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Okee ^-^

Another chapter :3

Glad your enjoying it so far xD

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The next morning Louise was playing Guitar Hero dressed and ready wearing her Bullet For My Valentine hoodie, her dark purple jeans and converse while Danielle got ready to go to Andy's for her guitar lessonw ith Jinxx and Jake.

Danielle laughed at louise's determined expression, tongue out, staring hard at the screen as she jammed, hitting the buttons down hard.

Danielle then heaed over to Andy's where he as usual welcomed her with a kiss and took her hand firmly in his.

He led her downstairs to the basement where a drum kit, several amps and at least a dozen guitars and bass' were set up "Wow" She breathed taking it all in.

"You like it then?" Andy smiled

"Its fucking amazing!" She then picked up a guitar and began to play some chords.

"Your not bad!" Andy said. Daielle blushed and set the guitar down, feeling self-conscious.

"Don't stop" he whispered. He then leaned down to kiss her. Suddently there was a wolf whistle from behind them as Jake caught them. They pulled away but Andy slid her onto his lap and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"You are so cute together!" Ashley smiled. Andy kissed Danielle and she laughed silently to herself. Jake took her through a couple of songs that they hoped to record someday, Ashley played along on the bass and CC beat out a simple rhythm on the drums.

Andy's voice soothed her and smiled as he kept eye contact with her throughout the songs. It was alot less awkward than she thought it would be, the guys were really sweet and funny. Whenever they were finsihed, Andy took her up to his bedroom.

Andy threw her onto the bed and kissed her hard. Meanwhile Louise forgot about the hickeys that she received as her mum walked into the room.

'Louise!' her mum exclaimed. 'Who gave you those hickeys?' She blushed and desperately tried to think of a lie, but none would come to her mind.

Next door, Andy slid his hand under Dani's top, then pulled it right off, tossing it casually onto the floor, where his shirt soon joined it. Dani ran her hands down his pale, muscled chest. He was beautiful. She kissed him, pushing him down onto the bed and leaning down on top of him. He ran his fingers through her hair, moaning into her mouth as their tongues met. Andy then began to touch Danielle's body, she allowed him to dominate her just as long as they were together, she had never been this close to a guy and was enjoying every minute of it.

Meanwhile "i-i" Louise struggled for words and her mum's face filled with anger.

'Who? Louise!' her mum was p-i-s-s-e-d. Not to be messed with.

'Gerard,' Louise whispered, hanging her head.

'The new boy that lives down the street?' her mum gave her an hard glare as she nodded. Her mum was furious

"You are not to see him again" Her mum said seriously.

In Andy's room, things were getting hot. He tugged her shorts off and slipped her tights down, dropping them to the floor just like her top. He pulled his own pants down and rolled over, so that he was on top. She tugged down his boxers and he pulled down her thong. He then took off her bra and massaged her breasts making her moan in pleasure.

Then he moved his hands lower, down her back and yet lower still. She didn't want him to stop, ever.

"Wait" Andy jumped off and ran to the bathroom to get a condom. She lay back on the bed, waiting for him to return. He pulled her over to him on the bed and he kissed her again.

'Andy...will you wait a minute?' she whispered.

'Of course, sorry, I'm moving toofast, aren't I?' he sighed. He'd made the same mistake in the doughut shop.

'No, it's not that,' she whispered, blushing slightly. 'It's just that...I'm a virgin and I'm not sure I'm ready for...this.' He reached for her hand and pulled her against his chest.

'It's okay,' he whispered. 'I'd wait forever and a day for you.'

"Thankyou" Danielle smiled.

Meanwhile "YOU CANT FUCKING MAKE ME" Louise shouted at her mum, the tears sliding down her face.



"IM PHONING HIS MOTHER AND I WILL NOT LET YOU SEE HIM AGAIN!" Her mother screamed. Louise just fell down the wall and pulled her knees to her chest, wrapped her arms around them and cried to herself allowing her eyeliner to run down her cheeks.

'I love him,' she whispered through her sobs. But her mother had already left the room and had not heard her. She pulled out her phone and called Dani. No reply. 'I suppose that's what I get for not answering yesterday' she thought to herself. Donna was furious when Louise's mum had phoned her

"Gerard" She appeared at the top of the basement steps.

'What?' he moaned sleepily.

"Sit up!" Donna said trudging down the stairs, Gerard rubbed his eyes and looked up at his mum. "I know about you and the girl up the street" She said plainly. Gerard gave her a hard look not expecting the next thing that left her mouth. "You are not to see her again, you understand?" She said plainly and quietly, she was not the type to lose her temper.

