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First Party

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I could look as tough as I wanted to, but inside there would always be that little chicken trying to find it’s way out.

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Time passes way to fast.

By the time I checked my zebra cased Iphone, it had reached 6:30. and y bathroom was totally unpacked, and all I had done for the past half hour is stare with wet eyes at the pictures Lily and I had taken at a shitty, germ filled, disgusting photo booth. Of course Lily loved it and immediately was drawn to it, literally forcing me to take pictures with her. They turned out to be the most valuable thing I had ever owned, no matter how many diamond and platinum bracelets my rich Daddy could buy me.

“J-Jenna. Your friends are here.” She called to me, and I wiped my eyes and pulled on a smile.

“Did I say you could answer the door?” I asked her, and she flinched back.

“I’m sorry, I’ll be in my room for the night, have fun dear.” She said quietly, and I picked up my shoe, and mock threw it at her, stopping before the shoe could hit her in the face. She flinched, and I smirked as she ran to the guest room my parents had given her to live in. I ran downstairs to the entrance way where my friends stood. They held a duffle bag, and I was guessing that’s where they’re outfits were.

“Hey guys!” I greeted, and hugged Angelina lightly, and she hugged back, thank god. I motioned for them to follow me up the grand staircase to my room up in the attic. I know what you’re thinking, typical attic bedroom, but that’s the opposite of my room. It has heated flooring, zebra rug with a chandelier, and loosely based off ‘Mean Girls’ Regina George's room. I was absolutely in love with that movie, Lily and I watched it almost every night.

“Your house is seriously awesome, girl.” Angelina told me in awe.

“Thanks!” I said, and she smiled warmly.

We got to work in the bathroom, and I had absolutly no clue what to do with my face, or what to wear.

“Angelina?” I called to her form the shower that I was in, curtain closed of course, but I really didn’t think these girls were lesbians, even though it wouldn’t really bother me anyways.


“I haven’t been to a party before, to be honest.” I said truthfully, and she giggled.

“I could tell. It’s okay, we brought a dress for you anyways. You’re about my size, like a 2 right?” I felt a grin spread across my face, I finally had someone to watch my back.

“Yeah.” I stated happily. I shut off the tap after I smelt decent, wrapping a towel around my small frame, drying off. I stepped out with a pure white soft housecoat, seeing that Angelina and Jessi had already finished their makeup, and I felt very out of place.

“Okay so, we’re going to totally do your makeup and shit.” Jessi told me, and pulled me to one of the stools I had in here, and grabbed a handful of makeup out of my bag, and began to make my face presentable in where ever we were going. I had to admit, my smile was pretty big when I saw my face. It had a definite sexy glow, and my eyes looked so different, the makeup bringing out the real color in it.

“You look great!” Jessi complimented, and my smile grew, as well as my steadily climbing ego.


Angelina had left the room, and I assumed she was going to change.

“I’m going to change, okay?” Jessi reassured me, and I nodded.

I looked in the mirror, and I realized I looked nothing like me, really. I felt tears come ot my eyes, Lily and I used to mock and laugh at fake people like this!

“Who am I becoming, Lily?” I whispered to the picture.

‘Shake off those thoughts, this is your new life.’ I told myself.

Angelina came back, saying nothing but holding out a dress and grinning, I was pretty sure wouldn‘t even cover up my belly button. I put on a fake grin back, the dress was alright despite the height of what it would cover. I went to my bedroom, where Jessi was looking in my full length mirror, and when she realized I was there she walked back to the bathroom. I pulled on a clean bra and plain black underwear, pulling on the multi-colored cheetah print mini-dress, and it surprisingly covered my skinny ass. I pulled on plain black stiletto heels, which were my Moms, and the nanny had accidently placed in my room. My Mother had the same size shoes as me, and it added about 3 inches to my small height.

I had to admit, I looked pretty sexy, and I would be walking into my first party in style.

“The boys are coming, what are we taking? Taxi?” Angelina asked, and I had an idea.

“I can get my Daddy’s Limo driver to drive us!” I told them uncertainly, and their reaction was great.

“Oh my god that’s great! We’ll be riding in style to Eminem’s party!” Angelina squealed, scuttling over in her 6 inch heels to hug me.

“Eminem?” I asked, all I knew was he was a white rapper, who wore stupid flat rimmed hats and his pants were 10 inchespast his butt, and he was well over 30.

“Yeah!” Jessi squealed happily, and I pretended to be excited with them. The boys soon arrived together, and I called the Limo driver, and he was there in less than ten minutes, knowing how my Dad was when he was angry. Angelina told him the address, and he nodded.

“First some little band is playing, then Shady is coming on, he hooked me with some back stage passes. After he preforms, there’s this huge party backstage.” James told us, and Angelina hooked onto him, and I pretended to fix my messy bun in the mirror on the back. This Limo was huge, and it had a bathroom and mirror at the end. We pulled up to the venue, and Jessi slipped me a plastic card. I recognized what it was, fake ID. I was apparently 23 years old, and I slightly looked like a crack head with blonde hair, even though mine was black. Jessi winked at me, and I nodded, stuffing it in my bra, along with my phone since this dress had no pockets, or extra fabric what so ever.

We entered the huge stage area, showing our passes to the bouncer at the door. He nodded, his expression not even changing. The band was playing some rock music which I definitely preferred over this shit rap. I tapped my finger against my side to the beat, and I heard in the back of my mind my friends laughing. I tuned myself in to the conversation, and I was not pleased with what I heard.

“Listen to these faggots!” Wyatt laughed, and I forced a fake smile, snickering with the other girls.

The band ended their concert, and walked confidently backstage, one band member shirtless and covered in sweat, the others all more clothed and worn out than the short one. The calmest was covered in hopefully fake blood, a lanky walking one with geeky glasses, and the tallest (this dude was like six feet tall) one had a fluffy looking afro. I smirked along with my friends at them, judging and snickering at them like the others.

The short one began checking me out, and caught my glare and winked. I rolled my eyes, and the bloody one elbowed him, whispering something to him. I turned my head, ignoring them like my friends. I re-joined the conversation, and as Eminem and his crew soon came in through the back door we had, followed by screaming of fans. I could hear them chanting his name through the door even when it was closed, and I felt anxiety rush through my veins as we walked confidently over.

I could look as tough as I wanted to, but inside there would always be that little chicken trying to find it’s way out.
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