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Fight, Fight, Fight

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Fight, Fight, Fight!
A figure looked down into the hole that he had found that was the result of years of research and preparation. They had finally found what they needed to make sure that everything was right. The ones who had been in charge of the project had unfortunately died when the vampire with a soul had attacked Wolfram and Hart had destroyed the entire special division and a few nearby ones had been lost as well. For their group it had been an even harder blow than it had been for Wolfram and Hart. To the demonic law office they lost a small section that could be easily replaced for them though they had lost their leader. It had taken nearly a year but after painstaking labor they had reviewed every bit of the research of their fallen brethren and found an alternative method than the one that they had planned. While their plan was doable it had a few risks to it that were unneeded as there were other ways to accomplish their task. Their God had lived in other ways they merely had to use one of these other methods to bring their God back to life.

With this new bit of knowledge in hand the new leader had summoned all of the various followers together from their places in the world so that they could all be there when the time came. Besides each of them had their own skills and gifts to add into the power that their God could draw upon. Their group had wizards, sorcerers, and non magic users all of them dedicated to their God. They had come when the call came no longer having to hide their feelings about the God that they truly served they would bring about their God as all those that had worshipped it had always wanted to. Finding the required sacrifices to use had not been nearly as difficult as the fallen ones had thought that it would be. The guardian and his soldiers had already been dealt with and now they were ready to begin the task that fate and destiny had given unto them. With their work they would bring about a brand new age an age where their God once again ruled as the supreme being throughout the world. The time for their loyalty and the loyalty of all those before them was about to bear fruit and allw them to reap the benefits that came with being loyal.


Angel was walking along the with a heavy mist already rising from the ground. He was searching or hunting for people who had been captured by what he figured was a supernatural element. Each of these people had been some of the best and brightest in their fields probably being able to give even Willow, Giles and Wesley a run for their money in the book smarts department. The former Scourge of Europe shook his head as he thought of his old life. It was a hard change for him when he considered everything that he had done for the past four years. Buffy and those who had followed her (despite what Cordellia might have said) had shown him the best way to face the darkness. You couldn’t hide from the darkness you had to meet it head on. It had taken him some two and half years to really learn that lesson and another year and half for the lesson to become cemented into his brain. The heroes path wasn’t easy either he had learned but now he was a different breed of hero. He wasn’t the kind of hero Buffy or Cordellia thought that he should be he was his own kind of hero. A part of him wished he could turn back the clock and join them again. His mission was out here though.

The half breed ignored these thoughts though and focused on his current mission. Since his transformation he had taken to living in major cities taking out Master vampires. During one of these hunts to destroy the support structure of one vampire he had come across some of the plans for the people that had been chosen. Each of these people that had been taken had been taken by demon or spell making it a part of his world and business. The odd part about it though was that the people selected were not a part of his world. This meant that they were probably meant to be sacrifices or food. The only thing that they had in common was that each of the people were smart. They had even been taken from different parts of the world. The Day Walker was unaware of their being an organization that operated on such a high level outside of Wolfram & Hart. True he had killed all of his old connections with the law firm but he was always able to find someone from one of the other branch offices that he could pump for information. He had finally found someone who had told him to head here where he would find what he was looking for. He could feel the power in the air whatever was happening this night was going to be very dangerous he just hoped that he was up for the task that was coming. He checked the various weapons he carried on his body one last time before he moved forward wondering if he would actually be able to save any of the people tonight.

The vampire had to dodge a blow as a group of vampire stepped out from behind several old trees. “You shall not pass.” The leader said as it twirled its sword around in anticipation.

“I don’t have time for you right now.” Angel returned to him. “So you can either let me through or I can kill you. Your choice, but make it now.”

“You got a lot of guts.” The vampire informed him to bad for you they’re about to be spilled put all over the ground tonight. The vampire leader growled out.

“Yeah right, you and what army are going to stop me. Those clowns behind you?” Angel mocked the leader with a grin.

The vampire let out a snarl and rushed at him. Angel drew his own broadsword from its sheath beneath his jacket. He slipped to the side as the overhand strike came and let his own blade slip between the ribs of his opponent the two turned around to face each other and charged again. Again Angel casually dodged the blade but this time his blade went high and sliced into the face of the vampire. The vampire stumbled back into the arms of its companions and they could all see where the vampire had lost its eye. “Kill him.” The vampire ordered as it tried to hold its face together. The others nodded and strode forward to engage the one who had so casually disabled their leader.

Angel leaped back giving himself some room to fight the group. Sinking his blade into the ground for a minute he reached behind his back and pulled out a pair of sawed off shotguns with pistol grips that had been waiting to be drawn. The vampires laughed as they saw the weapons that didn’t have a chance in actually killing them. Taking aim Angel took the heads off of two of the vampires and watched as the arm of another was ripped off as well. The others were peppered with buck shot but that was all. Angel pumped the guns and fired again this time taking the legs out from three of the vampires. Dropping the guns and letting them hang at his side he pulled out a handful of wooden knives taking two more.

“Hold him off.” The vampire leader ordered in fear as he looked around at the dust clouds that were starting to settle around them. The vampire released his face and reached into his jacket and pulled out a small stone. “We need help, we’re being slaughtered out here.” He cried into the stone. It glowed for a moment and then the vampire wasn’t worried about what the stone was doing as the sword of one of its minions had been thrown and pinned him into a nearby tree.

“You talk too much.” Angel said to him in annoyance as he glared at the vampire.

“It doesn’t matter your too late to stop it.” The vampire hissed back at him. The message has already been sent. There was a cracking sound and the two looked up to see a door opening and a small army appeared to be walking out. I don’t care how many shells you have even you can’t have enough to stop all of them. The vampire growled.

“True.” Angel said as he staked the vampire. “Doesn’t mean I’m not going to try though.” He said as he began ejecting the spent shells and thumbing new ones into his guns. As they began to close in the Dhamphir began to open fire on the group. He ignored the potential headshots and went for shots while not as damaging would slow them down more. The former member of the Scourge of Europe coolly began to blow limbs off of the incoming force of vampires who were rushing toward him. He was emotionless as he watched as limbs went flying from the vampires. As the two guns finally clicked on empty chamber he reached up and disconnected the shotguns. He reached into the folds of his jacket and drew a pair of handguns and began firing incendiary rounds into the mass. While they were not as good as maybe a stake through the heart the incendiary round did a good bit of damage to a vampire. The handguns now emptied Angel dropped the weapons and went for the sword it was time to take the fight up close and personal. The former vampire wondered what would happen next as he ran into the group a wooden knife in one hand his sword in the other.