'But-but-but mum! I-I...I love her!' he whispered. His mum sighed and stroked her hair.

'Her mum phoned me about the hickeys you gave her, she wasn't happy,' she murmured to him.

'I'm sorry. But I won't just walk away from her. I love her so much. Already. I've only know her a little while but...' he trailed off, not expecting his mum to understand. Love was a strange thing.

"But nothing" Donna said and leaving the room, Gerard was expressionless but confused at the same time. Louise then grabbed her phone and dialled his number making sure her mum didn't hear her on the phone.

'Louise?' Gerard whispered. 'I'm so, so sorry. They won't let us be together.'

'I know' Louise whispered. 'I hate it! Gerard...I-I-I love you so much!' Gerard was taken back, she just admitted that she did love him.

"I love you too" Gerard said.

"C-can y-you meet me in the p-park i-i'll s-say that im meeting up with Dani" Louise asked.

'Of course,' he whispered, praying his mum couldn't hear him. 'I'll meet you there in half an hour.'

Louise managed a small smile and hung up still shaking. "Louise" Her mum called

"Yeah?" Louise said

"Where is your sister?" Her mum asked.

"She is in the park im going to go and see her now" Louise muttered wiping her eyes and fixing her eyeliner she didn't want to go out like a tramp. Once satisfyed and calmed down a little she left the house and walked to the park. She called Dani again and this time she got an answer. She explained what had happened and told her to go to the park instead of going home when she was finished at Andy's.

"My mum is a fucking bitch" Danielle said still shocked at what Louise had just told her.

"What happened?" Andy asked stroking her precious and delicate face.

She explained and he sighed. 'We're going to have to be careful from now on,' he whispered.
"I couldn't live without you, i could only imagine what Louise is going through right now" Danielle said a little hurt because she knew how fragile Louise can be, she may not look it but she can be very emotional.

'I know,' she whispered. Then he tilted back her head and whispered softly in her ear, 'I love you.' Suddenly Ashley burst through the door, about to ask Andy if he'd seen his spare bass lead. Andy pulled the quilt up to cover both his and her modesty and Ashley's eyes took in the scene; Dani, naked, lying on Andy's bare chest, their clothes strewn across the floor. He gave a low wolf-whistle, winked at Andy and then walked out again, shutting the door behind him. Danielle blushed and Andy laughed

"Ashley is so dead on" Danielle smiled

"i Know he is fucking epic" Andy replied. Meanwhile Louise was sitting on the swings blasting Bullet For My Valentine waiting on Gerard.

Gerard started sprinting as soon as he saw her. He hurdled over the gate and practically slammed into her, sweeping her off her feet into a ginourmous bear hug.

"Gerard" Louise choked pulling him in even closer.

"I will not let them break us up" Gerard said. "I love you too much" He added kissing her. He pulled her to the ground on top of him, kissing her and gently cradling her. 'I never want to let you go,' he whispered softly in her ear.

"I never want to leave you" Louise said smiling.

'I never want to leave you,' Dani whispered to Andy at the exact same second.

'I'll never let go of you...if you want,' he added as an after thought.

'Yes,' she breathed.

"Now i need to go and see my sister" Danielle said kissing Andy and running out of the house.

Meanwhile "Mikey" Donna called Mikey

"Yeah?" Mikey said

"I need you to make sure that Gerard stays away from the girl that lives up the street, i dont like her" Donna said.

"Okay" Mikey smiled.

"If you see them together i want you to tell me and if you do i will reward you generously" Donna smiled. Mikey nodded and continued drinking his coffee. Of course he had no intention of doing so. Gerard was his friend and there was no way he was going to rat him out. And anyway, he liked Louise. She seemed like a nice, sweet girl.

Dani arrived at the park and seen Louise and Gerard then debated wheather or not to interrupt them. She decied on not and slid down the fence to sit by the gate. She sighed as she saw them would crush her if their mother broke them apart. Louise was fragile, though she would never admit it. Dani, her twin, wasn't even sure just how fragile she was. But Gerard was good for her.

Andy had follwed her to the park and sat down beside Dani "They seem so happy together" Andy said,

"Yeah, but one thing about my twin is that she is fragile and i sure hope that my mum does not break them up" Danielle said,

Andy pulled her in and kissed her gently when they broke apart Danielle seen her mothers car pull up and she panicked.
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