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Time travel with a Friend

by sagesolon

This is a smut story with a plot. It has some strange and odd hook ups that completely make this an AU story. Lots of time in the sack, people. So, if this is not your type of story, sit this one out.

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Ok, well, here's a completed story that I started on another site, coughfanfiction cough and I somehow lost my login and password, so, I'm posting it here. It's completed and I'm just going to dump it here. Hope you enjoy... oh , and I'm NOT JK Rowling, and I don't own any of this story. Thanks... hope you enjoy and remember, it's Alternate Universe for a reason!
Hermione sighed and looked across the room at Harry. Both of them followed their lives how they thought they were supposed to. After the second war they married into the Weasley family and raised wonderful families with Ron and Ginny, however, she saw in his eyes what she felt in her heart: a need for adventure. She had a plan to take care of her needs, but when she was planning she never thought to include Harry. He always seemed to be in a good mood, a loving husband, a great father. However, she thought back to the last month and how the old Harry was lost since sending Albus to Hogwarts. There was an icy tension between he and Ginny, if there was any person she would include in this plan, it would be Harry. Pinning her fears to the sideline she walked over to Harry and quietly asked, "Can you come out to the garden with me?"
He looked to Ginny who was helping George with a prank design and nodded, "Sure, I need some air too." They walked out of earshot of the house and leaned against the fence. "I imagine you're not here to just talk about the garden."
"No, I'm not. But, I don't know how to ask you." She paused a moment and blurted out, "Are you happy?"
Harry looked at her oddly, then let the mask drop, "Not really. Since the kids left it's felt like the glue holding Ginny and me together has disappeared. Our fights have become more... livelier, and... she has started trying to manipulate me like she did when we went on our break after Jame's birth."
"I'm not happy either... and I have a plan." she quietly replied.
"Hermione, I love you, but I don't think we should... not that you aren't beautiful, but I don't think you and I should do that! If we started an affair it would rip this family apart."
She looked at him like he was crazy before catching on, "What? No! Not that." she laughed. "Same here, I love you, but not like that. Maybe for a fling or too, but not an affair."
He shook his head at her playfulness and asked, "Ok, so what is your plan?"
She unfolded a piece of paper and handed it to him, "It's something we Unspeakables have been working on." She looked to the Burrow, "I've volunteered to do it."
Harry read over the theory and the process before nodding, "It looks sound, a bit dangerous, but it could work." he looked at her and asked, "What do you want me to do? I can't cover for you on this. You could be gone forever."
"I know, that's why I want you to come with me." She pointed to the theory, "The only way we would stay there forever is if we find a person that is an anchor for our souls." she waited for a second and added, "I know you have some regrets Harry. Do you think I don't know you've been staying on the Founder's Island a lot more lately?"
"How did you know?" He asked in slight shock.
"Come on, Harry. You're not with me and Ron, you're not with Ginny, I know how much you hate being in public, so there's only one place for you to be hiding out." she said with a roll of her eyes.
"Well," he conceded, "sometimes I do go there and wonder what my life would have been like if Ginny had agreed to let me fill my role and restart the founders' lines. But she would not share me with a mistress, much less four other women, much less nine others... or however many others I could love." he paused for a second as well and gave Hermione a frustrated look, "Anyway, aren't you the one who is so adamant about us not messing up with the timeline?"
She nodded, "Yes, but with this series of spells we could de-age ourselves, go to a time and whatever happens there will form a different timeline, a different universe, if you will." She pulled a piece of paint off the fence, "If we don't find a soul anchor we would return here after five years and nobody would know any different."
"If we do find our soul anchor? What happens?"
"We would be a missing person and the Unspeakables would put out a world wide search for us, but they would never find us." she said in a near whisper.
"So, you would leave your kids, leave this family?" Harry asked as he kicked a gnome away from tying his shoestrings.
"If I don't find a soul anchor, I won't be leaving them. It will just be a break from them, if I do find my soul anchor, then I won't care." a distinct lack of passion filled her empty words.
"Well, I can't let you go alone then." Harry nodded, "I'm in. So how do we do this?"
"We can do it tonight. I'd just have to send a missive to the Head Unspeakable. He'll cast the spells." she then asked, "Shall we?"
Harry nodded, "Better now than any other time."
She shot out a silent Patronus and momentarily a muted crack sounded nearby. Out of instinct Harry and Hermione drew their wands. Once the man stepped into the light Hermione simply stated, "Hippogrif."
The other man put his wand away and replied, "Flight."
Hermione looked at Harry and both put their wands away. "We have decided."
"Both of you?" the nondescript man asked with a raised eyebrow.
"Yes." Hermione replied with a raised chin, "I think we need to go back to 1976 and de-age us to seventh years at Hogwarts."
Harry looked at her with a bit of wonder, "We'd be in my parents year."
"And we can sow some of our wild oats that we never got to take care of." she answered with a smirk.
"As well as take care ole' Voldie before he gets too out of control."
The Unspeakable nodded, "I agree. So, if you are ready let us move into that grove of trees where we won't be interrupted."
They moved deeper into the orchard and they stepped into a circle that the Head Unspeakable drew onto the ground with his wand. He looked at them then ordered, "Strip."
Hermione already knew that part and disrobed as she watched Harry shyly take his clothes off, "Why are we doing this?" he asked.
She whispered, "Only our bodies can go back, no objects from this time can go with us."
"So, what are we going to do..." he began.
"We'll figure that out when we get there." she huffed.
"What about my eyes! I gotta have my glasses."
She walked over to him and popped his head with her wand. For a second Harry saw stars then everything came into a type of focus. He took off his glasses and could see everything clearly, "How long have you known that?"
"For years. I just didn't think you'd really care to see without the glasses."
He laughed, "If you only knew!"
"We are ready."
They were disrobed and standing in the middle of the circle that now was encircled itself by rune stones. "Then I bid you both the best of luck."
They nodded to him and he began the chanting and wand movements to send the two of them to their destination. Without waiting to see if either of the two travellers returned he disappeared as soon as the circle glowed golden and the thunderclap of reality split the air.

Ok, well it looks like I might have some formatting issues. Hopefully It will still read well.
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