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Friday Night's

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Now this one is higher rating for content.

From this point on there maybe a few chpaters with a high rating.

My friend is really dirty minded.


I cut out about 20 sex scenes thorughout this when i was editing it -.-


- xxFLWxx

In the morning, Danielle checked her phone and found a text message from Ray 'heey you + Louise wanna go 2 the cinema tha day :P'Dani and Ray had always been close friends.

"Dani, im going out to town with Gerard today" Louise smiled.

"Oh okay and anyway im going to the cinema with Ray" Danielle smiled.

"You move on fast" Louise laughed. Danielle shot her a deathglare and Gerard phoned Louise.
Louise and Gerard agreed to meet at the mall to get lunch.

"So who is all going to the cinema today?" Louise asked Dani opening her wardrobe.

"Dont know.. Ray didn't say". Danielle was suddently suspicious. Usually whenever her friends muddled in her love life things went horribly wrong thats what happened the last time around.

"You should bring Andy and Jake you know just so you guys are not alone" Louise suggested lifting out her Blink 182 top and black skinnies.

"I'm beginning to think Ray has already asked them" Dani pulled a face and slipped into her Bring Me The Horizon t-shirt, black tights and denim shorts.

"Just be sure" Lousie smiled and applied her eyeliner.

"Okay" Danielle then texted Andy and Jake. Andy replied almost instantly, which made Dani smile. She applied a quick sweep of mascara, said bye to Louise and headed over to Andy's. Dani knocked on the door and Andy welcomed her smiling, Dani walked into the house and sat down closely followed by Andy. Danielle noticed guitar leads and distortion pedals stewn all over the floor. "Do you play?" She asked.

"No, but i am in a band" Andy replied with a shy sweet grin.

"Really?" Dani smiled.

"Yeah" Andy said

"Well whats your part?" Dani asked getting more interested.

"I sing.... and scream" Andy answered. "Do you play any instruments?" Andy asked Danielle.

"Just guitar, but not that well" Dani sighed. maybe that was because she never found time to practise.

"You could learn from jinxx or Jake" Andy suggested.

"I dont wnat to be a burden" Danielle replied.

"No don't worry thery love to teach!" Andy gave her a sweet smile and kissed her. Danielle melted into him and he pulled her onto his lap.

"It would mean that you will be spending much more time around here" Andy smiled.

"Oh yeah" Danielle smiled. Meanwhile Louise was trying to find her iPod.

"I am not leaving without my fucking iPod" She said.

"Here, its down here" Her mum called, Louise ran down, took her iPod said goodbye to her mum and went to catch her bus to the mall. She prayed she wasn't late as she ran into the pizza parlour. "Sorry" She whispered out of breath from running.

"It's okay, your here now" Gerard whispered and handed her a bottle of water.

"Thanks" She smiled and took a drink. Gerard leaned over the table to kiss her and her heart sped up as his lips tasted like coffee and cigarettes. Whenever they broke apart a waiter appraoched them and they ordered a pepperoni and sweetcorn pizza. They then drove into town in Gerard's jeep which wasn't that far away from town and when they reached town they parked the car and Gerard entwined his and Louise's fingers as they walked and they both talked about random shiznit that they wanted to talk about. They walked around, peering into random shops and then sat down on a bench in a park louise leaning on Gerard's chest and the sun was strating to set and Lousie's mum phoned her asking her to come home for dinner.

"You know what" Lousie said.

"What?" Gerard replied stroking Louise's hair.

"I don't wanna go home yet" Louise smiled. Gerard smiled back and kissed her, she allowed his tongue to explore her mouth. They then got into the jeep and Gerard pulled over a street away from their houses so that they could explore eachothers mouths. Both their phones rang and they both ignored them wanting to be left alone.

"Where is your sister?" Dani and Louise's mum questioned Danielle who was sitting on the sofa.

"Honestly i have no idea" Danielle replied wondering herself.

"I have tried calling her a dozen times!" Their mum screeched.

"I dont know where she is!" Danielle roared back confused as to why her mum was taking it out on her when she didnt have anything to do with what her sister was up to. Gerard felt a bulge growing and Louise was in a world of her own. Soon Gerard was unbuckling his seat belt and dragging Louise into the backseat of the jeep. She slipped off his Misfits shirt as he pulled her top over her head. He then left a trail of kisses from her belly button all the way up to her jawline and left hickeys along her neck. Louise shivered in delight and kissed his neck trailing down his toned, muscular chest. She wrapped her legs around his waist feeling him grow harder at her touch. Louise's hand got lost in Gerard's hair and pretty soon she began to unbutton his trousers and slid them off.

Gerard kicked off his shoes and helped Louise get rid of his pants and then he reached down and unbuttoned Louise's jeans pulling them off her legs. Their phones had a million missed calls but neither of them cared, Louise then used her teeth to bring down Gerard's boxers.
He moaned as she grabbed him and he slid his warm pale hands round her back to unfasten her bra, letting it drop to the floor along with her knickers.

"Wait" Gerard said breathless,

"What?" Louise asked not wnating to stop.

"I don't have a condom" Gerard said

"Screw it" Lousie said connecting her lips with Gerard's again, she was one that lived that moment and would always work out ways around the consequences.

Gerard pulled away and shook his head "I dont want you to get pregnant"

Louise considered this "Gerard" She said.

"Yeah?" He asked

"I think we are better off waiting" She smiled.

He gave her a hard look. Then pouted and said "But im hard now!" . Louise laughed and began to dress herself.

"Your the one that does not want me to get pregnant" Louise said.

Gerard moaned and then Louise thought of something. "Clsoe your eyes" She smiled evilly but sexilly at him. He gave her a suspicious face but did as she told him and then she began to stroke his dick before giving him a handjob, Gerard could feel his orgasm building.

She lowered her mouth and closed her lips around his hard dick, He ran his fingers through her hair as she licked and sucked him. "Louise im gonna-" he erected right into her mouth, his hips bucking with force and his orgasm was finally freed and he panted as she sat up, leaning back against his chest.

"Better?" Louise smiled swallowing the thick liquid, Gerard was breathless but smiled and kissed her running his hands through her hair again. Louise then grabbed her phone and checked it.

Both her mum and Danielle had left at least three dozen calls and texts. She then checked the time "Shit" She said. She was 3 hours late. "Im in deep shit when i get home" She said closing her eyes and sighing.

"Meh" Gerard said.

"Let's go before both our heads get chewed off, they probably will anyway" Louise said sitting back int he front seat waiting for Gerard to get dressed, once he was dressed they drove back home again. After her mum had finsihed chewing her head off, Louise headed upstairs to her bedroom where Dani punced on her.

"Well how was it?" Danielle asked with curiousity, relief, happiness and excitement wrapped in her voice.

"Attack much?" Louise laughed.

Meanwhile "Do you know what time it is?" Donna Gerard's mum said.

"I know" Gerard replied.

"You are grounded, i dont liek you being out late" Donna said.

"But-" Gerard started.

"No buts" Donna said, Gerard didn't say anyhting else and just headed down to the basement and fell asleep.

"So what did you two get up to eh?" Dani asked, relentless.

"Give it a rest" Louise moaned and then rolled over and faced her sister

"How'd it go with ANdy?" She asked, Danielle then explained what they went to see in the cinema and that Frank and Mikey also came along and what they got up to that day, Louise listened and didn't interrupt her once.

"Awesome, sounds like you had fun, but im going to go to sleep now" Louise smiled and closed her eyes before drifting into dreamland.
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