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Tell me the truth

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Axl comes to school the next day, what happens?

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I left the house as quickly as I could and went to school, finding Izzy standing at my locker, running to him I hugged him tightly.

"Oh God, Axl....Did your father do this?" Izzy gasped.

"Yeah, could you help me hide it?" I begged, looking up at him.

"Sure." Izzy said as he fixed my hair to hide my injuries.

Soon the bell rang for homeroom. Everyone quickly rushed to their respective rooms. I spotted Slash and smiled weakly at him.

"What's happened to you?" Slash questioned, obviously concerned.

"Nothing...I fell down the stairs." I lied smoothly.

"Meet me in the parking lot at lunch." Slash replied, seeing right through my lie.

"O-Okay." I nodded.

The next few classes passed by slowly, finally lunch had arrived and I rushed out into the parking lot to meet Slash.

"What really happened, Axl." Slash's eyes were intense.

"I told you." I stuttered.

"That was a lie. Tell me now Axl." Slash demanded.

I looked at him for a moment before finally opening up to him.

"M-My dad did it." I admitted.

"You are staying with me. We are going home now." Slash said as he got in his car, I carefully followed.
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