Katie Bell had been training in the field near the ranch when the call had come to her. Huginn one of Odin’s Ravens had come to her. The blonde girl had taken the raven onto her shoulder so that the telepathic bird could communicate with her. “Greetings Valkyrie I bring a message from Father Odin.”

“And what is the message friend?” The Champion questioned as she stroked the bird.

The bird leaned into the strokes for a moment before it focused on the girl. “All Father Odin has a mission for you hatchling. There resides in a place not far from here a place of great and terrible energy. Within this place rest the Old Ones. The power they hold is mighty and dark. With their power they could destroy the world. There are fools who think that amongst their numbers are those that would reward them with power if they were to release them. The Morrigan’s Champion destroyed their leaders last year yet they have always been a wide spread group and have reformed even stronger than before. Their strength has not been this great in centuries, the weakness that they have is a thing of the past and they must be met with force. They must not be allowed to wake the ones that sleep beneath they must be stopped before they threaten the world and all of its creatures once again. The fools are ready though they have managed to acquire the services of an army that will stand there to stop you. This will be a proving battle for you hatchling. We shall see if your own training you have done will make you the equal to the coming battle.”

Katie nodded to the bird. “Very well friend Huginn, if you shall lead the way then I shall follow after you and deal with those that you say have such great strength. We shall see if it is a strength equal to that of the Chosen of the Aesir.”

“Then prepare yourself daughter.” The bird said as he leapt off her and onto a nearby tree branch.

Katie nodded her head in agreement an order from Lord Odin to head into battle did not come often and it was only the fool that ignored such a summons besides was she not of the Valkyrie? The blonde girl’s hand slammed her fist into the ground causing a ring of blue flames to appear around her and cause her casual training clothes to be replaced by her armor. After a quick check to make sure that everything was in place she had summoned the Pegasus that was her to command and mounted up on her steed. She checked her sword Dragon Fang one more time. She then looked at her wand she drew her sword in one hand and her wand in the other. She then stretched her arms apart then brought them together allowing the blade and wand to be pushed together. There was a flash of light and Dragon fang was now prepared for the coming battle. “Lead on friend Huginn!” The blonde commanded as she caused the horse to jump off a small rock out cropping and into the air.

“And off we go!” Huginn said as he took off from his own perch. The two flying animals circled a few times before they headed off.

Katie waited patiently her mind and body preparing themselves for the coming fight. She had mainly trained with her abilities other than battling with the occasional odd demon vampire or other mystical creature that had wandered to close to the land. Her master had trained her in the use of her wand in combat and while she was still a far sight from being on Dumbledore or McGonagall’s level she liked to think that she had learned a lot in her time with her Master. Soon she would find out just how much her training had accomplished and how much she still didn’t know. The Aesir Champion thought to herself as she urged her horse to go faster.

The two finally found themselves over a graveyard and Valkyrie looked down as she saw the signs of a fight already beginning. “The Champion of the Morrigan has already arrived I see.” Huginn noted to her nodding his beak downward. “I wonder how long it will be before the others arrive.”

Valkyrie looked down as a figure dressed all in black stood there as well he was charging with a weapon in either hand. She recognized that the army was made up of a creature known as vampires. The army would stop them from making into the caverns and every moment that they were held back though was a longer moment that the sleepers would be given to rise once again.

“Here is where we part Champion of the Aesir. May your blade bring Lord Odin glory. For Asgard and Honor!” Huginn cried out before he banked away from the battle.

“Come on boy.” Valkyrie ordered her steed as she drew her sword. “We have a battle to win. Besides, one vs. a thousand seems kind of stupid.” The horse nodded its head and dive bombed the force of vampires. Valkyrie had her blade out and as they flew she smiled a bit as the Pegasus slammed its hooves into the heads of some of the vampires. While they weren’t killing blows they might knock them out or disable them. The demi-god slid off of her saddle and held her glowing sword in her hand as her mount flew on striking out at vampires as it flew. “Alright who wants to be first?” She questioned as her blade began to emit a silver glow. The vampires hesitated for a moment. The leather clad figure that had been shooting holes in their ranks could still be seen yet he was actually still standing darting in and out of the force of vampires. The moment of hesitation was all that the warrior maiden needed and soon had leaped into the crowd of vampires swing her sword around. She stabbed swung decapitated and moved on. A though towards her blade and a small flame covered the weapon giving it even more power as she continued to move through the army of dead.

“Enough.” A large vampire growled as he swung a heavy ax toward the girl that was slicing through them faster than a slayer was capable of.

The blonde twisted out of the way and caught the handle of the ax in her grip with a squeeze she shattered the haft as if it was nothing. “It’s going to take a lot more than you to stop me.” She snarled back at him as she sliced her blade through his neck and then walked through the cloud of vampire dust to engage the next vampire. Valkyrie growled despite the numbers that she and the other were hitting it wasn’t enough and she was slowly but surely being driven away from the entrance that she was trying to get to. She could actually make out what she thought was the other champion as she saw him slicing his own sword through the neck of another vampire. Despite all of their skills and kills though, the two would soon be overwhelmed if they didn’t find a way to turn this battle back the other way. She was brought out of her musings as several vampires slammed into her knocking her even farther away from where she wanted to be. At this rate she was never going to make it to where she needed to be.


Buffy looked up from what she was doing as she felt a breeze of wind. The small city girl had changed and it was in part thanks to the people that had taken over her training. Giles was an amazing man yet he had pretty much reached the limits as to what he could teach her about combat. The lessons that she had learned from the man had been incorporated into her new training. Her new teacher had actually approved and said that it showed a high honor to her teacher. She had moved beyond what Giles could teach though and it was why her combat skills had become somewhat predictable to the world. She was glad though that her new teachers had been able to fix that problem. Hermes had brought her here and then the Messenger God had summoned her teacher. Yanked down from the stars was none other than Chiron, the centaur teacher of all Greek heroes from Hercules to Jason of Corinth. The centaur was wise and skilled in combat and had the strength to stand up to her at Slayer strength and maybe more.

