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A figure in robes with blonde hair flying behind them soared across the skies happily flitting through the various clouds on a broom. The person was an athletic tan looking witch with brown eyes. The young witch who was known as Katie Bell the youngest of the Gryffindor Chaser Threesome, and a survivor of the Voldemort War. She was amongst those that could proudly lift her head and say that she had been there. As a muggleborn witch there hadn’t been a whole lot of chances of her slipping through the cracks that the ministry had been making. She wouldn’t have bet a copper galleon on her living through it all if it hadn’t been for her friends hiding her. She had known Umbridge and knew what was more than likely to happen to her if she reported to the toad woman. She wasn’t going to let that happen to her and had fled to the friends that she knew that she could count on. Of course there was only so long that real Gryffindors could hide and wait. Oliver had brought the team and a few others together and they had survived, then they had all gone to Hogwarts to take part in the battle when the twins called them. Now life was different though, there were no more fights to fight right now. She didn’t have to worry about the Death Eaters anymore. Now they all had a chance to get on with their lives.

Katie was currently going over her options for that as well. As a member of the D.A, and a fighter for the battle of Hogwarts she had been offered posts in both the Aurors and the hit wizards. She had also gotten a couple of offers from some of the Quidditch teams in Europe, the final offer she had was one from a magical ranch that raised Pegasus horses. The woman that owned the ranch usually decided if she would take you in as an apprentice in three years. If she made the cut she would study under the Janna Morgan, a Beast Mistress and one of the Best DADA and transfiguration experts in Europe. She was one of the eight registered Anmanguses in England. Oliver thought she should join him at Puddlemere, Angelina wanted her to join the Silver Arrows. A lot of people were joining the Aurors and then there was the ranch job. They were all so tempting, and all had so much promise the fact was she had to decide though and soon. None of the offers would stay open very long and she would have to make a choice, or she would lose out on all of them.

She was distracted from her musings though as a roar sounded from down below and a stream of fire narrowly missed her. Looking down the young woman noticed that a large dragon was currently in combat with several cloaked and armored figures that were hurling glowing balls of energy at it. The girl hovered for a minute as she watched the attack happen to the creature. One of its wings had a couple of small holes in it grounding the beast and they were still taking potshots at it. The skin was turning an ugly shade in a few spots and it was obvious that the magical resistant hide was not going to last much longer. Gathering up her courage Katie sent a few stunners at the group. While she saw them hit they all bounced off. “Shield cloaks.” She grumbled, as she saw the group turn wondering what she should do to Fred and George for creating those things. Her mind flashed back to the memory that only one of them was still alive. That was all she had time to think of though as the group broke apart part of them continuing to fight the dragon while a couple of them kept her pinned in the air. Katie responded with several various maneuvers that six years of Quidditch had taught her. The attacks were about the size of quaffles and she had long since learned how to anticipate where those would end up being. Some of the blasts were uncomfortably close, but she managed to stay out of the way. She upped the amount of power she was using in her wand using wide angle slicing hexes to hurt them instead. As she dodged one blast though she pointed her broom straight up and dodged most of a blast. The tail of her broom caught fire though and she was now spiraling out of control. The witch grimaced as she aimed the broom toward the ground. Harry had made flying out of control brooms look so much easier. She thought as she finally crashed to the ground. She looked at her broom sadly. It was gone, the broom that she had gotten as a second year was gone. Growling in anger the witch brandished her wand and pointed it at the unknowns and let all sorts of spells shoot out. Against a regular witch or wizard they would have been brought down under such an assault.

Katie realized she wasn’t facing a regular witch or wizard though when one of them seemed to just appear in front of her. It wasn’t apparatting that it used as there were no pops or cracks. No this was entirely different as the person seemed to just disappear and reappear. Her eyes got big and she stopped casting spells as she gazed at him in disbelief. The thing before her wasn’t even human as it had scales all over it. Before she could cast another spell she was back handed. She cried out as she slammed into a rock.

