“Sure.” I said actually lying some. I wanted him to go get some sleep and even if I needed anything I didn’t want to call and wake him up.
He smiled as he leaned over and kissed me. He pulled back but stayed close to my face.
“Love you. I’ll see you in a little while.” Gerard said.
“Love you, too. Sleep well.” I said as I watched him walk to the door looking back at me and smiled then walking out.
I rolled over to my side and closed my eyes drifting off into sleep, dreaming of being with Gerard.
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