The blonde was currently practicing her skills as a hunter and was in some unknown forest hunting boar for her supper tonight. She had gained power, speed, strength, and a handful of other abilities but she also had the knowledge that the various Greek Pantheon had bestowed her with. Including the skills of those like Artemis, who had given her the knowledge and the skills of the hunter. The former slayer was hardly recognizable as the girl she had been as she was dressed in homemade leather hunting clothes.

She had been forced the hard way to learn that knowing and doing were two different things. She had to train in combat, tracking, languages, philosophy, sciences, and war by the end of her time she was supposed to have an education nearly the equivalent to someone with a degree in sports medicine. She had trained long and hard for the past year making the occasional trip into the real world to deal with various demons or other problems that made themselves known nothing that a Slayer probably couldn’t have handled though. The blonde Demigod had even managed to stop a midsized fishing boat from clipping a passenger cruiser by pushing them away from each other. Fortunately no one had seen her though as Chiron had made it clear that she was not ready for the world to know that she existed. Sure the army knew but few others did and it was better to keep it like that. A part of her missed her mom and friends, but she knew that this was the price that she had to pay for the power she now wielded. It didn’t make her miss them any less though. The fact that the team had only just gotten back to the way they were right before graduation made it all that much painful, harder, and difficult for her. They had come back together and then she was ripped away from them. Hardly what any of them had really expected after everything that they had done together. The blonde was distracted from her hunt when a flash of light beside her happened and she saw Hermes.

“Great to see you Amazon.” The Messenger God greeted her. “Wish I had more time to talk but the sleepers are awakening and you need to get your armored butt down there. If enough of them are woken up they could all of Europe into a wasteland in less than a year and then they would move to the rest of the world. So hurry up and change and I’ll lead you there.”

Buffy nodded her head as she slammed her bracers together and a blast of light happened and she now stood in her Wonder Woman/ Xena armor as Xander had once called it. With a thought she was in the air and following after Hermes.

The two passed the base camp where they saw Chiron waiting for them the immortal centaur caught the spear as the pair flew by. “Good hunting!” The centaur roared out to them as they then zipped away. The small island near Greece soon was nothing but a speck behind them as they flew.

Soon they were over the land of tweed and Amazon could see the graveyard and the battle that was taking place in it. Two figures were in their midst slashing through the forces yet for every vampire that they managed to destroy three more seemed to come up. “This is where we part.” Hermes told the Amazon. “Remember all that you have done youngling. Your training could be what allows you to survive through this night. I wish I could help you; however there are still rules out there that prevent me from doing so. I can guide you but I cannot help you any farther than that without threatening the balance. The other Champions will hopefully be all the aide that you need. Odin and the Morrigan have already sent you some help in the form of their Champions.”

“I understand.” Amazon told her guide. “At least I’ll get to meet some of the guys already in the business.” The former slayer observed the army and had to wonder if her fellow champions had even thought that they were going to live through this mess. She didn’t think that she had ever seen a force of vampires this big in her entire life. The closest would have been her fight in the underground base of the Initiative where soldiers and demons had been all over the place trying to kill each other.

“Go get them.” The Messenger God told her fading away as the demigod headed downward.

Amazon moved in at them wondering how she was going to do any real damage to this group. This fight was just so different than her fight with A.D.A.M and the Hell-Goddess. Here she wouldn’t have her friends to help her and she wouldn’t have surprise on her side either. Sure she was about ten times more powerful than she was back then, but it was still kind of scary heading into a fight like this. She was forced out of her thoughts as several vampires with crossbows made themselves known and began shooting at her and the girl was forced to stay in the air and hover while her arms moved in blocking motions that began stopping the quarrels and bolts that we’re being fired at her. She was now stuck if she went down lower the other two Champions would be attacked by the flying projectiles. The only way that she could do anything was to take out the shooters which meant that she was going to have to get closer to them. The flying girl began moving toward the shooters keeping herself upright as she blocked the bolts and the girl grimaced as the closer that she got the less time she had to react. She wondered just how good she really had gotten at this particular skill. There was also the matter that she would have to deal with the fact that she wasn’t sure that she could make enough of the bolts to ricochet back into the vampires that were shooting at her and she would be stuck this way as she wouldn’t be able to use her lasso or take the vampires out like this. She needed to do something though before she let them get the better of her like this.

A pair of fireballs came from off to the side scattering the shooters. Wonder Woman prepared to dive down and take as many of them down as she could this was the opening that she had been waiting for. She was interrupted though as something heavy slammed into her from behind. The Amazon was sent flying several feet before she could right herself when she righted herself she saw something that she wasn’t expecting. A figure was currently fighting it out with a pair of large dragons. The person holing the giant beasts was barely holding his own dodging back and forth with only the occasional punch that rattled the giant lizards heads. The figure despite being more maneuverable than the dragon was unable to use that advantage due to the dragon pair working so well together. She watched as a particularly hot blast of flame erupted and the flames were blocked by some sort of golden staff. The other dragon though managed to claw his back slightly as it flew in from the other side. Wonder Woman looked down and noticed several new creatures beginning to exit out of the underground fortress that they had been hiding in. She really hoped that the others were able to handle those guys because she knew that she was still busy and couldn’t stop the figures moving forward. She turned back toward the dragon fight to help the unknown figure.


Gryffindor cursed as he slammed his staff along side of the face of one of the dragons. This was getting to be old rather quickly to the young man once known as the Boy-Who-Lived. When he had made this deal he had never imagined that part of the mess he would find himself in would include him once more battling it out with bloody dragons. Considering that he had been spending a lot of his time dealing with the goblins you would think that he would be used to dealing with dragons.