“I do not know what you think you are doing here human, but that is enough.” The creature snarled at her. It held its hand up and several claws popped out and it took another swing at her. Katie squealed as she felt the claws knick her in the side as she went rolling away. She looked down and saw that there was very little damage the creature had judged wrong on its strike thanks to her robes. The robes were now sliced nearly in half now she thought as she looked up and with her wand in both hands banished the creature away from her. She was relieved as she watched it go flying away. She stumbled to her feet and shrugged out of the remnants of her robes. She didn’t think that she would be lucky enough for a second miss by the claws. She fired several spells at the creature as it began climbing to its feet. The creature didn’t even bother to block as it seemed to disappear it reappeared behind Katie and grabbed her wand arm. The witch reached out with her other arm and tried to hit it but it was like hitting a tree and she heard a cracking sound as her hand connected. She tried kicking and kneeing it but that just seemed to annoy it. The creature looked at her with contempt and squeezed her arm. The witch whimpered a bit and then there was a crack as her arm was broken and her wand fell from her hand. The creature slashed at her again this time taking her in the chest shredding through clothes and skin. The pain was too much for her and she welcomed the blackness that came to her. With a smirk on its face it picked her up by her belt and dragged her towards its companions.

“Why is the human still alive?” One of the others questioned, as it looked at the broken girl at their feet.

“She will do as food for our lord along with any other uses that he may think she has.” The demon returned.

“A wise choice my brother.” The creature said. “It then turned its attention back to the dragon. All at once now.” It ordered and they each created a large ball of energy in their hands and threw them at the charred dragon. They all nodded as they dragon reared its head up and then fell to the ground dead. “Well done brethren, hurry now the portal opens soon and our lord will want his offering.” The creatures moved around the dragon and sliced its stomach open reaching in they pulled the heart out. “Perfect.” The demon said just as a portal began to open. It started out as a small pinprick but the creatures began pouring their power into it and it quickly turned into a large circle nearly twenty feet high and long. A winged creature uglier and fowler than all of the others stepped forward. It grunted at them as it took the heart from the hands of the leader. It examined the heart and then swallowed it. The creature then turned to face the unconscious witch.

“A youngling that tried to stop us my lord.” One of the creatures informed it who nodded as it looked down at the figure.


Katie found herself in a weird place, she appeared to be on a small island. Around her stood various men and women in Viking armor, or cotton clothes. As she climbed to her feet she noted that her own clothes had changed into simple cotton shirt and shorts with animal skin boots that laced up to her knees. She rubbed her arms together as there was a cold here that was almost as bad as the cold from a dementor. The most interesting part about being here though was that all of the various injuries that she had taken from the creature were now gone. A man as large if not larger than Hagrid stood before her dressed in ancient looking chainmail and animal skins with a large red cloak billowing behind him. He had a head of gray hairs with white strands mixed with them and a beard that came down to his chest. On his head he wore a helmet with large horns, and a giant spear rested in his hands. He was covered in various lines of scars and age and he only had one eye. He sat upon a large silver horse that had eight legs of all things. Behind him an armored man with a giant hammer, and on the other side a woman with some odd type of armor. The pair stood as if waiting for a command.

“Who are you?” The Gryffindor girl questioned him nervously as she tried to take everything in.

The figure looked her over for a moment and Katie felt as if that one eye could penetrate her farther than even the eye of Mad-Eye Moody ever had and she knew there were a lot of girls that had never been comfortable around him. “I am Odin, daughter of Midgard. Lord of the Aesir, Master of Asgard.” The figure rumbled at her, the power of his voice seeming to echo though her very being. Katie mouth went dry as she began understanding what she was standing before. “I stood and watched your fight wand waver, and saw within you a true warrior. You do your heritage well daughter. As a descendent of the Norse Lands you have shown the true fire of the warrior spirit that resides within you.” He congratulated her. “Against a human opponent you would have won in your battle. You were simply no match physically to battle the creature.”

“Yeah but they weren’t human.” Katie growled angry at how easily she had been beaten by that whatever. “So where am I?” She questioned as she continued to look around.

“You are in Limbo, daughter of Midgard.” The Lord of the Aesir informed the girl. “You are but a few moments away from death, and once that happens you shall be taken to the hallowed halls of Valhalla. Perhaps even work someday as one of mine chosen.” The God said as he gestured to the warrior woman behind him.

“Dead?” Katie asked ignoring everything else that she had been told. “I’m dead? But I still had so much to do.”

Odin flashed her a sad smile. “Aye that you did young one, but the demon and your warrior heart stole those things from you.”

“Can you give me another chance against them?” Katie pleaded with him.

Odin nodded at her. “That I can daughter of Midgard, that I can. However, to do so will mean a sacrifice on your part.” He warned her before she thought that this was a free offering. “To allow this to happen your new life will belong to me. You shall be my warrior in the world. When the call comes for battle you will be expected to be amongst those on the front line. Battle shall be your life from now on young one.”

Katie considered this for a moment she was only 18 nearly 19 and he was warning her about what her life could be. “Like I have lot of choice as it is now?” The witch growled still wanting a chance to go at those creatures. “What were those bloody things anyways?”

