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Here is the next part of Playing With Emotions when my character fucking leaves.

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'No! No way!' Dani yelled. She turned to Andy, begging him . 'I'll sleep on the floor, in fact I'd sleep in the yard! Please just let her stay!'

"No" Andy said, he was never fond of Louise and everyone knew that.

"ENGLAND" Gerard said his voice going highpitched. Louise then took out her cell phone and dialled her dads number.

"Hey" She said into the phone "I need to say with you for a while" She said.

'No!' Dani sobbed, grabbing her sister and pulling her into a hug. Sobs shook her body as she cried into her twin's hair. 'Don't go! Don't go! We're twins! We're suppost to be together.

'Louise,' Gerard whispered, 'are you serious?
"I cant be a fucking hobo" Louise said when she finsihed her phone call. Danielle's eyes were starting to tear up again.

"Im not letting you" Dani said

"Go in with Andy my dad said he is going to book my tickets and then i will be away, im not going back into that bitches house and im leaving in about 12 hours and its 5 am so i should get some sleep, ill see you later Dani" Louise said. Andy took Dani into the house and closed the door and Gerard went with Louise.

"England?" Gerard repeated

"Im sorry" Louise said taking both of his hands

"I dont want to lose you" He said making eye contact with her. They left, holding hands, and he took her back to his house.

'Who gives a fuck if my mum hears,' he muttered, more to himself than to Louise. They walked down to the basement managing to not get caught by Gerard's mum. They sat down on Gerard's bed. Gerard didn't know what to say next. Tears rolled down his face as he held her. 'You can't be serious,' he whispered into her neck, 'you can't go. I love you! I only just met you but I love you so much. England is so so so far away. You can't go. You just...can't.'

"I have no other choice but to go, yes i could stay with Frank but you know that his mum and dad are going through rough times" Louise said.

"Yeah" Gerard said. He then kissed her and they both soon fell asleep holding onto eachother not wanting to let go.

The next morning.

"SHIT" Gerard whispered waking up, he forgot that they were down in the basement and his mum was upstairs clearly making breakfast and he could hear her begin to walk down the stairs so without thinking he covered Louise's still sleeping body and got changed acting like everything was normal

"Oh your awake" Donna smiled.

"Morning" Gerard said.

"Your not usually awake" Donna said suspicious.

"I decided to get up early" Gerard said.

"Okay" Donna said not questioning the lump on the bed and went upstairs "Coffee is ready for you" Donna called

"Okay" Gerard called back. He gently shook Louise awake. He told her about his mum and then went upstairs.

'I know she's down there,' Donna said drily. Gerard hung his head but she simply handed him two plates and told him to bring one down to her.

"You managed to get the food" Louise said with a smile.

"My mum knows your down here" Gerard said handing Louise the plate with bacon and eggs on it.

"Well my mum knows im going to live with my dad, my dad text me and told me he told her" Louise said

"I still cant believe your leaving" Gerard said wrapping his arms around her waist protectively and kissing her, they sat and kissed for about 5 minutes.

"I will come over and see you and that is a fucking promise" Louise said. Gerard smiled and kissed her again

"So how exactly are you getting the tickets" Gerard asked

"I have a number my dad gave me and i just tell the people at the airport the number and bring my passport" Louise smiled. Gerard smiled. Once they finished eating Louise and Gerard left Gerard's house and Dani and Andy appraoched them, Danielle automatically pulling Louise into a hug and she gave her, her suitcase. Andy hung back, feeling awkward but Dani held her sister tight. She knew they didn't get on with their mother, even at the best of times, but this was absurd. It still felt like a nightmare, a dream she was just about to wake up from.

"Well lets go" Louise said taking hold of Gerard's hand. Frank and mikey then came over


"Dont worry we will keep in touch" Louise smiled. They all piled into Gerard's jeep and before Louise got in she looked at her house and her mother was looking out the window at her, She smiled and got into the jeep, Gerard holding her hand for dear life and they finally arrived at the airport and Louise got her plane tickets. Gerard carried her bag for her and set it down at the check-in desk. He felt miserable as he watched her hand over her passport and her bag disappeared down the conveor belt. He'd only just found her yet he felt like he'd know her half his life. She was his soul mate...and he was going to lose her.
When the plane arrived everyone said their goodbyes, Frank almost squished her to death, Mikey gave her 33 packets of skittles to remembered him and frank by, Ray couldnt make it due to a family incident, Andy didnt acknowledge her and never got along with her, Danielle wanted to strap herself to the plane but couldnt.

"I will keep in touch" She said to Danielle whos eyes were stinging due tot he tears

"You better" Danielle gave her one last hug and then she turned to Gerard who pretty much grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him and kissed her

"I love you, dont forget that" He said to her.

"I love you too" Louise smiled and they kissed one more time before finally freeing eachother "Bye" Louise smiled and boarded the plane.

Gerard pulled Dani close, burying his face in her hair. Andy bristled but he didn't care. They were so alike, twins. Maybe he wasn't completely losing Louise afterall. Andy gently put an arm around her shoulders and she buried his face on his chest. He practically had to drag her out of the airport.
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