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Skittle Tattle

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Frank has something Gee wants-but he's not giving it easily.

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Skittle Tattle

Summary- Well if you wanna be technical about it, it was actually his parents who made him.
And that’s a thought I do NOT wanna think about!

I was sitting on a heap of cushions on the floor of my basement bedroom with Blood On the Dance Floor, a new band we discovered, playing ‘Inject me sweetly’ I, pouting, arms folded against my chest, black skinny clad legs crossed at the ankles. My dishevelled mess of raven black hair swept across my deathly pale skin and forest green eyes which were presently narrowed in a glare at a certain small, skinny framed, tattooed olive skinned, pierced, Blackflag mad, growaphobic , mini black and red mohawk wearing, honey hazel eyed fucker who was so short he must be descended by evil leprechauns.
Okay that did not make any sense at all. Then again, neither did my, that evil leprechaun descended fucker, and my forever technology challenged brother’s argument about what the plural of moose was. Still say its Meese...
I continued to glare at said growaphobic milk hater who was lying on MY bed, grey skinny clad legs sprawled out lazily, his mini mohawk looking annoyingly sexy, his eyes looking irritatingly hot as he smirked at me in an even more annoyingly sexy fashion.
Did I mention this motherfucker was my boyfriend? No? Well I just did so read it and weep homophobes.
Or read it and grab a near- by baseball bat and smash my skull in which would probably be more appropriate.
Damn it why must he look so god damn meese shittingly sexy? I swear I could just swear at the bipolar motherfucker called God for creating an angel and sending him down to just test and torture my homosexual hormones.
Well if you wanna be technical about it, it was actually his parents who made him.
And that’s a thought I do NOT wanna think about!
I swallowed nervously as he slowly and deliberately put one in his mouth, curled it around with his tongue, licked his lips and swallowed it. I felt my all ready tight pants tightening even more as I watched him.
I shook my head then glared at him while he just smirked that forever sexy smirk at me again as he crawled over to the end of the bed.
“What’s wrong with you Gee Gee?” He asked innocently as he hung upside down, his Blackflag shirt riding up meaning his well toned, smooth chest and stomach was on show.
Fuck this fucker just loves to piss me off and turn me on don’t he? And people say guys can’t multitask.
“You know perfectly well what’s wrong Franklin.” I muttered annoyed.
Frankie let out a low whistle and I flipped him off. He just giggled that fucked up hiccup like girly laugh I love as much as coffee.
“Full name basis now Gerard?” he asked laughing still.
“Haha, real funny now gimme a skittle.” I demanded childishly.
“Bite me.” Frankie replied simply grinning.
“Don’t tempt me because you know I will.” I informed him.
“Who says that’s not what I’m hoping for?” he smirked that sexy smirk again making my pants tighten up to the stage where I thought my package was gonna suffocate.
“Who says you’re tempting me anyway?” I asked raising an eyebrow at him.
“Well if your pants are anything to go by I’d say your dick is.” Frankie replied bluntly grinning smugly at me again as he chewed slowly on a skittle.
“Fuck you.” I answered back snippily flipping him off.
“Yeah your dick is implying that too.”
“Shut the fuck up you skittle teaser!”
“Nice.” Frank said giggling like crazy.
I rolled my eyes and made my way to sit on the bed next to him, tripping as I did so. Well I was trying to cross the room with my legs crossed what do you expect? Shit’s bound to happen.
“Can you not just give me a damn skittle?” I whined.
“Admit you have a hard on first and I will.”
I frowned and glared at him, “Fine, I have a hard on, there now gimme one.” I reached for the bag of skittles only for Frankie to move them swiftly, “Damn you, you deceiving stingy skittle keeper!” I called him randomly sitting back pouting.
“You love me really.” He said sitting up, winking at me cheekily.
“Yeah something you know too well.” I murmured annoyed making him laugh, “Can I just get one little skittle? Just one?” I pleaded holding up a finger.
“No chance.” He smirked.
“Fucker.” I flipped him off again.
“Unless...” He trailed off tapping his lip ring thoughtfully.
“Unless what?” I asked looking up eagerly.
“You tell me why you got a hard on.”
“But no skittles.” Frank pointed out grinning like a maniac.
“That’s so not fair.” I whined.
“Too bad.”
I pouted again and bit my lip in thought as Save The Rave played.
“I’ll steal them from you.” I came up with sitting up smirking at my boyfriend
“No chance.” He scoffed.
“Why the hell not?” I yelped indignantly, “Don’t underestimate me Frankiestein!” I warned him.
“I’m not underestimating you Geetard.” He laughed.
“Meese shit.”
“Fuck you.”
“Shut it.”
“Besides.” Frankie continued to smirk, “You can’t steal them because I’ve got the last in my mouth.” He stuck his tongue out to emphasise his point.
My jaw dropped, “You fucking dick sucker!” I yelped pointing at him accusingly.
“That’s me and you love it.” He smirked knowingly.
“Yeah you would know that you fucker.” I said, grinning despite myself, “I will steal them you know.” I smirked, an idea coming into my head.
“No you won’t.” He declared, “You can try but you won’t.”
“That a challenge?” I asked raising my eyebrows seductively.
“Only if you imply it that way.” Frank shrugged.
I leaned over and straddled his hips making him smirk slightly as he lay down. I brushed my lips against his ear and whispered dirty thoughts in his ear and sat back to enjoy the effect; his eyes were glinting with lust and his cheeks were flushed, lips parted in shock. I took my chances and pushed my lips against his making him moan in surprised pleasure and eagerly kissing me back. I bit down hard on his lip ring as he gripped my hips tightly. I savoured the sound of his satisfying groan of pleasure.
I then slowly ran my hand down his chest and slipped it in between his pants were a noticeable bulge was on notice and I slowly stroked his tip making him pant cusses at me.
I slowly licked the blood that had spilled due to the bite and savoured the metallic taste along with the perfect blend of coffee, cigarettes and skittles.
“Fuck Gee you’re driving me fucking-" I cut him off as I pushed my tongue in and licked every part of his mouth I could possibly reach slowly successfully making him writhe in delighted pleasure.
I smirked deviously as my tongue flicked the skittles in my own mouth.
“Not so smug now sugar.” I teased him.
Suddenly I broke the kiss abruptly and pulled back removing my hand from his jeans and leapt off his hips and off the bed.
“What the fuck” Frankie asked looking cutely confused, his mohawk messed up and lips bruised, pants tightened and bulging beyond imagination, “You fucker!” He pointed at me accusingly torn between exasperation and amusement.
“That’s why you love me.” I winked at him then stuck my tongue out showing the two stolen skittles, “Told you I would steal them.” I smirked smugly then made my way upstairs.
“DA, GERARD! GET BACK HERE! I GOT A HARD ON BECAUSE OF YOU!” Frank yelled indignantly.
“So?” I asked innocently.
“Hm maybe later.” I shrugged, grinning at him and stepped out the room.
“DAMN IT GERARD YOU FUCKING COCK TEASE!” Frankie shouted frustrated.
I laughed and swallowed the well deserved stolen skittles, “And you love me for that too babe.”
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