“Ah, you ran across a small pack of demons summoning a demon lord. I sense your fire young one even in the cold clutches of death I sense your fiery fury.” Odin seemed to be considering something as if he was making a decision. He finally began talking though as he made his choice. “Brunnhilde, prepare to merge with this one. He commanded. “I do believe that she has your spirit.”

“As you say my lord.” The warrior woman said as she came to stand in front of the young witch. “Prepare yourself warrior maiden, for power like you have not felt before.”

Katie nodded and looked at the woman as she raised her hands in the air. The figure was several inches taller than her and was a lot more intimidating than she though. The air got even colder and Katie watched a ring of blue fire now surrounded them. “My power shall be your power young one.” The woman said, and then she to burst into blue flames. Katie yelped as she watched the flames wash over her own body. She didn’t feel the agony that should have come though instead she felt stronger more aware. The witch opened her eyes and saw that the flames had died and the warrior woman was gone. All that was left of where she had been was her armor. Katie looked down and saw that her form had changed she was taller and judging from the way that the clothes she wore strained against her she now had a much fuller figure.

“And so rises the newest of my Valkyrie.” Odin said with a proud smile, as he looked at the girl. “Dwarves attend her, work your magic’s. Katie looked down as six dwarves came out of the shadows. A new fire seemed to rise from the ground. The armor was casually tossed into the fire and then the group began tracing symbols on the young woman’s skin. Katie bit back a growl at some of the places that they touched, but a look from Odin had her standing still. After they were finished the dwarves turned to Odin who examined each of the runes himself. As the God of Magic and Runes it made since that he would inspect the work the witch thought, unsure how she had known this information.

“Let us do our magic then.” Odin cried. “Hel, Balder, Hiemdell, Tyr, attend to me!” Four figures stepped forward as he called them. One was in heavy armor and with a quietness that Katie couldn’t believe. This was Hiemdell guardian of the rainbow bridge. Another was also dressed in full armor but he was missing an arm that was Tyr, the God of battle. The next was a man that seemed to radiate light except for the small dart that seemed to be lodged in his throat. This was Balder god of light the invincible god who had only one weakness. Finally there was a young girl who seemed to have a foul odor to her. This was Hel mistress of the underworld those who died without honor were sent to her. Each of the Gods poured their power into the pit and flames rose from the pit. The flames wrapped around her and she looked down at herself. A black chain mail dress now adorned her form over the chain mail she wore a chest plate that had a feather design to it, a large silver belt with a buckle that was so large that it protected her stomach, on her head a helmet rested on her head she felt the wings that protruded from the helmet her hair had been separated into two warrior braids that rested on either side of her head. On her forearms she had silver bracers with the symbol of the raven on them. Metal boots that came up to her knees with the raven symbol also adorned her feet. To top everything off, a royal blue cloak was added over her shoulders.

“Amazing.” Katie breathed as she moved around and felt the flexibility of the armor she now wore.

“We are not quiet done my Valkyrie.” Odin told the girl. Katie/Valkyrie turned to look at the Lord of the Aesir and saw a dragon form behind him. “The one you risked your life for died despite your noble efforts, it is now your duty to avenge him. He would give you a gift though before he passes. His scales added a layer of protection to your armor; he also gives you one of his fangs.” The dragon opened its mouth and a large fang dropped into the fire. Odin raised his hands again and fired a magical pulse into the fire pit. The dwarves withdrew a weapon. Katie saw a sword rise from the flames. “I give you the Dragonfang blade my warrior. Now go, your steed awaits for you on the other side to join with you in battle.”

Katie nodded and bowed once to the Gods before she disappeared into the mist.


Katie groaned and opened her eyes. She saw a large demon lord standing over her a feral grin on its face. Glaring back she slammed her fist to the ground and a flash of light hid her from them when the light faded there stood a fully armored Valkyrie. “Lord Odin sends his greetings and say that you are not welcome here demons.” The Valkyrie snarled as she drew a sword from her side.

“So the rumors are true, the Ancient Ones stir once again.” The demon lord growled. “I have no fear of your weakling master though, and shall show you what I do to those that would try and tell me how to do things.” The demon growled at her as it rose to its full hight and flared its wings.

“My lord, allow me.” The demon that had beaten Katie before requested. “I brought her down before; I would like to try my might against her as she now is.”

“Very well young one, I shall grant you this boon.” The demon said as he stepped back to let the two fight it out.