The hero smirked as he realized that it seemed that only those that were looked down on were the ones that actually new the truth about the most monumental event to happen in the British wizarding world. He had come to the goblins for training and had received it in spades. While at first distrustful, angry and resentful at him for all of the damage that he had caused by stealing a dragon and collapsing several tunnels behind him. Nearly all of the older family vaults would have to be worked over now and they had to replace a dragon because of three children who had not even graduated from school. The fact that it had all been done by three children had hurt the pride of the creatures even more than he had thought. To make up for it he had begun training with the goblins in battle field tactics and sword skills. The goblins were masters of the art of war and it had caused him to wonder why neither side had actually gotten the beings on board. His teacher had explained because the wizards saw themselves so much better that was why. To the young fighter it had made since as he remembered how non humans were treated by the wizards. It made little sense to him though. The goblins controlled the money, house elves kept houses clean and food cooked, pixies lit up a number of the various places, and dwarves were the craftsmen and builders of wizard homes. If these creatures were to all leave the wizards alone the wizards would be hard pressed to do anything anymore.

He dismissed that thought as he blocked a breath of fire though. Ravenclaw or Roma or whatever she was calling herself had sent him here to stop this problem or at least doing some damage control. So now he was missing out on training and dealing with a pair of fire breathing dragons. To make it all the more fun it was a pair of bull Hungarian Horntails whose spikes were much sharper than the females. He ducked one swipe only to counter another swipe of the claws. The dragons were also strong and quick enough to keep him from using his full strength or speed in a fight that put him at a considerable weakness. Dragons were to well armored for anything but stronger blows to really hurt him and he still wasn’t completely comfortable using anything more than half of his strength. He got in close to one and heard a roaring sound knowing that he was about to get hit he braced himself only to find that the pain never came as he continued to hit on his dragon. He looked behind him to see someone else slugging it out with the other dragon. It looked like he finally had a chance against these creatures. He thought as he allowed himself to add more power to the blows.


Katie huffed a bit as she got a chance to get some breathing room she looked up at a sound and looked and saw several figures moving forward she winced as she recognized them. They were inferi a type of wizard world zombie. They were invulnerable pretty much too physical attacks with those kinds of assaults they merely got thrown across the room and then got back up to go another round. Most other types of magic were also nearly useless against them as they didn’t seem to notice or there were too many for cutting and blasting spells to hurt. Fire was the only type of attack that harmed them to any degree. Too bad for her she didn’t know any fire spells that would take a large force of them out of the way. Well she knew two that could help her, the ring of fire spell she could use as a Valkyrie and then there was the enchanted flame spell. With only a handful of spells that could take some of them out she would be hard pressed in the coming fight. She held her sword out and watched as the blade seemed to catch on fire. “Alright, show me what you got.” The girl said as she eyed the approaching army of undead.


A green haired girl was relaxing in the halls of a library. The cracking of flame and wood, and the heat coming from the nearby fireplace added to her strength and power. Hermione Granger was meditating in front of a large fireplace in a library when she felt the summons. Looking into the flames she saw Gaia forming herself out of the flames. “Mother Earth.” The witch greeted the woman nodding her head respectfully to the personification of the planet.

“Fire,” The figure said with a smile as she observed her elemental champion. “I wish that this was a social visit, but I have a task for you.”

“Of course my lady, where are my skills needed?” Hermione questioned eager to do her duty.

“I need you to head for a place in England where already a battle between the light and dark is going on. The forces of darkness have pushed many into creating a being of great power that could destroy the world. Already other champions are making their way toward the battle where the fate of the world could change. Your power would be useful against some of those that even now are waking up for battle.” A jet of flame shot of the fire and sliced into the parchment that lay nearby.

Hermione turned to look at it and saw that a map had been burned into it showing the way to where she would need to go. Committing the map to memory she fed the rest of the parchment into the flames. “I shall go at once my lady.” She told her giving another small nod of her head. The fiery image nodded her head back in appreciation before vanishing. Standing up Hermione headed for the doors. Once outside the girl gave a mental thought and she was covered in green flames. With another push she was flying and headed for the sight that she was needed at.

Fire arrived at the battle site and saw the various figures that were moving around. There were two maybe three people facing off against the army of various creatures. There were vampires that were going hand to hand with two figures on the ground one of these was dressed all in black and had a sword in one hand a shotgun in the other. There was another that was wearing some red, blue, and gold hoplite styled armor hovering in the air and was blocking all sorts of incoming weapons and holding them off. The elemental felt her eyes widen slightly as she saw a pair of the flying weapons bounced off her bracelets and hit a pair of the vampires. Down below them was a figure dressed in a silver armor that while similar had several differences swinging a flaming sword.

Fire knew what her task was she fired a couple of fire ball towards where the archers were doing their best to take down the blonde figure before diving into the midst of the army. With her body spinning around and her flames shooting out from her hands she was making a small fire cyclone that was destroying the various creatures that were trying to stop the other champions. She smiled as the attack that she and her father had worked up seemed to be working taking monster after monster down. At this rate she would have managed to destroy all of them without anymore effort.


Angel cursed as he dodged a stream of fire that the fire character blew through nailing vampire and zombie alike. The only problem was that they were coming dangerously close to burning him as well. He might have a more resilient body than most vampires but he doubted that he could withstand the flames that were being used against the monsters. He dove to the ground as another blast of flames came near him. The damphir managed to get over by a crypt and get away from the deadly flames. He turned around and groaned at the sight before him there was about a dozen vampires hiding from the flaming attacks. “Looks like we got a few rounds to go still.” He said as he lunged forward slicing the limbs off of one vampire while hurling another vampire out into the open where there was a good chance that he would be turned to ash.


Valkyrie flinched as she watched her shield spell just barely hold off the power of the fire that was being thrown at her. Whoever this person was they had no concept of teamwork the Valkyrie thought to herself as she poured more power into the shield. When they got out of this mess they would have to work on that if they ever planned on working together again. With the way that the flames were going she couldn’t even call on her Pegasus for fear that the stray flames would burn his wings off or roast him alive. She was going to be forced to come up with a different form of escape entirely since she couldn’t use her usual methods of leaving.

