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Chapter Nineteen

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Jared finds the truth, the mystery revealing itself.

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Chapter Nineteen

It wasn't me. Everything that was happening felt like I was merely watching from the inside of a cage. I couldn't move, couldn't even say any of my own words. I was locked in here, in my own body. My body approached the doctor and then everything inside of me went dark. I no longer saw Dr. Lawrence, didn't even see what happened next. I knew suddenly that as images came into my mind was the past, the dark past that would make sense of everything that was happening.

I saw through his eyes, tired eyes that they were. His mind went a million thoughts an hour and his actions were never premeditated. His mind was heavily affected by the pills they told him to take, by the bounds he was forced to wear. It was only ten years ago and he was young, so very young. He had been sent to the hospital because he had tried to kill himself but hadn't succeeded. He began catching onto things, making sense of the disappearances around the hospital, of the girls who suddenly were no longer found again. Dr. Lawrence and his three friends were taking the girls, "experimenting" on their bodies and doing things that seemed more than blasphemous, more than disgusting. After several days they would kill them after having held them locked up in the basement cages. He had managed to slip away from his meal and found himself looking in on what they were doing to one of the patients. He had tried not to make a noise as they raped her, tortured her youthful body but he just couldn't bear it any longer. They heard him, went after him and in his malnutritioned weakness he couldn't outrun them. They locked him up in the basement, unsure what to do with him until the resolve came that they would kill him. They threw him in his hospital room, slashes on his wrists and let him die. They settled the matter of the lawsuit from his parents and lived with what they had done.

But then things started to happen. Strange things, frightening things. The hospital became a terror to work in for everyone - especially Dr. Lawrence and his friends. Dr. Lawrence's son had gone to work a small job within the hospital and soon found himself experiencing what had happened to me. But nothing at all stopped and the possession of sorts only got worse. They killed the boy, again claiming suicide. Three years went by with the happenings becoming much more tame and then I came to work there and the cycle repeated itself. Dr. Lawrence had figured that a life sacrifice was what it was supposed to take in order to make it all stop but it hadn't worked and with me it had gotten stronger. The girls had been the reminder of what they had done and they had to see the possessed take on the likeness of the man they had killed ten years ago.

Everything cleared in my mind, my thoughts returned and my surroundings formed again around me. The room was quiet and I found Dr. Lawrence laying there on the cold tiles. His eyes were vacant, blood soaked up the coat he wore and I could feel the stains dry on my skin. He was dead and I wanted it to be over but the door from the other room opened and Dr. Lawrence's three friends began to call out his name.
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