The two didn’t say anything they merely moved at each other. Valkyrie with her sword at the ready; while the demon bared its claws. As they passed each other they could all hear the scratching sound the claws made on the armor as they failed to break though. The demon on the other hand grunted as the blade turned into his chest killing it. Valkyrie turned to face the other demons. The lower level demons all glared at the young armored figure and fired their energy orbs at her. Katie moved out of the way of some and deflected others back at them. She looked up as the winged demon lord was the only one left of the group.

“Go back from where you came from creature, and you shall have no fight with me.” Valkyrie said as she gestured with her blade toward the portal that was still hanging open.

“I think not little demi god. Despite your power you are still no match for me.” The demon said confidently as it flared its wings. It held its arm out and a whip of fire appeared. Flapping its wings it rose into the air and began snapping its whip at her.

Valkyrie dodge and rolled as she did her best to stay ahead of the whip several times the whip managed to leave small burn marks on her skin. She remembered that Odin had said something about a steed. Raising her fingers to her lips she let out a shrill whistle and a creature dive bombed the demon lord distracting it. Valkyrie moved away from the rock and watched as a dark form kept the demon lord from focusing on her. She was about to move on and look for another attack method when she felt herself kick something. Looking down Katie smiled as she saw her wand roll a few feet away. Grinning she picked the wand up, remembering the Battle of Hogwarts she took her wand and placed her magical tool within the hilt of her sword. The blade just slid into the butt of her sword. She took a few swings before she pointed her blade at the creature and muttered fired several curses and watched as her sword glowed and then fired the spells. The demon lord roared and Valkyrie let loose another whistle and summoned her steed to her. She watched as her steed landed in front of her. A large black Pegasus was there for her to mount. The creature had no saddle but did have a bridle in which she could steer the horse. She ran and leaped onto its back and with a clicking sound she felt the steed run. She eyed the demon and then took to the sky. She swung around and began firing curses as she charged at the demon lord. The creature responded by sending fire balls back at her, which the Pegasus bravely and skillfully dodged. As they got closer to each other Katie had an idea that it was almost Potter worthy. Remembering tales of how Harry had distracted a troll in the bathroom as she passed by the demon lord she leaped from her Pegasus and landed on the back. With her sword out she slammed the blade into its back. The demon howled and its wings stopped flapping as her bade tore through sensitive muscles. She pushed off and barreled toward the ground only for her Pegasus to nimbly come beneath her and pull up. The demon wasn’t so lucky as it slammed to the ground.

Katie ushered her steed down and then as they landed she slid off the back and took up a defensive position. The demon cut loose with a steam of fire and Valkyrie brought her blade up to block the attack. Sword and fire warred with each other for a moment before the flames faltered and Valkyrie rushed forward. With a swing of her sword its flame arm was now lying on the ground. Coming back around she was met by the flaming whip which caught her on the cheek. It then cracked again wrapping around her waist. She was lifted off of the ground and swung around before a twist of the wrist released her and sent her slamming in the ground. She rose to her feet and sent several spells at the creature that roaored in response as the wounded it. The whip lashed out again catching her around the hands and she was jerked off her feet again and was flying toward the demon lord. She was met by an open fist that split her open. As she fell to the ground she received several kicks.
The demon stood over with a laugh as it believed that it had won. As it became distracted she moved in her sword held high in her hand. "For Odin!" SHe cried out as she gutted the demon lord that had the dragon sacrificed just so that it could enter this world. It was shocked as it pushed her away despite the blade now stuck in its gut.

Valkyrie panted a few times as she watched the demon try and rise but her sword had wounded it beyond repair and with a hard kick that sent the demon flying she stopped it from rising again.

She held out her hand and the sword glowed for a moment before pulling itself free from the body of the demon. She sheathed the sword and then leaped back on top of her Pegasus. She needed some time to figure out what she was going to do now. The magical ranch was probably the safest spot for her to train her new abilities with tight now. She could work out in the fields and train her skills better than she could if she was under the observation of others. As a Qudditch player or an Auror she would be a forced to choose between her calling and her job. As a ranch hand though she would be far away from people and she wouldn’t have to worry about what happened as there would be fewer people for her to disapoint. She hadn’t thought that this was how she would decide but at least she had made her choice on that matter she just had to figure out what she was going to tell her friends when they learned that not only had her broom been destroyed but she wouldn’t be joining them out on the pitch like they had hoped. She had bigger things to worry about now she thought as she prepared herself.


Always thought that the Quidditch team was an under used group.
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