Valkyrie watched as something lumbered into view and slammed a giant fist into the fiery figure she winced in sympathy but was glad as she was finally able to drop the fire shield. She rose to her feet and kept her swprd at the ready in case whatever had hit the other person decided to come charging at her. The green figure climbed to their feet wincing a bit and holding their ribs in pain from the hit. Katie turned to look at what had hit the elemental and bit back a couple of curses as she saw a giant troll step out of the smoke and ash. This wasn’t a regular troll though no this one was a fully grown, 12 foot mountain troll. It was wearing a combination of thick animals hides, chain mail, helmet and in its hands it was carrying a sword as big as she was. “Looks like you could use some help.” Valkyrie commented as she moved herself in between the troll and the elemental bringing her sword up into a guard position.

“You could say that.” The other figure hissed out in pain.

Valkyrie looked down at the downed elemental with worry. Her flames were flickering in and out as if she was having to work to stay in her flame form. “You think that you’re going to be able to keep going?” She questioned her.

“Not for much longer.” The other girl admitted.

Valkyrie frowned at that there was something familiar about the girl, unfortunately there was nothing she could do about that now. She had to focus on the fact that there was a full grown mountain troll before her.

The girl let out a dry chuckle. “It figures that it would be a mountain troll that would be the end of me.” The girl muttered as she held her injuries. “I wonder if they’re related?”

“Now’s not the time to worry about whatever happened way back when.” Valkyrie snarled at the other girl. She then charged at the troll her sword held high. The troll responded to her charge with a heavy downward swing from its giant blade. The Champion of the Aesir surprised the troll as she met her blade against his. The troll pushed against the blade trying to force the smaller warrior down into submission. The warrior merely met the challenge and held strong in the contest of strength. With a heave Valkyrie pushed the blade away. While the troll stumbled back the champion moved in with a quick and deadly grace she sliced along the side of the monster drawing blood alongside of the ribs spinning around she leaped into the air and sliced again her sword cutting into the arm.

The troll roared in fury and slammed its fist into Valkyrie. The heroine grunted and was thrown twenty feet away slamming into a headstone and shattering it.

Fire managed to wobbly climb to her feet and fire several low level fire balls at large opponent. They weren’t enough to hurt the thick hided creature but it was enough to distract it. The creature turned to face her and gave a snarl at her.

The snarl was all it had time for as several large pieces of the headstone were thrown at it making it turn to face its former opponent. Valkyrie leaped at it the two meeting blade against blade. The troll had the advantage of having a clawed hand as well as it swiped at her. The nails that could slice through troll flesh in a pack leader combat easily sliced into her own skin and left sparks and scratches along her armor. Despite the various injuries the warrior woman stood strong against the troll. Ducking under another slice she brought her sword into the wrist cutting into the arm as deep as she could. The creature howled and slammed its claws into her while the ones aimed at her armor missed her arms were punctured.

“Watch out!” Fire shouted in worry. Valkyrie turned to look and was caught in between several flames and the crushing claws coming back in for another shot. The flames burned into her skin and the claws pierced her left calf.

Fire looked at the troll that now stood towering over the downed warrior. With another punch it sent the armored figure flying into the elemental. Fire wondered what she could do now she had tried to take a shot at the large creature but the quicker more agile woman fighting it had kept getting in her way at the last minute. She finally had a shot though and fired using nearly all of her strength. She had watched in horror as Valkyrie had gotten in the way of the attack. She had tried to warn her away but the girl had merely been hit on either side by her attack and the troll’s. The fallen warrior was now stunned and unable to move and fire was pinned down unable to activate her flames without cooking the other fighter. She closed her eyes expecting the finishing blow when an energy blast came from behind her and blasted the troll away.

Fire turned and saw a figure in red and gold colors landing in front of her. This figure wore red clothes and golden cape helmet gloves and boots. “I apologize for being late.” The figure said to her. “I was busy at the time.”

Fire couldn’t help but notice that despite the bell shaped helmet the figure wore his voice didn’t seem to echo in his helmet. She shook her head and focused on the more important things like how they were going to deal with this.

“Well better late than never.” Valkyrie returned to the newest arrival as she climbed to her feet.

“I am Fate.” The figure said in greeting. “I am the Champion of Nabu, one of the guardians of balance. How badly have the two of you been wounded?” The man questioned as he saw the scrapes and bruises that the blonde was sporting.

“Names Valkyrie,” The blonde returned at him. “Mainly just scratches, give me a couple of days and they won’t even be there anymore.”

“And you?” Fate asked looking down at Fire.

“I’m called Fire. I think I have internal bleeding or something like that most likely.” The heroine admitted to the figure. That troll caught me off guard and hit me pretty hard I might also have some broken bones.”

“I can heal you.” Fate informed her as his hands glowed for a moment and Fire felt her body return to being combat ready.

‘Having the resilience that Valkyrie had would be nice.’ Fire thought to herself as she climbed to her feet. “Now what?” She questioned them.

“Now we stop this ceremony.” Fate returned waving a hand over Valkyrie as well closing the more severe of the cuts in her skin up.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” Angel said as he limped over and joined the group. Fate nodded and waved his hand healing battle damage that the dhamphir had acquired. “We have anyone else joining the group?” He asked as he looked them over.

Fire looked into the sky and pointed toward the sky. Looking up they saw two figures wrestling with what looked like dragons. The two creatures were forced to the ground and standing over the creatures with singed costumes were Wonder Woman and Gryffindor. “You guys weren’t about to go into the main party without us now were you?” Wonder Woman asked with a smile as she looked down at the others from her place on the snout of her dragon.

"I am Fate, Champion of Nabu from Egypt." The Mage said.

"Valkyrie, champion of the Aesir." The silver armored figure said nodding at the others as she checked her sword.

I’m Fire Champion of Mother Earth. The Elemental returned. "Its good to see you again my dad said to tell you hi." She told the staff wielder.

"What did you do?" The masked figure responded as he seemed to catch onto whatever she was saying. He looked slightly embaressed as he realized the others were watching him. He scratched the back of his head as he gathered his thoughts. "Er, I’m Gryffindor of Briton. I am the champion of Roma guardian of the multiverse."

“You can call me Blade.” the Damphir responded while giving the girl on the dragon a look which she responded with a glare to. "I am the Champion of the Morrigan from Ireland."

