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Waiting For The Hint Of A Spark

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Brendon is still mentally and emotionally confused about the situation.

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I woke up at 11 am this morning.
Shit! I actually am alive
I walk to my bathroom and splash water in my face,
just like the neutrogena girls do in the commercials
Well atleast in my mond i do...

I pick of the phone to call my someone.
I dont know who.
But just pick a random contact n my phone.
"Hello" says Ryan as he picks up the phone
"Oh..hey Ry...It's Brendon"
"Yah, I know...There is a really cool thing we have now called CALLER ID." Ryan says sarcastically
"No Shit!"
"BRENDON, why did you call?" Ryan says
"I missed your soft hair that slightly curled at the ends, those eyes of yours, the way you kissed me, our long summer nights, your broken down van, those crazy vests, the lyrics, your laugh, your smile, your face..just overall you Ry.."
"ooh..i see.." Ryan says, but he says it in a sad way
"Ry, what did I ever do wrong"I say, shedding a tear
"You always stole my 'thunder', my lyrics, I was singer until that time you filled in for me, it's hard to be me Brendon. My life sucks, I'm better off dead. I had no fans anyways" Ryan says being an idiot, he had PLENTY of fans
"But Ry,I was there for you when your dad left, when your whole life went to shit, and I see how those girl look at you in concerts when you sing..the whole room goes my eyes..I hear no music, but just the sound of your voice" I say as I wipe my teary eyes.

Seriously Ryan!!!! Gosh, that dick hung up on me..
I just dont know what to do anymore.
I go eat my sorrows through mac n cheese with hotdogs..but Ry and I used to eat that, so I cried while eating my mac n cheese-with hot dogs-
UGH! I wish these memories would just fade away

Two hours I hear a nock on my door.
I jump to my feet, and rush to the door.
I open the door and am randomly pushed back on my couch and I'm being kissed.
It's Ryan...I can tell by how he kisses.
I don't push back because I needed him. I needed this.
He rips my shirt off and feels my abs.
"Brendon, I love you." he whispers into my ear.
I wrap my arms around him, kissing him hard.
Kissing like we meant it.
I grab his shirt and pull it off.
I see bruises, and welts, but dont ask him where they're from.
I flip us over, so I'm ontop.
I grab Ry and his legs and arms wrap around me.
Intensely making out was something he was VERY Good at.
I slowly get up, with Ry still holding on to me, and walk to my bed still kissing.
We fall on my bed and get under the sheets.
He pulls my pants off, then my underwear.
"Damn, you must've been working out lately" Ryan says like he is shocked or something.
I let out a little laugh and pull his pants and underwear off in return.

It's been a while since I felt his warm body against mine.
When I was with Ryan, it was like a whole separate world.
Just he and I.
Just like it always should have been
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