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Chapter Seventeen

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Jared wakes up in an unknown place and realizes he only has an hour to live

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Chapter Seventeen

I could hear laughing, the kind that's more annoying than the damned trash truck in the morning. It was coming from somewhere near me but I didn't want to open my eyes. The very thought of doing so scared me half to death. I wasn't sure what I would find or how I would find it. Previously I would wake up with a dead body in my arms and no explanation there for me. I wasn't ready for something like that to happen again.
Jared you aren't being a very respectful guest. You had best open your eyes." It was Dr.Lawrence's voice that spoke close to my ear startling me away from the sound.

My eyes shot open. I saw that I was nowhere familiar. The walls were a dull gray and it smelled of mold. It sickened me. I was laying on some sort of gurney that was dead cold beneath my skin. Dr.Lawrence wasn't the only one there, there were three other men, smiles on their wide faces. At least they looked wide in the haze of the drug they had put me under. It didn't matter because they weren't worth mentioning, they were damn ugly.

"Where am I?" I asked the cliche question hoarsely.

"You're in the room where you'll die...." One of the men said, his laugh coming out again. I could have punched him if I hadn't been immobilized.

"Exciting." I replied with a wince when I tried to move. There were straps on me, I hadn't felt them at first.

"It'll all be over soon, Jared. You just have to wait for the drug to take it's full effect." Dr. Lawrence was trying to sound comforting but the situation hardly allowed that.

"Its full effect?" I questioned, my eyes shooting to his quickly.

He nodded, glancing at his watch. "In about an hour...maybe this time it'll work." He looked up hopefully at the other men who nodded.

"Why are you all talking so damned cryptically? If I wanted the Da Vinci Code I would have read it when it came out."

Dr. Lawrence laughed then, shook his head and leaned with his arm on my gurney. "You don't need to know..."

"I just need to die?"

"Precisely." Replied the man with the laugh.

"What will your excuse be in the morning?"

Dr. Lawrence looked up at the men with an obvious stare. "Suicide."

"Just like your son then?"

He visibly winced at the mention but then slowly nodded. "Things happen Jared. Some things shouldn't but this right here, it has to."

"Come on let's give our guest his privacy for a while." Said one of the men waiting for Dr. Lawrence to agree which he did.

The guys laughter lingered behind long after he had left. I laid there staring up at the damp and dull ceiling trying to move at least one part of me. That's when the lights went out and my mind began to lose consciousness but I fought it. I began to thank the drug they had injected me with as I sat up. It had given me my freedom.
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