“And that leaves me.” The blonde said as she leapt off the dragon’s head. “You can call me Wonder Woman, Champion of the Greek Gods. Hermes prefers calling me Amazon though.” She said brightly as she surveyed the group of Champions.

"Fine, so lets stop this mess before it becomes a mess that we can’t stop." Blade told them.

"Agreed," Gryffindor said as the two headed toward the door unaware of the death stares that Fire and Wonder Woman were sending.

"Think that there’s some history there?" Fate asked slightly amused as he watched the four head for the doors.

"Whatever gave you that idea?" Valkyrie returned to him. "Still, there’s something familiar about Gryffindor and Fire like I used to know them or some such thing." The warrior shook her head and followed after the others while Fate merely shook his head at the group of people he was fighting with. Maybe he should have asked his wife to come with him when Nabu had ordered him to come help these folks. As they neared the heavy doors which were made of thick stone and metal they shattered.




“We must hurry my brethren. The Champions are coming, our time grows short.” One of the group said as they felt the earth rumble around them.

“Don’t fear too much my friend, that is also the second wave of fighters being released.” The leader told his companion. “That is no reason not to go ahead with our duties though. It means that the army of vampires is failing to stop whatever it is that the forces of light managed to scramble together.”

“Do you have any idea what that might be? There are rumors that there is more than just a Slayer to fight the forces of darkness now. I have heard tales of a second slayer that fights just for fun, a vampire that hunts its own kind even. Then there are other stories.”

“What stories my friend?”

“They say the Ice Queen was defeated by an elemental, that there’s a new vampire demon hunter out there destroying everything that it finds, a wizard of unknown power, and two girls with the strength of giants in gold in silver armor, and then there is the one simply known as Gryffindor. He took on the Dark Lord and won where all before him had failed.”

“There are no champions of the Powers I know of that fit those descriptions.” The leader said waving the concerns of his companions. “They are just that. Stories to inspire hope into those that know the truth of what is truly out there and what is in here.”

“Even if none of the others exist Gryffindor does, I have seen him. He was there in the final battle. I watched him battle the Dark Lord and win on brute strength alone. The Dark Lord was the most powerful yet still he fell to the hands of Gryffindor.” A wizard told them. “I would rather not face Gryffindor without the help of a higher being.”

“And that is what we shall have once all is said and done.” The leader growled at the nervous wizard. “Our people have remained hidden within the shadows waiting for this day and now that it is here you would deny the commitment and sacrifices that they have given for this?” He questioned in annoyance. “Bring in the sacrifices.” He ordered before any of the others could say or do something that would stop them again. The others nodded and seven chained figures were brought forward. The group was forced toward the sarcophagus that was in the middle of the room and each of their hands were forced onto the gems that were scattered around the it. The worshippers watched eagerly as the gems seemed to move aside and small flakes of dust began to move in a small tornado around the group of sacrifices. The members of the group each stumbled for a moment before falling down.

“Now what?” One person questioned.

“Now we try and get them out of here.” The leader responded. “It will take anywhere from a day to a week to destroy the souls of the host forms and allow our God to rise again according to the notes that were left for us by Knox.”

“We don’t have that kind of time though.” Another argued besides “How are we going to pass those heroes up there?”

“Simple, one person said, “We don’t. We make up some time.” He said as he reached into his cloak and pulled out several golden necklaces. “These are time turners my friends. With these I can give us the time that we need so that we can give them the time they need to be consumed.”

The leader nodded at the man. “Do what you need to do.” He ordered “Hopefully they will remain long enough so that we do not change time any.”The others nodded as they fixed the golden chains on their sacrifices and spun the objects on the end. Go with them. The leader ordered the wizard you will know what to expect. Give the other me a message to hire an army’s worth of vampires and to prepare the inferi and anything else that they might offer us in protecting ourselves we obviously didn’t prepare enough as it was.

The wizard nodded as he knelt alongside of the group and draped one of the chains around his neck. How long should I spin them?

“How do they work?”

“One hour a turn.” He responded as he examined the necklace.

“Then you need to go back about a week then. According to our fallen brethren it could take anywhere from one to two days for the affect to be complete. With only part of the power within each of them it may take longer than if it was one host body. You how many hours are there in a week?” One of the men demanded of one of the sacrifices.

“168.” The figure mumbled not knowing what what it was that this figure needed for that sort of information.

“Good.” The wizard replied and spun all of the small hourglass like emblems on the necklaces with a flick of his wand. The group watched as all of the figures seemed to just disappear before their very eyes as if they were never there.

“Now we wait and see if they will come and aide us.” One of the men said hopefully as they waited anxiously for the results of what they had just done.

A door off to the side opened and they saw seven figures walk out. “We are ready, you promised us a battle to test our strength against. He said that they would not be muck that we could have defeated with ease but that they had power where are they?” The seven figures questioned each of them speaking as one creating an echo affect as they spoke to their worshippers.

“They are outside Illyria.” The leader said as he bowed to the God King.



“Very well then, show us to where this battle is.” They commanded. The people nodded as they led their God towards the doors that had kept them safely inside. One of the seven strode forward and slammed their fist into the door shattering it.

The two groups faced off looking at each other waiting for one or the other two move. One side has brightly colored warriors that are the protectors of the world. On the other is a group of figures with blue hair and blue tinted skin along with some odd body armor that looked like a leather bodysuit. The warriors of the Gods and the God King were now facing each other as one

“You are our opponents?” The blue figures questioned them. “We are Illyria, Primordial Demon God King, and will destroy you and any who get in our way.”

“Kind of creepy.” Wonder Woman noted to the others as she watched the group walk out of the cave. “Think that they do kid parties to?”

“You are not as bad as some of the muck that now inhabits this world.” They continued as they observed the group as if the blonde hadn’t spoken. “I may merely make pets out of you after all of this is done.” The figures continued as they observed the champions.

“Sorry, despite the costume I’m not really into all that kinky stuff.” Wonder Woman returned with an innocent smile. The others chuckled a bit at the quick and snappy comebacks that the blonde was shooting off at the beings in front of them.

“Forgot how much I missed this.” Blade said with a smile as continued to listen to the group be mocked by the blonde.

