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I Have To

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Here beez deh next chapterr :3

- xxFLWxx

Andy grabbed her and pulled her through the gateway with him, running to Louise and Gerard. 'We have to go now!' Dani grabbed Louise's wrist and pulled her to the gate at the other end of the park. They ran for it and reached their street, breathless and laughing. Gerard brought Louise to his jeep but Andy pulled Dani into his garage. There stood a gleaming black Buell motorbike. She gasped, she loved bikes!

'Let's be rebels,' he whispered with a wink. Andy and Dani jumped onto the bike and they took a ride.

"Oh my fucking-" Louise said then cut off her own sentance due to the panic that just happened.

"WE almost got caught" Gerard said. Her head snapped up at the sound of the bike, just in time to see her sister on the back of a shinning Harley Davidson, her arms wrapped around Andy's muscled chest. She gasped and then grinned. She was happy for her sister, this was exactly what she needed, she'd always had trouble believing in herself, this was going to boost her confidence by 1000x.
"Im glad she met Andy" Louise smiled.

"Yeah just tell her to be careful other wise she will end up in the same situation as us" Gerard said kissing Louise and wrapping his arms around her waist.

'I will,' she sighed.

'Also tell her to be careful she doesn't kill herself on the fucking bike,' he shook his head and then kissed the top of her's.

'I will,' she whispered. Andy stopped at the beach and it was night, the stars were shining and the sand gleamed.

"Its beautiful" Danielle smiled.

"I know" Andy said entwining his fingers with hers and then they took a stroll enjoying eachothers company and listening to the wind whistling. The sea just lapped at Dani's feet and the sand was warm. She sighed and relaxed against his chest. Then he laughed and dragged her right into the sea, soaking her shorts and top. She laughed and flicked water in his face. They messed around in the sea for what felt like hours and then ended up giggling and rolling around on the beach. She sighed and let her head rest on his chest, just listening to his steady heartbeat.

"For some reason we always end up in your jeep" Louise said. Gerard took a cigarette and lit it.

"That is so true" Gerard said with realisation.

"Meh" Louise said.

"What?" Gerard said

"I just dont want us to get ratted out" Louise said

"We wont" Gerard said.

Meanwhile "So you will do it?" Louise's mum said to Hailey Williams her arch enemy

"Of course, i will tell you if i catch them together" Hailey smiled, this would be the perfect revenge to get on her worst enemy.

'Good,' Louise's mum said. Hailey just grinned.

"Okay i think its time i went home" Louise said looking at her watch.

"No stay" Gerard said looking at her eyes wide not wanting to let her leave. Louise kissed him

"Bye" She smiled and jumped out of the jeep and went to her house completly ignoring her mum and going upstairs and putting on P.S I Love You and waited for her sisters return. Half way between watching her film she fell asleep on her bed. She woke up to a furious screming match goingon downstairs between her twin and her mum. She checked her bedside clock. 4:07am. From the sound downstairs she gathered that Dani was only home now. And their mother was not happy.

"WHATS WITH ALL THE FUCKING SHOUTING?!" Louise shouted going down the stairs.

"Dont use that language with me!" Their mum shouted. Louise then kept quiet


"THATS IT YOU ARE GROUNDED" Their mum shouted.


"Im no going to stand here and take abuse from my 16 year old daughters!" Their mum shouted.


"AND WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" Their mum shouted

"IM NOT COMING BACK IM GOING TO GERARDS!" Louise shoued and with that she left leaving her sister to decide what she should do. Dani ran upstairs with her mother yelling after her and Louise, screaming profanities at them. She took her school bag and her gym bag, stuffed them with her toiletries, clothes, favourite books and her iPod and laptop. She ran out of the house, past her demented mother and knocked on Andy's door. Andy opened the door rubbing his eyes not expecting who to be at the door

"Dani?" He said reconizing her below the wet puffy cheeks and the tears streaming out of her eyes, he enveloped her in a huge hug

"C-can i s-stay wi-with you" She managed to say

"Of course you can" He then led her into the house and they sat down "Tell me what happened" He smiled giving her a small smile. She tried to smile back but ended up crying harder. He gently pulled her closer and let her bury her face in his t-shirt. He smelled good. 'Oh god,' she thought, 'did I really just think that?' She then told Andy the complete story from her coming home late, to Louise exploding to why she is here now. ANdy listened carefully and didnt interrupt her once and when she was finished they sat and enjoyed eachothers complany before they both fell asleep on the sofa arm in arm like a perfect couple.

Down at Gerard's house, he led her down to the basement quickly, so his mum wouldn't catch them. He begged her to stop crying, he was terrified of her hearing them. After a few minutes he lead her out to his jeep and drove a couple of blocks away so that they could talk in peace. Louise explained what had happened in between her sobs. Gerard did the same with ANdy and listened to every word not interrupting her.

"Well we have a problem" Gerard said when she finished and had calmed down a little.

"What?" Louise choked

"Where are you going to stay? If you stay with me my mum will tell your mum" Gerard said.

"Shit" Louise said, she hadn't thought this through as she usually would have.

'I know what we can do,' Gerard whispered. He drove the jeep back to their street and parked outside Andy's house. He led her to the door and knocked, kissing her as they waited. Andy answered, standing protectively in front of Dani. 'Louise needs somewhere to stay. Do you have a free bed?' He spoke in a tense tone, it was clear the two didn't like eachother and didn't get on.

"No, im giving it to Dani" Andy said plainly.

"Im not going back with that fucking EUGH" Louise said.

"But then where else can you go?" Gerard said

"I have only one choice left" Louise said, her face becoming pale.

"What?" Gerard said noticing her low self confidence and aking her hand

"I have to go and live with Dad" She said staring at the ground.

"Louise, dad lives in fucking England! This is New Jersey!" Danielle said with realisation.

"I have to" Louise said then a single tear came to her eye.
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