“You have no choice in the matter. We shall destroy you.” Illyria said in unison, not seeming to be insulted by the comebacks that the blonde was shooting at them.

“We’ll see about that.” Gryffindor said as he pointed his staff at them and fired a blast of energy at them. A portal opened up in front of the group and swallowed the blast. Another one appeared in front of them and fired the bolt back out at them. The group scattered at this as they were now being struck by their own attack. Well that could have gone better. Gryffindor grumbled as he climbed to his feet.

“Ya think?” Blade growled as he drew his guns and began firing at the Illyria who had yet to move. The bullets entered another portal and shot at them but Valkyrie, Fate, Gryffindor, and Wonder Woman all blocked the attacks while Fire shot a stream of flame toward the portal melting the bullets.

Well so much for our first attack. Fate said dryly as he saw the affects that their attacks were having.

“Well if we can’t hurt them from a distance then I guess we get to hurt them the old fashioned way.” Wonder Woman returned as she slammed her fist into her hand and gave a smile. “Who’s with me on this one?”

“Let’s do it.” Blade said offering his hand toward her nodding the Amazon nodded her head in agreement ignored his hand and took Valkyrie’s instead and the pair flew at the group. “Yeah she’s mad.” Blade noted as he gripped Gryffindor’s hand and they flew toward the demons. Gryffindor slung the damphir forward and he felt himself flying at one of the group.

He twisted around so that his sword was leading and cursed as his target disappeared. He landed in a roll and came up to see the one he had been thrown at waiting for him to rise. Once he was on his feet he lunged and missed again. The person he was fighting was a blur every time he got close they moved at a rate faster than he could track. “Super speed?” He questioned his opponent curiously. He drew his gun and began firing and watched as even a close range gun was useless as the person seemed to move themselves between the bullets. Blade snarled and threw his now empty gun at the figure that caught the gun. He was still for a moment and the sword nearly hit him. The damphir cursed though as all the bits and pieces of the tossed gun were thrown in his face. The damphir didn’t how to fight someone that was so much faster than he was. Swinging around he grunted as he felt a number of combos strike him across the chest and stomach. Each blow was at the least as strong as his own. He staggered back a few steps as he tried to think up another attack when he felt himself get clotheslines and tossed several feet. He staggered back up to his feet only to be slammed into a wall as the figure pressed their attack onward. The man stumbled back to his feet once again preparing to go again.

“You cannot win you have not the power.” The figure stated finally speaking right before they blurred out of sight coming in behind the dark figure and slamming him back into the ground.

Valkyrie nodded at her opponent there was something different about this one than the demons, trolls inferi, and vampires that she had battled. She swiped with her sword and watched it casually side step her swing with a speed that was on par with her own. Moving forward she slashed again and smiled as this time Dragon Fang managed to slice through a piece of her arm leaving a thin line of blood alongside it. Pressing her attack she swung several more times most of her blows missing but enough of them were causing small little trickles on her that she knew it was only a matter of time before she managed to slow her opponent down and finish them off. Slamming the butt of her sword into the face of her opponet while they staggered back she thrust her blade deep into their gut. Yanking the blade out she then followed up with a swing that took the hand off the demon. She panted a couple minutes as the fight had been harder than she expected as they had forced her to keep moving. “Looks like I had the power after all.” she mocked the body.

The agent of the Aesir turned to look towards one of the others when she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder and spin her around. An elbow caught her across the face as she spun and then a kick was thrown into her stomach throwing her across the yard. Valkyrie coughed and looked to see what had hit her and couldn’t believe her eyes. Striding toward her with an annoyed look in their eyes was the figure she had just stabbed and hacked up only the large cuts that should have been all over were nowhere to be seen and the hole where she had stabbed them was actually closing up.

“I am not that weak little scum.” The figure said holding its arm up and watching with detached interest as the limb grew and a new hand sprouted out. “I can heal from any injury that you can give me, and now that you don’t have your sword I believe I shall show you what I think of one of my future pets.”

“Not happening.” The blonde growled as she lunged forward. The Illyria grabbed her outstretched arms and tossed her back into the ground and delivered several kicks to her side which the girl could feel through her armor.

“You have no choice.” Illyria returned grabbing the hero up by the back of her belt and tossing her aside as if she was of no consequence.

Valkyrie groaned as she climbed back to her feet. Her body felt sluggish as she moved forward. Holding her hand out her sword zipped back into her hand. “Alright, let’s try this again.” The girl growled out in anger at the figure that had just humiliated her. She dove at Illyria and was met with a kick to the face. She swung and was met with a shot to the ribs no matter what she did every blow was countered or shrugged off as the rapid healing took care of any of the damage before it could seriously slow it down. She swung her foot up and it was caught and she was flipped over her hand lashed out catching her and she was dealt a kick to the back of her head knocking her over. Once on the ground Illyria began pounding on her face. With a backhand the Aesir managed to knock her back. She climbed up again despite her protest of wanting to fall down and sleep or die she rose to continue the fight. She watched as her Pegasus dive bombed Illyria giving her a chance to get up. She watched in shock as her steed was grabbed by the neck and forced to the ground as her opponent flipped on top and pinned the outstretched wings. Now it was personal the young warrior thought as she got back to her feet.

Fire growled in frustration as a vine tried to climb all over her. The battle had been elemental against elemental, Earth vs. Fire. Unfortunately for her the earth elemental was keeping her back. Every time she moved forward a new vine would spring out of the ground and wrap itself around her causing her to stop and let loose a burst of fire or throw a fireball to free herself. She didn’t know why she didn’t seem to be able to stop these things she had gone through training in various conditions that her dad had formed and while none of them had been giant plants one of them had been dodging chains and ropes. She increased her heat for a moment as another vine wrapped around her body snapping it. She was close enough that she tried another fireball directed at Illyria but it was countered by another wall of plants that seemed to shoot up at impossible speed. “Just burn already!” She shouted as she let loose with a stream of flames. The attack was met with several vines shooting out of the ground and slamming into her. The blow threw her back the way she had come.

“I shall not be on the losing end to muck like you.” Illyria said moving forward and causing several vines to creep over the body of the stunned heroine binding her tightly in a cocoon of vines that she couldn’t burn her way through as the vines were making it hard to create a flame. “You are my pet and I shall break you to my will.”

Fire glared in response at Illyria before taking a deep breath and blowing a stream of green flames out of her mouth and onto the vines light them causing them to break apart allowing parts of her body to light back up adding more flames to the fire. “I’m not that weak.” The heroine said as she shrugged the half burned vines off of her and shot several fire balls at Illyria only forcing the earth elemental to rear back allowing Fire to finish her escape. Fire took off to get some distance between them and began launching fireballs at Illyria only for them to be block by more vines. It was like fighting the giant squid the girl thought. Her thoughts were cut short as a vine wrapped around her and slung her toward the ground. As she gained control of her fall the fine slammed into her knocking her down the rest of the way. Vines began creeping around her again this time covering her mouth as well.

Wonder Woman and Gryffindor were being tossed around by two of the more impressive members of the group. One was the portal maker who seemed to casually bounce between the two heroes or create holes that let the earth shattering blows seem to come from everywhere and nowhere. Wonder Woman was flying near blind at the assault that they were under. Gryffindor wasn’t doing much better, but his ability to shoot energy blasts at their opponents gave him the chance to force them to move around buy thing some time. No matter what he tried though he couldn’t hit the pair. The portal maker growing tired of being shot at opened a portal and laughed as it swallowed the attack and tossed it right back at the hero. Gryffindor was sent flying as his energy beam caught him and threw him away.

Taking advantage of there only being one of them now, the other one moved forward and began to grapple with the remaining hero. Moving with a speed that belied his bulk Illyria moved forward Wonder Woman met the figure head on and the two met in the middle and began to grapple. Each of them trying to force the other one to the ground in a deadly game of mercy. The pair knew that the loser of this game was likely to lose their life.

Gryffindor shook the blow off and came back at them only for the teleporter to block his way. “Bout time you got close enough for me to hit.” The hero grunted as he took a swing only for his opponent to duck the teleported waved his arms and suddenly several rocks shot out of the portal peppering the hero who was forced on the defensive as he created a shield to hold the attack off. The assault stopped and Gryffindor fired again from his staff already moving out of the way as the blast was redirected though and struck near him. Holding his hand out the sword of Gryffindor appeared in his hand and he swung both weapon at the being before him not bothering with the energy that the weapons could create but more interested in just trying to hit his opponent. The portal user dropped through a portal that he had made beneath him and reappeared in the other side of him. Glaring the hero swung again only to miss. Illyria responded by opening a portal and a waterfall came flying through striking the hero and knocking him back again. He was on his knees and he was trying to climb to his feet. Illyria walked up to him and kicked him in the face knocking him down.

Illyria looked at her new pet with amusement before turning toward one of its other halves watching as it was beating on another pet. This one was dressed in golden armor and was trying to match strength. The girl slammed her head into the Illyria causing it to stumble back for a moment before an upper cut caught Wonder Woman by surprise and then a kick knocked her down. Several more kicks to the ribs placed the young warrior broken at their feet. “You are great entertainment little one.” Illyria said dragging the young warrior up by her hair. “I think I shall enjoy having you and the silver one battle it out. It will make for many an enjoyable night.”

“We’re not done here yet.” Gryffindor choked out as he threw a rock toward the pair.

Illyria turned to face to boulder but was caught from behind with a blow to the kidney’s from Wonder Woman. Glaring angrily the demon slashed at the figure causing sparks on the armor and blood on the unprotected limbs. While the demon was distracted the boulder slammed into them knocking it away.

“Very well.” The strong one said as it stomped forward and ducked several swings that could have shattered cars but were useless as they missed their intended target. Illyria responded by ducking one swing and grabbing him by the arm then swung the hero around and threw him into a crypt. Gryffindor tried to climb back up but finally fell to the ground in exhaustion.

Fate watched the creature that it was fighting warily. It had proven to be a dangerous foe as it was a shapeshifter and seemed to be able to simulate any of the abilities that the other members of the Illyria were capable but at a weaker rate if it was using more than one but if it changed only into one of them then it seemed to have nearly the same level of power. Still the various abilities that it was using were of no consequence to him. Fate was releasing energy bolts forcing his target to keep dodging. A few times it had teleported nearby only for him to use his super strength to knock it away. The fight was not all easy though as some of the attacks were hard to predict. Flying back into the air he dodged a plant covered in thorns that nearly caught him. A blast blew it away and then another blast to keep Illyria back. He watched with interest as the burn marks healed over as it caught its breath.

“You are the last, sooner or later you will fall to us.” Illyria informed the red and gold mage.

Fate was startled at that and looked and saw that it was correct. All of the other heroes had fallen to the ground. “This shouldn’t be possible.” He cast a spell and soon all of the members of the group were summoned to his side as he examined the damage. He watched as a portal opened nearby and another figure in blue appeared at its side was two muscular figures one was a body full of muscles while the other one was covered in blood but no wounds. A burst of wind and another one appeared. The ground erupted and another vine shot out this one was thick though it opened and a person stepped out of it. He could make out another one keeping far back and realized that he was surrounded. “This is not over.” He promised them as he summoned his power and an ankh appeared around them and he teleported the fallen heroes to a place that he knew to be safe.

When the light cleared the group found themselves in a strange building. “Where are we?” Blade mumbled as he forced himself up.

“A safe place.” Fate returned to the dark clad figure.

“And that is where?” Valkyrie asked painfully.

“Our workshop.” A pair of voices said as two figures appeared out of two bursts of flame. The figures standing there had their arms crossed over their chests as the flames died down as they looked at the downed heroes. One had a leather work apron on while the other wore a tool belt around their waist. The two were completely different until one looked at their eyes and saw orbs that glowed with mischief and grief. One pair dark brown, the other bright blue.



Several voices said in surprise as the heroes climbed to their feet.

“Well that kind of messes the awe part up.” Xander mock complained with a knowing grin. “No mystery if you already know who we are.”

“Too true.” George agreed before chuckling at the gob smacked expressions several of the heroes were wearing.

Xander merely shook his head at his companion. “How you doing Buffster?” The young man asked.


Took forever to write but I finally got it done one more chapter on this one I think.
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